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Blogging Made Easy

Blogging is one of the many types of social media that lets people share their ideas and opinions with others. It’s a great way to express thoughts and also give out information on various topics and issues. Aside from being a good creative and informative outlet, you can make a good career out of blogging. One of the best blogging platforms today is What makes a great blogging platform is that you can upload static files directly to it and publish it with ease.

What are static files?

According to Stackpath, static files are files that can be sent directly to a user without the need to be generated, modified, or processed. It’s the simplest and most efficient type of content to dispatch over the internet. An example of a static file is in PDF format. You’ll be able to find many pre-made templates available on that are accessible with a push of a button for you to synchronize and upload text to the website with ease.

Converting PDF files to upload to is a good way to make your written outputs editable. One of the best PDF Software-as-a-Service (or SaaS) tools is PDFBear. It has over 20 different functions that you can use to convert and share your files. Some of these include conversion of PDF files to Word format, Document sharing, and Word file to PDF and OCR.

Bridging PDFBear and

Using SaaS tools such as PDFBear is useful for many bloggers, writers, and pretty much anyone who likes to put out content for their blog or website. When you use PDFBear to convert your files, you can easily upload them directly to and edit or add anything to your liking.

One of the most-published contents you can find online are scripts. For actors and actresses, having scripts easily accessible is crucial. But students and other writers or enthusiasts can also benefit from scripts for their school work or references. A good script published for public use is very helpful to anyone who needs it. But to make a good script, you will need to follow a few guidelines.

What makes a script good?

In order to make a story interesting, a good script writer must master all the elements needed to make a script. Writing a script doesn’t happen overnight. It could take days and weeks, depending on the length and depth of the story. Aside from the technical writing skills, a scriptwriter must also be creative and passionate about their work. To help you get started, here are a few elements you should keep in mind when writing a script.


A good script needs to follow a specific theme. The theme of a script is the subject of the storyline. This can be about anything! A few common examples of these are love, money, school, or really anything under the sun. The subject or theme of the script will be the main focus of the story. It’s good to tackle an uncommon theme to be able to entice more readers and potential audiences to the play, movie, or short film that it follows.


The genre of a script is the category that it fits in. A few of the most common examples of these are comedy, tragedy, and musical. Your script will be portrayed according to its genre. So, if it’s a comedy, you will need to make it funny with jokes and taglines that can make the audience chuckle. On the other hand, if it’s musical, then you will need musical numbers that your characters can sing or dance to. Choose a genre that’s most filling for your storyline, or you can go the extra mile and pick a genre that’s rarely used for your script. An example would be using a comedy genre for a story about death which isn’t common. Having a defined genre can help you look for your target audience. Although the liberty of writing the story lies on the scriptwriter, understanding how your audience will perceive the story might be helpful in developing the script.


This is where your script is set or takes place. You can choose different settings for different scenes or just one setting for a script that’s conversation-heavy. This will depend on how you’d like to portray your story. Some scripts only use one location for the entire story and they still don’t feel boring. While others need to have a change of settings because of the need to let the audience see where the characters are in. When it comes to thinking about the location of the story, it doesn’t have to be always conventional. You may even come up with your own world or dimension. The location of a story will help your readers or audience get a better feel of the story. Your choice of location will add to the overall mood of your script. Whether it’s just one location or various locations, make sure to give it detail, too. Small details that add to your story will make it much more engaging and interesting.

Good and Bad Characters

Choose your heroes and villains for your script. The bad characters will surely add spice to your script and storyline. Be creative with your characters and give them depth. Flat or depthless characters can also be included, but don’t add too much of them in your script. You want your readers or audience to be interested in your characters. So, make them as interesting as you possibly can for your script to be exciting. Boring characters can equate to a boring script. A killer dialogue between your characters will help your readers or audience become more engaged in your story. Characters who have a personality can make a change to the overall mood and feel of your script. The more exciting a character’s personality is, the more the audience will find the story more worthwhile. But don’t overdo it. It’s good to have a mix of characters that can balance the story.

