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Digital signature makes its way to PDFBear

New Sign Request tab feature

PDFBear has finally released a new and updated version giving users a better experience with the sign pdf function; the technical team added a Sign Request to check the signature history for signees. It will be much easier for users to manage and track the status of their eSign request, which they have sent to others.

My Account – Sign Request

My Account – Sign Request

Manage your eSign request

Today’s technology allows people to do more and more things online, such as shopping, learning, meeting etc. This is the same case with eSignature. It has for many years been a go-to tool and has been adopted by companies or individuals to get their documents signed. With the aid of eSign, people can save time as well as cross out the geographical limitations that may present themselves. An example would be that you and your business partner are separated and in two different countries; an Internet connection is only needed for you to send your document and get the signature from one another without any hassle.

With the enhanced eSign tool from PDFBear, users who have sent out a signature request to someone, can always track the status of the eSign task and even remind the signer if they haven’t signed it. PDFBear also includes an automatic email-reminder 5 days prior to the expiry of the assigned signers, if they have yet to sign the document.

Apart from that, PDFBear strongly believes that the security of eSign is a top priority for many users. Users can check the IP address and the geolocation of the country in the Sign Request inside the "My Account" page. PDFBear will record the IP address of the signer when they sign a document as well as letting you know which country the IP address stems from.

Save the environment with eSignatures

As the paperless industry has come to us, research demonstrates that the number of people relying on digital signatures are increasing rapidly. Thus, we land on the discussion on how to keep users’ files and their signatures secured.

People might think that signing important agreements online is not as trustworthy as getting a document signed in front of you. There will be times where it seems to be an inconvenience if every document has to be signed face-to-face and both parties have to be present. Time is money, thus, technology and PDFBear’s digital signature tool can help tackle the problematic events that may arise from traveling, meeting, or even an impending pandemic. Companies tend to go paperless to be environmentally friendly at the present day. Going paperless means documents are viewed digitally in any devices such as computers, smartphones, tablets. Plentiful printouts are no longer necessary. Less paper is used, more trees would be preserved. It is not only saving the environment, but also minimising companies’ resources and costs. Printing material and costs are eliminated while staff printing time plus the storage space is saved. Digital documents are signed and saved in the Cloud. The combinations and effectiveness of going digital would speed up the work process.

eSign users can feel assured with the security involved of signing online with the new IP address checker. An IP (Internet Protocol) address is a unique series of numbers, which is assigned to each device connected to a network. It is similar to our ID card but the ID for your computer which allows people to identify users. After you receive the document with the signed signature, you can double check whether the IP address shown in Sign request history and the signer matches with their approximate geolocation. If you still do not understand what an IP address is, try to think of a computer as a person, and the IP address will be his identification where each computer will have its unique IP address. Therefore, checking the IP address of the signee in Sign Request History located under My Account page, means you can ask your signee to share their IP address with you at the time of signing, and upon having signed the document, you will be able to check if it matches.

In addition to the security of saving the signee's IP address, they will also be presented with a disclosure and consent of accepting the Terms related to the "Electronic Record and Signature Disclosure''. Upon ticking and agreeing to this, they will finally be able to gain access to the document; either signing, adding text or discarding the document. This disclosure will ensure that there is a record and the signee has been made aware of such terms presented prior signing anything. Agreeing to the Terms may be used in an US court of law as evidence in case a dispute may arise from this. PDFBear strives to make all new features, which is owed to the importance of building a better PDF environment for users.

Electronic Record and Signature Disclosure

Electronic Record and Signature Disclosure

Updates for Save Signature function

Creating your online signature over and over again may pose some annoyance and repetitiveness to users. This is why PDFBear has updated the signature feature with a "Save your signature", allowing PRO users to save their signatures and retrieve any of them at any time.

As we have mentioned above, we aim to help people reduce their time and effort taken for dealing with the document signature. Although our eSign tool has already served as a time-saver in regards to obtaining print-out documents signed, PDFBear thinks there’s still room to achieve a higher standard. To offer the best eSign tool to users, with PDFBear Pro membership, users can save their electronic signature online. When a digital signature is saved in the eSign tool, users can apply the same signature to any of their future documents; simply drag and drop the saved signatures into the uploaded documents. There are no limitations to how many times you can use a saved signature.

Parties that need to sign an array of documents like business entities, teachers, legal entities are going to experience the benefits from what this new feature brings them.

Save signature feature

A short sum up…

After showing you how to sign a pdf, this article in summary will present to you, two enhanced tools for use in the eSign feature: Sign Request History and Save Signature. Your signed documents could be more well-organized and thus better visually accessible in the Sign Request History page with our high securely protected technology. PDFBear’s eSign tool is updated to give you the best user experience. Digital saved signature with the addition of printless ideas conserves your time and resources. We believe that your time could be saved and your professional life will become easier with the aid of these new features.