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GlobeImages: Turning classic JPG files into a PDF with PDFBear

Access travel photos around the globe

If you’re looking for stunning photos, features a lot of images around the world. It’s one of the best websites when looking for landscape photos, travel images, or images of different landmarks. All photos are categorized in different sections so visitors of the website can easily find the photos they are looking for. All photos were listed in JPG format. For example, you are searching for a nice photo of the Mamure Castle in Turkey or the Gaziantep city, GlobeImages has a lot of photos under that category. You can easily download them from the website if you like. They also have some photo sections that were designed to be a nice phone wallpaper. GlobeImages is the site for all your travel photo needs.

Since all photos in GlobeImages are in JPG format, some problems may arise when using the photos. In some cases, you might need some photos in PDF format, especially for professional work purposes. This is when PDFBear steps in. PDFBear is a web-based, PDF Software-as-a-Service tool. It is basically a one-stop site for all your PDF needs and has around 20 functions. It’s the fastest and simplest way of converting files into PDF and vice versa. In this case, converting JPG files into a PDF format.

What makes GlobeImages and PDFBear unique in their own ways?

Before we tackle anything further, it’s best to differentiate a JPG file from a PDF file. Though they seem almost similar, especially when it comes to photos, there are a lot of distinct differences that you should know.

What is a JPG?

If you’ve been dealing with photos for a while, then you might be familiar with the JPG format. It is the most used image format around the world. The JPG format allows a lot of people to store thousands of photos in their devices because the file size doesn’t consume as much. Since the file size JPG format can be reduced, they are the most ideal to use when you need to share photos with colleagues or use the photos for different websites. Lower file size translates to faster loading time.

A disadvantage when using this format is it may compromise the quality of the image. This is often referred to as lossy compression. Don’t worry though since this is not really noticeable when you look at the photo as the whole. You can notice the difference when you zoom in to the pixels of the image.

What is a PDF file?

Created by Adobe, PDF is short for Portable Document Format. It is favored by a lot of users because it allows them to view files while preserving its layout. The PDF file format is recommended, especially if you’re sending the file to another person. The recipient of the file shouldn’t have any problem viewing it using any device.

Why do we turn JPG to PDF?

You might be wondering, why do people still convert JPG files into PDF? Well, a PDF format brings more advantages compared to the former. For starters, a PDF file occupies less memory space compared to JPG. You can also add some added security features on PDF files, like adding a password. If you’re sending photos that you don’t want to be stolen, this feature can greatly help you. PDF format is also best whenever you need to print a photo. If you want the best resolution for your GlobeImages before printing, convert them into a PDF file.

How do you normally turn a JPG file into a PDF file?

Now here comes the question: how do you convert a JPG file into a PDF file? It depends on the software that you are going to use. Some people would download software to make the conversion. There are also online JPG to PDF converters if you don’t want another software to occupy your space. The idea of an online converter is you just have to upload the JPG file you want to convert, click Convert, then download the finished PDF file. Seems pretty easy, right? However, some online converters may be costly and may take a few minutes of your time every time you convert a file. If you’re looking for the best JPG to PDF converter, then you don’t need to look further. PDFBear can do a seamless job in seconds, saving you time, money, and effort.

How does PDFBear help?

Unlike other online converters, PDFBear simplifies the process of converting JPG into PDF. You can convert your GlobeImages with only three easy steps.

Step 1. Upload the GlobeImage you’d like to convert to the PDFBear server. Even as a free user, you can also do multiple files at once. Other converters, like Microsoft Print, can help you convert JPG to PDF files as well. However, you can only do the conversion one by one. Microsoft Print doesn’t allow you to convert several photos and put them into a single PDF file. This is one of the reasons why PDFBear stands out.

Upload time should take less than 5 seconds. You may also convert PNG and TIFF files into PDF.

upload files

Step 2. When you’re done uploading, you will see four options on the bottom side. When you’re done uploading all the photos you’d like to convert, PDFBear gives you a preview of the images and their sequence. If you’re not satisfied with it, you may simply move the photos around by dragging them to the position you want. The first one is the PDF size. PDFBear will allow you to choose from A4, Letter (US) size, or auto. The second option is the orientation of the PDF. You may choose from portrait, landscape, or auto. The third option lets you put a margin or not. Lastly, when you’re satisfied with the customizations, click the “CREATE PDF NOW” option which lets you convert the images into PDF.

