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Word to PDF

Convert Microsoft Word to PDF format online

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How to Convert Word to PDF

  1. 1.
    Upload the Microsoft Word document you want to convert.
  2. 2.
    Our PDF converter will scan your Word document.
  3. 3.
    Wait for the conversion to finish.
  4. 4.
    The converted PDF will be ready for you to download instantly.
DOC to PDF in 2 minutes
It only takes 4 steps to complete a DOC to PDF conversion. With our tool, you will also be able to handle DOCX to PDF conversions.
Privacy is important!
Once you have uploaded your files, they will be erased permanently from our server within an hour. More information on this can be found in our Privacy Policy.
Word to PDF on all platforms
If you have a DOC or DOCX document, and you want it converted whilst sitting on a different operating system that does not support Microsoft Word, then you will find our tool useful. Our online tool works on all systems, from Windows to Mac to Linux.
Direct Conversion from Word to PDF
Our online conversion tool will keep the integrity of your Word file when converting it to PDF. Converting a DOC to PDF has never been this easy before. Just let our tool handle the work.
Easy Word to PDF Tool
We have already set the best possible settings for you to convert any DOC to PDF files.
Using cloud to convert your Word files
All the jobs are performed online in the cloud. When you upload a DOC or DOCX to our cloud, we will do the job for you, whilst no memory or CPU is utilized on your computer.

Converting Word to PDF Online

If you are working with PDF files daily, you need great PDF tools. PDFBear has more than 20 of those. One very popular one, the site’s Word to PDF tool, converts Microsoft Word files to high-quality PDF files within minutes!
Experience excellent service without compromising your file’s quality - all the formatting, tables, images, and text in the PDF will look exactly they did in your original document! Still not convinced? Go see for yourself, visit to find out what we are all talking about!

Need to send an urgent document? 90 percent of the time you will be asked to send it in PDF format. PDF, or Portable Document Files, are one of the most commonly used file types today. In fact, if you’ve ever downloaded a document or printable form online, there’s a good chance it was a PDF file.

Whether for work, school, or for personal use, if you’re dealing with sensitive files, chances are you are using PDF because of two things - it is password protected and supports two levels of security, one to open and view a document, and another to allow several permissions such as editing, printing or converting. If you want to convert a PDF file to Word online, you need to break down another layer of security to do that.

Years ago, if most people were given a Microsoft Word document that had to be encrypted, the first thing they would do would be to convert Word to PDF. To do that, they’d have to install a specific type of software. Nowadays, thanks to the wonders of technology, file conversion has become more accessible. There are many sites that can turn a Microsoft Word file into a PDF within minutes!

These websites are equipped with a single Word to PDF converter that can convert a Word document to PDF all using a single web tool. Isn’t that amazing? If you’re as amazed as us at how it works, you’re probably wondering where all the magic happens. What is a Word to PDF converter, and how does it work?

What Is A Word To PDF Converter?

A Word to PDF converter ingests Word documents and turns them into PDF files in a short span of time. Within minutes, the user will receive perfectly formatted PDF documents - the font, images, and alignment will look the same as the original document. The Word to PDF converter is a popular tool and a staple in colleges, homes and workplaces, due to its many useful benefits.

In numerous ways, the Word to PDF converter takes the hassle out of a lot of things. To use it, you don’t need an expensive, heavy, all-encompassing suite of additional tools. All you’ve got to do is go to the site, and upload your file. No matter what type of operating system you use, you will get your newly converted PDF file in just a few clicks! Without a doubt, it is one of the best file conversion tools in the market!

Convert Word to PDF Online For Free

Imagine what would happen if a Word to PDF converter never existed? To convert your Word documents to PDF files, you’d have to buy an expensive piece of software just to be able to send sensitive files to your clients, your boss, classmate, or teacher!

How To Use PDFBear’s Word To PDF Converter?

Type the words "Word to PDF," and you’ll find a lot of file converters online. It’s darn tough to pick just one, so how do you choose? Whether you are an entrepreneur, student, or employee, you want to work with the best web-accessible and mobile options available. In this regard, you’d be pleased to know that no file converter will come near to the ones under PDFBear.

PDFBear offers the best support to its users in a number of ways - it converts documents regardless of size, free of charge, and online. PDFBear also allows you to remove specific images from a document, or convert entire pages in one setting! If you’re concerned about website protection, you’d be happy to know that when you transfer files across PDFBear, every transfer is protected by a 256-BIT SSL link, a data and file encryption technique above the industry norm.

Though it has plenty of great features, the Word to PDF converter is very easy to use. Don’t believe us? Check out the steps below to see for yourself!

  1. To start, upload or drag and drop your Microsoft Word document to the conversion area.
  2. Your Word document will be scanned by the PDF converter.
  3. Wait until the conversion is over.
  4. Download your newly converted PDF file and save it on your device.
  5. An hour later, PDFBear will delete your file from its system.
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Lack the tools to convert your Microsoft Word document to PDF? Then do not worry anymore. Our online tool can handle any DOC or DOCX to PDF conversion. Our technology is so advanced that no changes will be made to your document when converting, and we will retain the quality of it to the utmost. We have kept it simple and made you be able to convert Documents to PDF files in a matter of 4 clicks!

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