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Compress JPG Files - An online guide to compress images


In our last blog "PDF Compressor - A quick guide", we talked about how users can compress their PDF files. There is some misconception that our functions are one-sided, but this is a blog post that will disprove it, and show you that it is indeed possible to compress JPEG images on our platform.

We have a solution for all the people who tried to upload images to websites or forums and were met with an error of "maximum file size reached". In this article, we are going to let you know how to compress images, so you can use them wherever your heart desires.

How to Compress in JPG format

Images and pictures are the most commonly used and perhaps the most popular file type that people love to share on the Internet, including social media platforms. JPG, or sometimes called JPEG, is the most used format, when photos have been taken by your smartphone or other digital devices. When you upload the JPG directly to social media or forums, it may exceed the file size allowance due to the images’ high resolution. Sometimes upload failure may occur if the file is too big or there is a limit on the website. If you undergo a problem such as above, then the PDFBear Compression tool will help you compress the images before an upload.

A step by step guide below will show you how you are able to compress your JPG file with our tools:

Error page exceeding max file size

Error page_exceeding max file size

1.Access PDFBear’s Convert JPG to PDF tool

2.Select file and Convert it to PDF instantaneously

3.Use our PDF compressor to compress your file

Convert JPG to PDF then Compress

Convert JPG to PDF then Compress

You are left with a compressed PDF file, however, to take it a step further you can turn this PDF back to by the convert PDF to JPG function:

convert PDF to JPG

convert PDF to JPG

This will automatically convert the file from PDF to JPG. A process that won’t take longer than a few seconds. Your end product is a compressed image and in comparison there are substantial reasons to be using this function and the need for it. Tests conducted using this function has shown that you can save up to 40% on the final file-size.

To Conclude...

By learning the process of how to convert from JPG to PDF to JPG, you can apply this to downsize and optimize images. Similarly it can be applied to other formats such as XLS to PDF to XLSX or PPT to PDF to PPTX. The whole concept is the same by converting different file formats to PDF, compress it and then convert it back to the original format.

The whole "convert and compress" process is totally free of charge and our online PDF tools are designed to be compatible with the majority of operating systems that people use. By using the compress PDF tool, any file size limitations can be circumvented. For those who are looking for a higher compression rate, we strongly recommend you to try our PDFBear Pro membership which increases the compression rate from 25% to around 60%. A two weeks free trial program is now offered to people, no prior commitments needed and you can cancel it at any time.