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Importance of PDF for SMEs and How PDFBear Can Bridge the Gap

With small and mid-size enterprises or businesses, it’s common to have zero to fewer innovations when it comes to handling specific tasks. That said, even the simplest of tasks such as opening and handling PDFs becomes a burden. While it’s completely OK for an SME to adopt innovation in baby steps, it generally comes with a set of inconvenience in the long run. For example, does one of your colleagues download an MS Word document online? But what happens if your business office doesn’t have an MS Office app in one of its computers? Annoying isn’t it? Investing in a reliable and efficient PDF reader and a comprehensive tool for managing and securing your PDFs such as PDFBear is definitely a plus.

Importance of PDF Photo Credits: Image By Jonathan Kemper on Unsplash

After all, the majority of businesses nowadays deal with different types of documentation. With PDFBear, you’ll have a one-stop-shop for all your PDF needs. It’s free, simple, and straightforward to use. Even someone who is a complete newbie in the world of computers will easily understand and use PDFBear.

To put everything in perspective, let’s discover how PDFs work first and why they’re still popular nowadays. As a bonus, we’ll provide you with a better overview of how PDFBear can bridge the gap in PDFs for small and mid-size businesses and enterprises.

Why are PDFs Important for SMEs?

Regardless of the type of SME, at some point, people have encountered handling PDF documents. For example, if you’re sharing an MS Word document related to a pricing plan to a colleague, and that colleague doesn’t have the specific font you’re using, can you imagine how inconvenient and inefficient that is? Your colleague would have to download the font style first before viewing the content of the document, or worse the MS Office bundle as a whole. Hence, this is exactly why, according to BizOffice, keeping things as swift as possible down to the individual level is important

Of course, it is important to note that not every business owner has the capacity to provide all the required software and associated licenses. Logically, it’s certainly not cost-efficient to spend a fortune on something that possesses little to no impact on the business. Naturally, we'll start looking for ways to circumvent the difficulties.

So, one of the most efficient and cheapest alternatives is to switch to PDF. Through a PDF document, you’ll simply send the file to your colleague, and he or she will be able to access it fuss-free. Using the PDFBear feature share document, you can do file sharing easily with just copying the link generated. The upshot? PDF files can preserve the composition of original documents and in most cases, it does not require any third-party installations too. As a result, you don’t need to install every computer in your business office just to access a simple PDF document. The charts, images, fonts, and formatting within a PDF document isn’t reliant on the creator’s and the viewer’s device.

In general, PDFs are only meant for viewing. What you see when you’ve first published the document is what people will see once they’ll have access to the document. Also, there’s no need to install any PDF reader – the majority of web browsers will open PDFs without hassles.

Why are PDFs still popular nowadays?

Without a doubt, PDFs are extremely portable. Aside from that, they provide a plethora of features that have greatly contributed to its popularity since time immemorial.

For example, PDFs are integrated with security settings. When you’re the author of the PDF document, you can disable the viewer’s permission to annotate, print, and copy contents from the document itself. That said, you can heavily restrict your PDF documents to prevent others from stealing content and reusing it to their advantage.

For optimum security, you can integrate a password on a PDF. With PDFbear you can use the password protect pdf, and it will help you set up a password for your PDF file. It is important for every business – whether small or big alike to protect confidential data. After all, no small and mid-sized business loves the idea of their competitors knowing their next big marketing strategy.

Indeed, editing and securing PDFs is a different story. While there are numerous PDF converters available, you’re restricted to limited programs that offer premium subscriptions without a fee. With free subscriptions, you’ll get basic or minimal services only. The good news is that there are unique PDF editors that definitely bridge the gap such as PDFBear.

We’ve all known how SMEs aren’t that innovative at times. Aside from learning curves, the majority of small and medium-sized businesses aren’t willing to invest a hefty amount of money for software applications. With PDFBear, it’s an advantage. For a business office’s PDF conversion needs, they’ll no longer have to pay expensive subscription fees as well as it’s extremely straightforward and easy to use PDFBear. It also comes with an easy to follow set of instructions in every tool. That said, for every tool you access at PDFBear, it comes with a visual representation of how the process looks like.

For every type of small and mid-sized businesses, choosing PDFBear for their PDF conversion needs is a wise and efficient decision.

Why PDFBear Can Bridge the Gap In Handling PDFs for SMEs?

Small and mid-sized enterprises and businesses that prefer a one-stop-shop for a secure, reliable, and easy way to manage and edit their PDFs must have PDFBear. It is definitely one of the worthy business office essentials that come in handy. People will no longer have to browse the internet for specific apps for annotating, editing, converting, compress pdf, and merging PDFs. Everything they need is in one tool that is extremely easy to use, even a newbie can easily understand PDFBear’s simplicity and straightforwardness of features.

