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How to convert from PDF to Excel

  • 1. Upload the file you need to convert to our website.

  • 2. In seconds, PDFBEAR will convert your PDF files to Excel spreadsheets.

  • 3. Your excel spreadsheet will be ready to download, please wait a moment.

  • 4. Once the conversion is done, the file will be deleted 60 minutes later.

  • Quick and Easy

    The conversion time depends on the size of the file and workload of the server, yet, even if your file is big, we promise you that we will complete your task in a timely manner.

  • Privacy matters to us

    All of your files uploaded will be used for conversion purposes only and will be deleted automatically 60 minutes after conversion. Your file content can be accessed by yourself or the ones you have shared it to.

  • Upload PDF from another Cloud

    Convert PDF to Excel on Windows, Mac, Linux. Users can upload files from mobile, computer, tablets to our website. In addition, you can upload your files from services such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

  • Accurately convert from PDF to Excel

    Our system can help users extract data from PDF to Excel easily and accurately. The data will fall into the correct and accurate column on the Excel. In order to provide you with this excellent service, PDFBEAR has partnered with Solid Documents that offers the best conversions for PDF to Excel.

  • Safe and Secure

    Our website is protected by 256-SSL encryption. So as to improve security and to respect your privacy.

  • Top quality conversion

    Our service is simply quality. Other websites on the web will not support a PDF to XLS conversion. We make sure that we provide the best PDF service to end-users and lets you convert on the go, wherever you are.

If you are looking for a method to extract data from your PDF to Excel, we highly suggest that you use our PDF converter. We provide a safe, secure platform for you to convert with the best quality. All the service here comes in handy, use it now!
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