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How to convert PDF to PDF/A

  • 1. Select or drag your PDF file that you would like to convert to PDF/A.

  • 2. Your PDF will be uploaded and we will scan your document.

  • 3. Wait for the conversion to finish.

  • 4. The converted PDF/A will be ready for you to download instantly.

  • Why PDF/A?

    PDF/A is an ISO-standardized version of PDF that ensures a document can be reproduced exactly the same way with long-term preservation, regardless of what software is used.

  • PDF to PDF/A in 2 minutes

    Time is important and we do not want to waste yours. It only takes 4 simple steps to complete a PDF to PDF/A conversion with us.

  • Privacy is important!

    The entirety of your uploadeded document will be protected by 256-bit Encryption technology. You do not have to worry about outflow of personal privacy.

  • Using cloud to convert your files

    You can save your file in our cloud system instantly. Thus, it lets you access your files easily and preserve the storage of your devices in a great deal. Feel free to use our features without consuming your device capacity.

  • Any devices or platforms

    We support all kind of devices and browsers, from Safari in mobile, Firefox in laptop to Chrome on iPad. Come and join us and we make sure you can convert your document in the most convenient way.

  • Online access for device

    You can access our online PDF converter while your device is connected to internet. So you can upload, convert, download, share and save your file online in a fast pace. It is extremely handy to use.

If you are looking for how to convert PDF to PDF/A, PDFBEAR is definitely the right tool to give you a hand. We convert your file in less than 2 minutes. Lack of conversion tools is no longer your nightmare. Come join us and discover the features of PDFBEAR.
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