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Compress PDF

Reduce the size of your PDF file with this online tool

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How to Compress PDF

  1. 1.
    Press "Choose Files" and select the files you want to compress. Alternatively, you can also Drag & Drop.
  2. 2.
    Choose an option available.
  3. 3.
    Your file will be analyzed and compressed.
  4. 4.
    When the process is complete, your new compressed PDF will be available for download or sharing.
Best PDF Compressor among our competitors
Use our Online PDF compressor to reduce the size of the PDF file for free without affecting the quality of the PDF file. No one else offers online PDF converters and PDF file compression tools like ours for free. Our software is an excellent choice because of its ease of use, fast PDF document compression and a useful tool suite that makes PDF files easy to use.
Permanently delete your file
With our free PDF Resizer, all remaining data will be permanently deleted from our server without any remaining copies, which gives you enough time to download files and then no access to them from our server.
All Platforms Accessibility
With the PDF Compress tool, you will never be able to miss out on compressing your PDF files. Our online compressor supports different platforms such as Windows, Mac and Linux.
PDF Compress for Email
Ever had the nuisance of a PDF file being too big? Our PDF compression tool does not compromise the quality of your PDF file. Instead, it uses sophisticated technology to reduce the size, and therefore makes it easier to share the file via email or the web.
Efficient PDF Compress
Our PDF compression tool, can take files up to 1 GB in size and can reduce your file by up to 70%. This tool is efficient, easy and user-friendly to use.
Cloud for PDF Compression
Our PDF compress tool was made in the cloud system. This means you can access it from anywhere around the world at any time to get your PDF files compressed. If you have access to a tablet, computer or smartphone, you can get your PDF files compressed on the go.

Compress PDF – An easy tutorial

Nearly everyone is fond of spending an extensive amount of time on the internet these days, but have you ever encountered your file being too large to upload? Different cloud storage websites exist on the Internet such as Dropbox and people use them for various reasons. Uploading to them should be easy. The supported file capacity can vary from 0MB to 1GB. Your files may therefore not be able to upload to the service as the size doesn’t meet the limitations set.

With the aid of our Compress PDF tool, your PDF file size could be reduced in order to upload on file hosting websites without hassle.

How to use PDFBear’s Compress PDF tool

Plentiful free SaaS platforms offer PDF compression tools, however, not all could maintain the highest quality after compressing to the smallest possible size. With the support of the best technology, we will rid the documents for any unnecessary data in the PDF file for you.

To learn how to compress PDF files, follow the below simple steps to get the best result:

  1. Go to Compress PDF tool
  2. Drag your files or select files from your devices
  3. Choose the compress option that fits you. (Strong Compression is only available to Pro users)
  4. Your PDF will be compressed right away
  5. Download your compressed PDF

Compress PDF steps

PDF Compressor - Effective, Quick and Easy

PDFBear can compress PDF online by minimizing your file size without compromising the quality of your PDF files. Images in the PDF, format, color as well as text content can all retain their original quality. To the naked eye the images within the PDFs are compressed with outstanding quality. The compression percentage depends on the file’s nature, but as a standard it can compress up to 90% of your original file size - On average and in reality it will do 60%. Moreover, PRO users can select the strong compression option, which will maximize the compression of the file and serve you the best result.

To conclude:

PDFBear’s PDF compression tool is free for everyone to use. If you are faced with constraints of a PDF file being too big, this tool will give you a helping hand. Lots of effort and resources are put into advancing the technology and serving up the best PDF tool for compression that we possibly can represent. Upgrade to a PRO membership will allow you to enjoy a stronger compression, unlimited task conversions, unlimited storage and much more. We offer a 14-days free trial period for you to experience the PRO membership.

4.5 / 5 - 
Whatever the reason you want to compress your PDF file is, we can serve you. The biggest trade off with file compression tools are that the more you reduce the size of a file, the more quality you sacrifice. Some people may find it pertinent and not a big deal when compressing. Fortunately, at PDFBEAR our PDF compression tool compresses files to the smallest size, while keeping the highest quality.

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