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Merge PDF

Our PDF merger lets you combine PDF files easily

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How to merge PDF files

  1. 1.
    Select the PDF files or Drag and Drop the files you want to merge with our PDF merger.
  2. 2.
    Our PDF combiner will merge your files into one PDF file.
  3. 3.
    Modify your files if necessary. When done press Combine (or Merge PDF!).
  4. 4.
    Download your PDF file to your disc or share it on Google Drive or Dropbox.
Combine and Merge PDF Files
This is the easiest and quickest way to combine and merge multiple PDF files into a single PDF file. The straight forward instructions and the need to click a few times makes this one of the best tools available on the market.
Stay Secure with our PDF Merger
We value our customers, thus, we will delete the files you have uploaded onto our server after an hour. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.
Online Based PDF Merger
Our PDF Combiner is online based, which ultimately means that as long as you have a desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet you will be able to use our service to combine your PDF files.
Support all operating system
We support Mac, Windows and Linux, so you can use our PDF Merge and other tools anytime and anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet.
Cheap and Efficient PDF Merger
With this exclusive tool you can merge PDFs with ease and efficiency. In addition to this, it will cost you almost nothing compared to expensive software tools that you'd need to purchase.
The Cloud and Merging PDF Files
You will be using zero capacity on your computer when combining and merging PDF files. This is all done in the cloud, thus, saving you resources and making combining and merging PDFs an easy task.

Merge PDF files – Your quick guide

Ever faced the scenario of having too many PDF documents, but you had to open each one of them up to view? We can all testify that this is a terrible experience, and not only does it waste the resources on your computer or laptop, but it takes time and an eagle’s eye to get an overview. This problem has persistently existed since the day and age of PDF files, but with PDFBear’s PDF combiner for users, it will allow them to merge PDF files into a single file. With the combiner tool, users can put their independent PDF files into one single file thus you can open and view it much easier. The following part is a guide on how to merge PDF files in PDFBear as well as other interesting features.

How to use PDFBear’s merging PDF files

Many online SaaS platforms offer tools for people to merge their PDF, yet, not many of them are free of charge or given they are free they lack in technical support for what you want done. PDFBear focuses on providing the best end user experience and maintaining a standard of quality all across our services, including merging your PDF files.

This tool is designed with the user in mind - User interface and experience are two main pillars and components to how we build all our tools; if an 80 year old grandmother knows how to use it, we can pat ourselves on the back. That being said, we have had an 80 year old grandmother able to import PDF files and merge them. Simply follow the steps below to start merging your PDF files in one piece:

  1. Go to the Merge PDF tool
  2. Drag the PDF files that you wish to combine together
  3. Select, arrange and combine entire PDF or individual pages of PDF
  4. Press "Merge PDF" to start combining them
  5. Download your merged PDF

Instructions how to use merge PDF

Flexibility on combining PDF files

Arranging PDF files and combining multiple PDF files into one requires flexibility from the user interface. On PDFBear we let you select and slide the preview of the files to your desired configuration. Hold down your files and start moving them into the desired order. With a Pro membership, PDFBear Pro users can even arrange and combine the sequence of their PDF page by page. It offers a great degree of flexibility to users, letting them customize the output that fits them the most.

Combining your images into one PDF?

Our tool can be used in other ways than just combining PDF files - It supports images as well. Given you have taken many pictures from a vacation, a project or any other occasion where you’d have a bunch of pictures collected, PDFBear’s merge tool would be a great asset to organizing them in the right order. Given you have 200 files, but you just want a single one and leave the "clumsiness" behind of having to load and scroll each picture, you can convert the images to PDF and then combine them into a single PDF file using the PDF Merger tool. Having done this you can view all your photos in a PDF file without the excess use of memory and resources to load the images and on top of that you will have them all gathered as a singular file. The quality of the images will remain unaffected as our tool doesn’t compress the quality.

This merge tool isn’t just for PDF to PDF nor JPG to PDF, but the similar method can be applied to all other files and formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. This suggestion should deem valuable for getting all your documents, files and formats stored properly and organized correctly.

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This is a convenient PDF Combiner tool. Our service isn't one sided when merging PDF files, so even after merging PDF files you can take a look at our PDF compression tool. The PDF merge tool takes only a few seconds to put together your individual PDF files and lets you access a combined version of your PDF files.

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