Summarize the Storyline

Make a summary of your script so that you can easily market it to appeal to potential readers or audiences. The key to making a good summary of your script is to highlight the main subject or the theme of the story. But don’t give out too many details of the script. You want people to be interested, but you don’t want to give out the whole story easily. We’ve seen many trailers that basically give out the entire story of the movie. You want to avoid this by only including a few key details. When you give out too many details of the storyline, there won’t be much that potential readers or audiences have to look forward to. We all want to see or read about something and feel a thrill to it as well. Enticing people by giving just a few important details and focusing on what the story is about are keys to making a good summary for your script.

How does PDFBear help?

When it comes to a writer’s script, PDFBear is the most trusted web-based PDF converter. Whenever writers need someone to make feedback on their script, it is best when the file is in PDF format. Compared to a Word format, the one giving the feedback can put their comments directly on the PDF file. Aside from putting comments, converting Word files into PDF preserves the formatting of the document. With the PDF format, anyone who will receive the file will not have a problem scanning it. writers can convert Word to PDF using PDFBear in seconds. Once the conversion is done, Scriptogram writers can directly link the newly converted file to their blogs.

Converting Word to PDF format can be done in two easy steps.

Step 1. Upload the file that you’d like to convert. You may also drag it and drop it on the given space. The upload time should take a few seconds. upload files

Step 2. Wait for your file to be converted. Once it is done, you will be given a few options on how you’d like to share your file. You may download it directly to your computer or share the link to different platforms. You also have the option to compress the newly converted file to save space. Compressing the file will not affect the quality of it in any way. download pdf

Aside from its user-friendly interface, PDFBear is safe to use. Thanks to 128-BIT SSL connection, users won’t have to worry about their data privacy being compromised. Aside from that, PDFBear ensures that the user’s files will not be altered in any way without the initiation of the user. Since it is a web-based tool, no need to download any plugins, applications, or software. PDFBear can be accessed at any time using any device.

Aside from the Word to PDF feature, PDFBear has a lot of functions that may be useful when the time comes. For example, Scriptogram bloggers need to edit a PDF file. What they can do is convert the PDF file into a Word format so they can make the necessary changes. No need to retype everything into a new document.

Users can easily repair a damaged or corrupted PDF file using PDFBear. Users may also use the split PDF tool. For instance, users need to send the script by parts, users can easily do this using PDFBear. On the contrary, there’s also a merge tool so users don’t have to manually patch everything up. Another PDFBear tool that is going to be helpful for Scriptogram bloggers is the watermark tool. Watermark is important especially in claiming ownership of something. In this case, a Scriptogram blogger’s script. Scriptogram users may easily put a stamp anywhere on their PDF file and customize and how they would like it to look. To add another layer protection for the scripts, Scriptogram writers can also make use of the Protect PDF function and add a password to their PDF files. For Scriptogram writers, all the mentioned functions are very useful so scriptwriting can be done flawlessly.

Share your script anywhere, any time

With PDFBear, Scriptogram writers may share their converted files or script using the Share Document feature on PDFBear. PDFBear preserves the quality of the script and is secured so the privacy of your script is guaranteed. When getting feedback from fellow script-writers, this feature should come in handy. Whatever the format of the script, the one receiving the link will be able to view the script without any problems. Aside from a PDF format, Scriptogram editors may also share their documents that are in DOCX, Excel, JPEG, PNG, and PPT format.

Scriptogram editors may send the script directly via email on the PDFBear server. If the receiver doesn’t have an email, you may still send your script to anyone in your contact list or any social media platform. Scriptogram editors may send the link through iMessage, WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat, and more! When the receiver clicks on the link, the receiver will be redirected to the file. Once the page is done loading, the receiver has the option to download the file. The file size will also be shown. As part of PDFbear’s security feature, the receiver will also see the date when the file is going to be deleted from the PDFBear server. Only those with the link have access to the file. Sharing Scriptogram script via PDFBear is easy and convenient.

PDFBear is a a blogger’s companion

Converting and sharing your script shouldn’t take too much of your time. PDFBear is the trusted and most reliable web-based file converter of every bloggers and editors. Unlike other websites, the user-interface of PDFBear is easy to navigate and understand. Users may convert any file format into another format in seconds. Converting files is fast, easy, and secured. Sharing script using PDFBear is convenient as well. You may send it directly via email or share it with any social media and messaging platforms. paired with PDFBear makes blogging easy, convenient, and safe. Great blog content shouldn’t be hindered or limited just because of its file type. Start your blogging experience easier and more convenient when your user PDFBear with!