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How to Electronically sign a PDF Online

Want to learn how to electronically sign a PDF? I have got your six. In this article, I’ll show how to sign a PDF online.

But before diving into the step-by-step instructions for using the tool, let’s discover…

Why Use Electronically Sign PDF Tool

Just like the way we used to exchange documents has transformed, the practice of signing docs has also changed.

Instead of printing a PDF file and then signing, people often prefer e-signing. This means they sign on the soft copies using special software programs.

And that special software is known as eSign. With the tool, you can upload your PDF file and perform the process of e-signing. Also, it includes functionalities like drawing, uploading, and creating signs on the go.

Electronically sign PDF tools have made it easy to sign any soft document within a few seconds. You no longer have to print, make your signature, and then re-scan the document - eSign functionality does everything right in your system.

So, that’s why you’d want to use an electronically sign PDF tool.

How to Sign a PDF

  1. Go to the official website of PDFBear at, wait for it to load, and then scroll down.Image

  2. Next, select the eSign PDF tool - also known as the electronically sign PDF tool.Image

  3. In the journey of learning how to sign a PDF online, now, you’ll be asked to upload a file. Click on the blue Select a File… button.Image

  4. Next, select and upload the file you want to sign.Image

  5. Next, wait for PDFBear to load your PDF file.Image

  6. You’ll see the preview of your file and a helper box notification; click on the Got it button.Image

  7. Next, click on the Only I Need to Sign button.Image

  8. Now, Adopt Your Signature window will appear.
    Here, you have three options, Type, Upload, and Draw. I’ll show you how to electronically sign a PDF using all the three options in the piece.
    Let’s first check the Type method.
    In this, you’ll have to enter your Full Name and Initials & pick a color. Next, enter your name, initials, and choose the color of your signature.Image

  9. Next, choose the font you want to apply to your signature. There are lots of fonts; feel free to try them all.Image

  10. Once done, you’ll see the preview of your signature and initials. Confirm and click on the blue Adopt & Sign button.Image

  11. You’ll receive a helping tip; click on the round X button to close it.
    Next, select and click on a location on the preview where you want to place the sign.Image

  12. You’ll see that the signature will appear there.
    There are some options like Remove, Duplicate, and Edit - feel free to use them.Image

  13. You can also move the signature by dragging one of the blue points on the border of the signature.Image

  14. Now, let’s discover how to electronically sign a PDF by uploading the signature and initials file.
    Now, click on the slate icon located on the menu tray - right next to the feature icon.Image

  15. Click on the Only I Need to Sign button.Image

  16. Click on the pen icon located on the bottom-middle right side of your screen.Image

  17. Next, go to the Upload tab.
    Here, you can upload your signature and initials from your system by clicking on the monitor icon. Once done, click on the blue Adopt & Sign button.
    You can also electronically sign PDF by drawing your signature - to do that, go to the Draw tab.Image

  18. Next, you’ll receive a black helper box, click on the Got it button.
    Then, click anywhere on the preview page and draw your sign.Image

  19. You’ll see that it’ll appear on the screen along with some options like use one time, use again, save for next time and cancel.Image

  20. Once you are done signing, click on the blue FINISH button. After a few seconds, your file will start downloading automatically.Image

Final Words

I can bet that you have understood how to learn to electronically sign a PDF. So, use the tool today to easily sign your soft documents on the go.

If you like the tool, feel free to check out our other helpful PDF tools at PDFBear. Also, try out the PRO version by signing up for a 14-day free trial.

Till then, happy PDFing.