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How to Add Page Numbers to PDF

  • 1. Choose the PDF file that you would like to add page numbers.

  • 2. Wait for the upload to be completed.

  • 3. Select the position where you would like page numbers to appear.

  • 4. Click "Number pages" and download the modified file.

  • Simplest way to number pages

    By using this PDF editor, everyone can freely add page numbers to a PDF document online within a few simple steps.

  • Protections for online file

    We adopted SSL encryption for our platform in order to protect the security of the documents uploaded.

  • User-friendly platform

    As a user-friendly online platform, we are available to any internet browser, from school projects to legal documents.

  • Available on all computer platforms

    You can use our PDF editor on all computers including Mac, Windows and Linux.

  • Focus on details

    Our PDF editor allows you to add page numbers to the PDFs while customizing typography and positions. You can also declare the first page as a cover page to avoid page numbers on the cover.

  • Superb cloud platform

    When you add page numbers or apply changes to the PDF, all the actions are performed in the cloud and therefore you do not need to download any software.

Page numbering is very stable and rarely gives any trouble. This simple process of applying a sequence of numbers to the pages could help your document look more professional and presentable.
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