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Bates Numbering for PDFBear’s PRO users

Bates numbering may not sound very familiar to you as not many subsets of professional worklife or workplaces will utilize this format of numbering pages. A hypothetical scenario would be, if you are working in a business entity who has to handle loads of files with hundreds of pages everyday, adding page numbers to PDFs alone, is no longer adequate to you. You will need a more manageable numbering format to generate a meaningful reference for each document.

Despite setting the position, users are now able to add Bates numbers to their PDF file with these options: number of digits, starting number, prefix, suffix and the date format.

What is Bates Numbering?

Bates numbering is generally used as an identification and a label method to documents (mostly legal documents). It was mostly used in tools called Bates Stamp. Nevertheless, with the improvements of technology, documents are no longer prepared physically. While over 90% of documents are generated in digital format, they are able to add the Bates number on the PDF with Bates numbering tools. It can effectively simplify and increase the document identification and information retrieval and reduce a significant amount of workload by people. Make sure to try this feature with the 14 days free trial with PDFBear PRO membership.

How to use Bates Numbering?

Here are some tips for new users who are unfamiliar with this new feature. When you access the add number page and open bates numbering, you may find there are different options for users to set in order to generate their own bates number.

Function: Layout

Users can decide where to place the Bates number in the document and what is best suitable for your document-style and/or work. From our data, most people choose to put it at the top right corner or bottom right corner.

Bates Numbering layout

Bates Numbering layout

Function: Number of Digits

The number of digits represents how many digits the Bates Number will be in length. It is usually correlated to the page number. The available digits are from 3 to 15. 6 is the default due to its popularity. If your PDF document does not exceed 999 pages, you can simply set the number of digits to 3. Thus, the first page will be 001 and the last page will be set to 999.

Bates Numbering number of digits

Bates Numbering number of digits

Function: Start Number

Users can always select the ideal number to start with. For instance, if you set the number of digits to 3, while your document has got 100 pages, you cannot set the start number larger than 899. Another tip to set the number for two separate PDFs with our Bates numbering tool: If your last PDF ends with 498 and you want to number another new PDF right after your previous one, you can choose the start number of 499 - Then your file will continue to generate numbers from 499 till the last page of your new PDF document. After that, you could make use of our Merge PDF tool to combine the two PDFs to complete the document.

Bates Numbering start number

Bates Numbering start number

Function: Prefix

When users are organizing files in different categories, they can also set their Bates number with a prefix to represent the category. Such as for some medical document they are generally using M to represent male and F to represent Female.

Bates Numbering prefix

Bates Numbering prefix

Function: Suffix

Users can also add an alphanumeric sequence after the Bates number that you have set, it can have some specific meaning to your document or just to make it look better.

Bates Numbering suffix

Bates Numbering suffix

Function: Date Format

Date is a necessary element to most of the documents, with the document generated with date, users can review and find the document on a specific date with ease. PDFBear offers different date formats for users to pick so you can find the format that fits you the most.

Bates Numbering date format

Bates Numbering date format

How to add Bates numbers to your PDF document:

1.Access PDFBear Bates Numbering tool

2.Select or drag your files to the tool

3.Press "Add" button right next to Bates Numbering

4.Choose your desired settings mentioned above.

5.Click "Save Changes", then "Number Pages" buttons to proceed further.

6.The PDF file will be processed in a second and is ready to download.

Bates Numbering

Businesses that use Bates Numbering:

-Legal firms

Legal firms have to deal with documents in the thousands. A court case may run in the millions. Working in the legal field and profession it is common knowledge to mark your documents with Bates numbers.

-Business Invoicing

Similar to the usage for legal firms, business entities generate many invoices when they sell their products. Instead of putting the Bates numbers on legal documents, they are used for invoices. It is a good choice to group and manage their invoices in a neat way. From the Bates number itself, you can set whatever combination you want which mostly contains a date, time, category, etc. Thus, you can easily check by searching the category or time frame.

-Medical industry

Bates numbering is mostly useful when an user has to deal with a large number of documents. Medical industries such as hospitals, big pharma or even smaller institutions will find the need of using Bates numbering for a variety of reasons to keep track of patients’ information, medical records to other medical documents. By adding a Bates number, information and record could be stored in an extremely structural manner, which can be managed more efficiently and effectively.


All in all, after you have read the above features of Bates Numbering, we are sure that you can understand the usage as well as advantages thoroughly. This tool will number your PDF according to your needs and wants, in turn making it more well-organized and structural. If you are interested in trying the Bates numbering feature, you are always welcome to try with our 14 days free trial.