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Steps to edit a PDF file

  1. 1.
    Upload your file to our PDF editor.
  2. 2.
    After uploading, users can draw, add shapes or text and highlight a document.
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    Press "Apply" when you are ready.
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    We will take you to the Download page where you can retrieve your newly edited PDF document.
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There is no need to install a program to edit your PDF file. PDFBEAR can help you get it done. It is easy and simple to use.
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Do you want to quickly edit your PDF files? PDFBEAR will help you to quickly edit PDF files. You'll know how fast we get it done when you have tried our service.
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PDFBEAR makes it as easy and fast as possible to edit PDF files. No installation, configuration or anything is needed to make it work. Simply edit your file here!

Edit PDF files in 5 steps

PDF format is a useful document format, which allows users to make sure their file can be opened and viewed the same way with different computer operating systems or software. PDF format is well-known for its non-editable properties, when using a free tool such as Adobe Acrobat Reader. You are not able to add, remove content or make any other changes to PDF documents. Softwares such as Adobe DC+ requires a subscription, but websites like PDFBear provide a PDF editor which lets people edit their PDF file freely. The editor is simple to use, but allows users to do basic functions such as: Highlighting, adding text and shapes as well as inserting images into their PDF.

All-in-One PDF Editor

Our PDF Editor is an all-in-one PDF editing tool which includes different functions for instance free drawing, text highlighting, add text, shape and image. The following guide is made for those who are unfamiliar with PDF editing tools. Don’t worry, our PDF Editor is easy to master and will bring huge benefits once you have read through this blog post.

There are five functions you can find in our PDF Editor online:

Free Draw

Users can use our "Free Drawer"-tool to draw anything they want on their PDF; put focus on a document by circling or drawing an arrow to it or even add a signature to it. Users can select the color and the thickness of the line in order to fulfill their needs.

PDF Editor – Free Draw

Free Highlight

With the "Highlighter"-tool, users can highlight the key point in their PDF documents. Just like in real life, this tool will produce a transparent colouring (colour that you can choose) which you can mark over text or an area. It is a useful tool to save time for users who have to remind themselves where the key-areas of a long document is to be found.

PDF Editor – Free Highlight

Add Text

Adding text to a PDF file can be troublesome for some users - Systems such as Linux don’t support Adobe Acrobat Reader. With an online PDF Editor, it allows users of all operating systems to put text on PDF documents. Moreover, font style, size and color are also widely available for users to choose from in order to maximize the flexibility to users.

PDF Editor – Add Text

Add Shape

Occasionally, adding shape is also a wonderful tool designed as an indicator in the PDF. We have provided the three most popular shapes to use: Rectangle, circle and line.

PDF Editor – Add Shape

Add Image

Last but not least, adding images into a PDF is probably the most interesting function in a PDF editor. Users can add a few images into a single PDF and combine it in whatever way you want. Adding more images into your PDF, will increase the file size. Our Compress PDF tool may be useful for reducing the size if need be.

PDF Editor Add Image

PDF Editor – Add Image

How to use the PDF Editor?

To edit PDF follow the steps below:

  1. Visit and go to Edit PDF
  2. Drag and drop your file, or manually select the file from your device, including Dropbox.
  3. Edit PDF by adding image, text and shape as well as free draw or highlight as described above.
  4. Click "Download" when you finish editing.
  5. Your edited PDF file will then be ready for download, Awesome!

The fundamental concept on how to edit PDF is listed above; it is your job to make good use of it and bring your PDF file to life.

Why would you want to edit a PDF?

There are several reasons why you would want to edit a PDF. We will list some of them below for the common uses and ways that people like to edit a PDF:

Form filling a document

It is evident that you would have come across documents that required form filling. A PDF file with a lot of blank spaces that needed information; sometimes personal details. Rarely would these files be saved in any other format than PDF, which takes you to the next task of filling them out. Owing to the property of PDF files that it is non-editable, it makes it troublesome for users to get it filled. PDFBear’s PDF Editor allows you to add text conveniently, anywhere in the document with the additional functions of adding images, a hand-written signature or highlights. You get to fill out the blanks with the text, add a passport photo to a CV or just simply signing a document are some of the good uses of an online editor.

Note-taking in class

With more online material being used for studying, teachers and professors are distributing notes, assignments and articles to users due to the convenience and environmentally friendliness. Using a PDF Editor is a smart way to add text on notes, highlighting key-points or adding images as reference. No longer is it necessary to print out the PDF documents and you would get to enjoy the benefits that technology brings to you.


This superb PDF editing tool is absolutely free for everyone and all you need is a network connection. The whole editing process will run on our cloud platform, thus no software is needed to download. As more and more things transform from the physical to the digital world, it’s always a good time for people to start equipping themselves to adapt to the new environment. Filling in forms & taking notes online is no longer a dream. If you are environmentally-friendly, then we have got all the equipment and knowledge that could help you out.

4.5 / 5 - 
The PDF Editor allows users to directly edit PDF files. You can add text, images and draw circles and arrows freely. You can also highlight paragraphs. If you need to edit the existing content in the original PDF file, definitely give our service a try. The converted Word document is editable with our advanced OCR technology.

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