PDFBear’s Robust PDF Converter with High-Quality Results

pdf tools

Since the skills of people within SMEs aren’t that extensive compared to people working in bigger tech enterprises, your business office must have a more streamlined and simple way when it comes to choosing the best online PDF converter. There may be several online PDF converting tools available but PDFBear is absolutely unparalleled. What small and mid-sized businesses and enterprises will love about PDFBear is that they can easily convert HTML, JPG, Excel, PowerPoint, and Word documents to a PDF file. No installations, registrations, or annoying ads blocking your way.

Aside from that, it’s free of charge. All you have to do is open PDFBear’s website, choose from a set of tools, upload your documents, and start converting. The instructions are very self-explanatory and the conversion process is seamless, reliable, and ultra-fast.

PDFBear doesn’t only restrict your online file conversion into PDFs alone. That said, you can easily convert your PDF to Excel, PowerPoint, JPG, Word, and PNG files too. It’s one of its noteworthy features because there’ll be instances that our PDF documents should be converted into other file extensions.

Popular Converting Tool of PDFBear

With PDFBear’s portability, SMEs can organize, and edit PDF documents even when one of your team is rushing to meet a client. You can easily accomplish PDF editing needs such as PDF repair, compressing, merging, protecting, and converting files with convenience on the go. Even with a mobile device only, PDFBear has got your back. For as long as you have an Internet connection, you can access the tool anytime you want.

Regardless if your business office is using Mac, Linux, and Windows computers as well as mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets, everything is just at the tip of your fingers with PDFBear.

To provide you with an overview of how easy it is to convert a PDF document with PDFBear, we will highlight the steps in converting PDF to Word. PDF to Word is one of the common dilemmas for everyone handling PDF documents. Most people get frustrated when they’ve found a free online PDF converter, only to find out, they’re required to pay a fee as soon as they’re ready to download the converted file.

  1. Go to PDFBEAR mainpage

  2. Click PDF to Word pdf2word

  3. Upload the PDF document by clicking “Select Files…”. You can also perform the drag and drop feature for choosing a document. select file

  4. Wait for the file to complete the uploading process. upload files

  5. Tick the Convert to Word checkbox and click Choose Option. convert pdf to word

  6. Once done, your new PDF document is ready for download. You can also share the URL of your converted PDF document for easier access and convenience. download file

That’s it! It’s 100% straightforward and easy. As you may have noticed, there is a visual step by step guide available on the bottom part of the page. PDF instructions

Splitting PDF is made simpler with PDFBear

Do you need to update a client’s contract but don’t want to start from scratch? You can easily separate PDF files by extracting pages individually with PDFBear’s Split PDF tool. Through this feature, users can create a new PDF file out of the original PDF document. That said, you can easily extract from an existing contract and combine it with a new one. Also, PDFBear is integrated with a number of features in its Split PDF tool. They can extract specific pages or split their PDF documents to separate pages.

If you want to know how convenient and straightforward it is to split PDFs with PDFBear, here is a comprehensive instruction:

  1. Launch a web browser and navigate to PDFBEAR mainpage

  2. Scroll down and click the “Split PDF” icon once you’ll see it. split pdf

  3. Upload the PDF document by clicking “Select Files…”. You can also perform the drag and drop feature for choosing a document. select pdf file

  4. Wait for the file to complete the uploading process. upload pdf

  5. Tick the Extract checkbox and click Choose Option. split pdf options

  6. From the existing PDF document, select the specific pages that you need to separate by simply clicking the corresponding checkboxes whichever is applicable. select page to split

  7. After choosing the pages, click Extract. extract pages from pdf

  8. Once done, your new PDF document is ready for download.

That’s it – it’s really simple and easy with PDFBear.

In A Nutshell

It’s inevitable nowadays to use PDFs for file sharing within colleagues. Since SMEs are mainly focused on improving their products and services they offer, they often overlook the importance of investing in reliable office tools such as PDF converters.

During the early 2000s, it’s not that easy to find a perfect PDF converter for one’s business needs. If there is one, it comes with a hefty price. SMEs need to pay a monthly subscription fee to enjoy premium services out of their chosen PDF converters. Indeed, technology has rapidly evolved and has produced many online converters. But with PDFBear, gone are the days where we have to download heavy apps and pay premium subscriptions for reliable services.

Aside from its robust features, PDFBear has a user-friendly and straightforward interface. For less techy people and newbies, PDFBear is an excellent tool to get started with learning how to edit PDFs other than just viewing them. All tools found in PDFBear come with easy to follow instructions; hence, there’s no need for you to search on the web on how to use PDFBear.

For SMEs concerned about safety and security, PDFBear’s system has got you covered. It is integrated with SSL encryption. And in terms of storing files, PDFBear will never keep a record of everything that you’ve uploaded on its website. Its system will automatically remove all files after an hour from the time of upload.

Still not convinced with PDFBear? You can simply access PDFBear’s official website and see it for yourself. If one of your staff needs to convert a PDF file, he or she can just simply upload the document and follow a set of instructions. There are no registrations, payments, and third-party installations required.