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PDF to PPT Converter

The best way to convert PDF to PPT online

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How to convert PDF to PPT online

  1. 1.
    Choose the PDF file or Drag & Drop the file you wish to convert.
  2. 2.
    Your PDF file is being uploaded instantly.
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    Start to convert your PDF file to PowerPoint right away.
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    Press "Download" or share your file to your Google Drive or Dropbox.
Turn your PDF to PPT slides
Our online service converts PDF to PPT free and easily. The converted PowerPoint file will be in its original format, it can be edited or revised afterward.
Encryption for your file
We consider safety and encryption our highest priority. Thus, all files you have uploaded or converted will be deleted from our servers an hour later. To learn more, check out our Privacy Policy below.
Support all operating systems
We support all kinds of operating systems. You can universally access our SaaS online from any desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.
Quick and simple conversion
After a few clicks, the PDF file will be converted into a PowerPoint presentation accordingly. This technology is provided by Solid Documents.
Quality PowerPoint conversion
It can be complicated and there may not be many tools out there to convert your PDF to PPT, but we have managed to provide you with a service that upholds the quality and integrity of your file.
It connects with Cloud
All files processed on our servers will be in the cloud. No CPU or GPU is used on the client (your) side. We have made your PDF to PPT conversions so much easier.

Extended guide for PDF to PPT

Need to make a quick presentation for work or school? Well, we’ve got just the right tool for you. PDFBear’s PDF to PPT converter turns files into PowerPoint presentations in just a few clicks, without compromising the original quality and format of the PDF file. And, it can be used anywhere, too! Access the tool, at school, at home, or on the go! Fast, accurate, and efficient, PDFBear’s PDF to PPT converter is a dream come true for students and employees everywhere. Give it a try today!

No matter what industry you’re in, there will come a time when you’ll be tasked to create and design a presentation deck. Presentation making is a huge part of anyone’s academic and professional life, and it is an activity we cannot escape from. Unfortunately, not everyone is good at making presentations, so if you’re struggling in that area, or if you need to make a ton of presentations in a short amount of time, PDFBear’s PDF to Powerpoint converter is here to offer you a helping hand.

What is a PDF to PPT Converter?

A PDF to PPT converter is an online PDF converter that turns your PDF files into easy to edit slideshows in just a few clicks! It can convert PDF to Powerpoint but it also retains the format of the original file. In other words, all fonts, colours and images from the PDF file will be reflected in your new Powerpoint slides. So, if you need to get information from multiple PDF files for an upcoming thesis presentation or client meeting, instead of manually typing the info from the PDF file to the Powerpoint slide, a PDF to PPT converter will do the job for you!

Convert PDF to PPT Online For Free

To realize how important a thing or person is, we need to imagine how life would be without it. In this case, if a PDF to PPT converter never existed, to transfer information from a PDF file to a Powerpoint slide, you would have to type and create afresh all the content in the PDF, or purchase a particular type of software, to do the job, if you can afford one. Unfortunately, most students don't have the resources to buy one. Luckily, an online PDF to PPT converter will help you overcome all that hassle!

Are you curious as to how it works? You’re not the only one. Let’s talk about how to convert PDT to PPT. First off, we took a look inside the tool and learned that PDF files are converted to Powerpoint slides through a built-in OCR or Optical Character Recognition feature. In recent years, OCR has become a key tool for recognizing and digitizing scanned or handwritten documents.

For example, we're sure you experienced a time where you received a file you can’t edit, like a PDF file or a raw image or a digital screenshot, etc. What OCR does is it extracts the content from that uneditable file and converts it to editable text. Isn’t that amazing?

How To Use PDFBear’s PDF To PPT Converter?

There are many PDF to PPT file conversion tools available in the market, many tools, services and programs have been developed regarding this process. You’re free to try out as many as you want, to know what each tool is capable of, but if you were to ask us, we believe PDFbear could be a perfect online PDF tool for you.

As one of the most popular and trusted online PDF tools, PDFbear has consistently provided excellent service to its users. Once you try it, you will surely get the quality and efficiency you deserve.

Take the PDF to PPT tool, for instance. With this tool, in just a few seconds, your PDF file is turned into a Powerpoint online slide you can edit. Not only that, when it comes to adding files for conversion, PDFBear has made the process simple and convenient for all its users with a special drag-and-drop feature. The feature allows you to seamlessly drag and drop your file to the conversion area, quick and easy!

It has always been PDFBear’s goal to reach out to as many users as possible, all over the world. Through the tool’s framework and infrastructure, this becomes possible. All of PDFBear’s tools, including the PDF to PPT tool, support all major computer operating systems, including all versions of Windows, Linux, Unix, and macOS.

Access it anywhere from any desktop, phone, laptop, or tablet, and you will experience the same awesome service PDFBear is known for. And, it only takes four easy steps to do!

Follow the four steps below to convert your PDF files to PPT:

  1. Get the PDF file you want to convert, and drag and drop the file to the conversion area.
  2. Wait while your file is being uploaded.
  3. Your file is now in process. Wait for the process to be 100% complete.
  4. Download your new Powerpoint file or share your file on your Google Drive or Dropbox account.
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If you would like to convert PDF to PPT presentation which is in editable format, this PDF to PowerPoint converter might help you. After you upload the file, we process and convert accordingly. You will get the precise PPT format which can be edited further.

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