convert jpg to pdf

Step 3. Once PDFBear is done generating your new PDF, you have a few options on how to download or share the file. You may directly download the file to your computer. You also have the option to copy the PDFBear URL and share it using any social media platform. You can also directly send the PDF file via email. There are also two added options which are merge and compress.

jpg to pdf download

If you choose the Merge PDF option, you will be redirected to another page similar to the one below. Merge lets you combine and arrange PDF files however you like.

merge pdf

Going back, you may also compress your new PDF file. Compress PDF files will reduce the file size without compromising the quality.

compress pdf

Turn your images to a scrollable PDF file

So, you’ve already collected a lot of different photos from all around the world, thanks to Globeimages. But these images can take up a lot of space. Or maybe, you would like to add a password to them before sharing them with someone else? What if you would like to add a caption or description of the images so that it’s easier to present or show to other people? Well, you will have to convert these images to a scrollable PDF file. This makes it much more convenient for you to share and lug around whenever you would need them. For instance, you need to show photos to a class for educational purposes, you won’t need to bring around a bulky hard drive or several flash drives to keep your files in. When you convert you convert your images to a PDF format, you can save a lot of memory or hard-disc space.

Hard-disc memory is just as important as your files. You want to save as much digital memory while also having the luxury to save all the Globeimage photos and other files that you need. You see a lot of computers crashing because of memory overload and that’s precisely something that we want to avoid. Having to get a computer fixed just because it crashed from a memory problem can get pricey. And needing several hard drives and flash drives to keep your files in don’t come in cheap. Saving memory space is important and crucial for when you want to make your electronic gadgets last much longer. And you can do this with the help of PDFBear.

Convert your Globeimages photos to PDF format

When you save the photos you use from Globeimages, you’ll be taking a lot of digital memory space because these images are of high quality JPG formats. Converting these JPEG to PDF will save you a ton of digital memory space and will make it easier for you to share and bring around. It’s a win-win situation because not only do you get to keep all your Globeimages photo files, but it will also be a lot more convenient for you and the people you share these images with. When you send your Globeimages photos to others, it may take a long time for them to download the images because of the file size. Other than that, you will spare yourself and the people you share these images from the hassle of having to click each and every image individually to download them. It can get taxing to have to download each photo file one at a time. But when you convert it to a scrollable PDF format, you can just download everything in one go!

There are several types of image files out there. We’ve already mentioned these earlier. And the problem with some of them (take PNG image formats for example) is that they may not be accessible or compatible with other electronic gadgets. The best part about PDF file formats is that they’re accessible by anyone that you choose to give them access to. Since PDF files can be password protected, you can be specific on the users who can see it. Other than that, PDF files are universal files, so whether you’re using a computer, a smartphone, or a tablet, you’ll be sure that Globeimages photo files and other image files are compatible. PDF is indeed the best type of file for security and saving space.

PDFBear advantages

PDFBear is one of the most-used file converter tools online today. It’s popular because of how the website is easily navigable and user-friendly. The services that PDFBear offers are completely free, too! And if when you upload your Globeimages photo files to the website for file conversion, you won’t need to worry about them taking a long time to convert. In just a few seconds, (or very rarely, minutes for larger file sizes) you’ll be able to get your files converted according to the type you want them to be. It’s quite instant and that’s the best thing about PDFBear, it’s both convenient and quick! What’s more, is that PDFBear can support TIFF and PNG images alongside JPG under the same function. The most-used image files can easily be converted with PDFBear. So there’s never going to be a problem with your conversion needs.

Sharing and converting files has never been easier!

Globeimages is indeed the best website to get travel photos from all around the world. You’ll be able to find the exact images you want for your photo collection or other needs. With the help of PDFBear, you’ll be able to convert your images and other files easily and quickly, and not have to worry about taking up too much digital memory space. Adding a password to your files to protect them is now easily doable. And you’ll be able to save a ton of hard-disc space and you won’t need to worry about sudden crashes for your electronic devices. In the long run, you’ll also be able to save a ton of cash rather than repeatedly buying hard-drives and flash drives, or even cloud memory subscriptions and services. PDBear is a great website for all your file conversion needs, especially image file types. The website is user-friendly and you can easily navigate through its many tools without any adjustment period. It’s pretty straightforward and that’s why many users favor this website. Sharing files with other people has never been easier because PDF file formats are universal so you won’t need to worry about devices not being able to read the file. You can send your files without the hassle and the people you share these files with won’t have a hard time either. Since PDF files take up less space, there won’t be a problem with files being too large to download or fit in one email or message. PDFBear is free, easy to use, and quick! So try it out for yourself today and save yourself from the hassle of file conversion.