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eSign PDF

Sign your file with an electronic signature

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Steps to eSign your PDF

  1. 1.
    Select the file you need to add an electronic signature to.
  2. 2.
    After the file is uploaded to our server, a signature can be added.
  3. 3.
    Press "Finish" to proceed the eSign.
  4. 4.
    Wait a second and your file will be ready to download.
Easy with a signature
Want to avoid complicated procedures? Printing, signing and scanning? Sounds tough, but with PDFBEAR, we provide you with an extremely easy way to add an electronic signature. Upload your file, add your signature, then download. It's as simple as that.
eSign for everyone
Our eSign PDF function was made with everyone in mind. Get your PDF file signed immediately and sent off without the hassle of printing and doing miscellaneous work for such a simple function.
Security for your signature
Our website is safe 24 hours a day with 256 SSL encryption. You don't have to worry about your file with your signature being leaked. We have security in mind at all times.
eSign with Cloud Technology
You can process files with your signature on any device, anytime, anywhere through your computer, tablet and smartphone.
Your file will not be stored permanently
Any file users uploaded to our server will be permanently deleted 60 minutes after conversion. We won't keep your signature on hand unless otherwise stated.
Sign the way you like
You can sign PDF the way you like. Several options are available for users to create an electronic signature. Just as creative as you can imagine!

Sign PDF Documents Electronically

PDFBear's eSignature function can be used to sign your own documents, but also request others to sign. This is a free eSign service designed to cater for everyone's needs.

Getting your documents signed will and has never been easier. PDFBear has rolled out a function that not only makes your life a lot easier, but also serves as a replacement for expensive tools that require a monthly subscription – All for free! Adobe eSign and Docusign are some of the known, but expensive options that serve the same purpose as PDFBear's eSignature tool.

How do you use PDFBear's eSign?

  1. Go to PDFBear's signature tool:  eSign PDF
  2. Select or drag your file.
  3. Choose the “Create Signature” and/or “Add Initials” option.
  4. Place the signature or initials in the document by dragging or clicking the page.
  5. To finish, click: “SIGN PDF NOW"

Add a signature to your document by clicking and selecting the option

The animation depicts how easy it is to use the sign-function. Your end result will be a document that has your signature in it, and can be shared as a file with third parties via a link. Digital signatures are frequently used on phones only, iPhones in particular, but getting a function like the eSign tool for desktop is harder to come by, especially as a free service. All that is required to get this working is a PDF file. If your file happens to be in DOC, XLS, or any other format, our website with other conversion features will be able to turn it into a PDF. You can even use our cross-links to send the PDF file straight to the eSign feature after converting it from DOCX.

Sending a document for others to add their digital signature

PDFBear's “Docusign alternative” also allows you to send a contract or document to third parties who need to add their own signature to the file.

Go through the steps of uploading and reviewing your document. Choose the option of “Others need to sign” or “Add signer” (they are the same function), and fill out the information for the recipient: First name, last name and email.

To make it easier for the recipient of this document you can choose to add stickers directing them to either put down their signatures or initials. When ready, press the “Review & Send” button. Fill out your own information and a personalized message to let them know who is sending the file and we will make sure to deliver an email to their inbox with a hyperlink for them to load the document and sign or initial where needed.

After the signee has signed and sent off the document, the stickers will be automatically removed for the final version of the document – A link to download this file will be shared with you and the signee.

Send a request for a signature from a third party

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Have you ever encountered a problem when signing a contract? With PDFBEAR, we can make this effortless and without hassle. Sign the documents with a few clicks. Save yourself some time by using our eSign tool.

Open a file from a URL

Type in a url to any valid PDF, Image or Website below and press Open.
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