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Guide to convert files on Linux Devices using PDFBear

Before we get into file conversions on Linux devices, let us first take a look at what exactly is Linux. There are many different operating systems available in the market today. You may have come across or are already using some of them such as Windows, macOS or iOS, and Android. But another operating system is also Linux. Just like other operating systems, Linux also has a graphical interface. It has Word processors, photo and video editors, and so much more! For anyone who has been using any other operating system, it will be easy for you to adjust to Linux because of its easily navigable user interface.

PDFBear Tools Available for Linux Devices

In the realm of converting files using Linux devices, there are limited options for Linux users. Did you know that the famous Adobe software does not support Linux devices since 2013? Well, that makes it harder for Linux users to access file converter tools. A difficult experience with different file formats can be based on the software you are using. When you receive a file created with a macOS word processor, you may not be able to access it on a Windows 10 computer or a Linux device. There can also be times when a website can’t accommodate the format uploaded to it. Looking for an application to open that file is possible, but it’s just more efficient to use an online converter for your file conversion. You can just use a web browser to access PDFBear. No need to download any application or software on your Linux device to use PDFBear.

One of the best software as service (or SaaS) tools for file conversion is PDFBear. Many people use PDFBear because it doesn’t require you to have an account or make payments to convert your file. Using the website is absolutely free! And the best part is that you can basically turn any file into PDF format. You won’t even need to wait a long time to get your files converted. It only takes a few seconds to a few minutes (depending on the file size) and you will get your files in a jiffy! Here are some features you can get with PDFBear:

For the converting files to PDF, here are the tools you can use:

Word to PDF

Sending big files tends to take a lot of your time to upload. It’s always better to save disk space on your computer or mobile device. Converting Word to PDF on PDFBear is easy and quick. You’ll not only be saving more time but precious memory space, too! Converting Word To PDF is recommended especially if you are sending the file to other people. There may be times that the Word document can be altered in terms of where things were supposed to be. To resolve this problem, convert your Word file to a more universal file format such as PDF.


Images are important for research and keepsakes. But the problem with them is they can take up a lot of memory space. You may also have a difficult time sending or sharing them. You can simply scroll through your PDF file instead of opening multiple JPG files. The JPG to PDF conversion feature is an universal image converter that takes multiple formats; not just JPG, but also BMP, TIFF, GIF and PNG. Not only will you be helping yourself, but you’ll also be helping those you’re sending files to! You’ll be giving them a much easier time saving or downloading the images, rather than going through each image one at a time and taking up more space because of multiple image files. JPG and BMP images are known to have larger file sizes because it can depend on the quality of the image. After they have been converted to a PDF format, your image will come out looking the same as before.


Having a PDF copy of a Powerpoint presentation can help you when you are presenting your work. It can serve as both a guide and a reviewer. It’s also easily shareable with your classmates or colleagues. Give the PPT to PDF feature a try. No need to worry about your Powerpoint not being easily readable! Moreover, PPT files could take up a lot of space. Your Linux device will thank you after converting all your PPT files to PDF.

Excel to PDF

Excel files are very important for lists, data, record purposes, and many other things. If you want to send your Excel files to colleagues or classmates, but if you want to make sure that the file is not editable, then try the Excel to PDF conversion feature on PDFBear. Rest assured, your Excel files won’t miss any data or words and lists once they’re been converted to PDF format. If your Linux device doesn’t have any Microsoft tools, it is best if you convert your Excel files to PDF so you can still view them.


HTML or HyperText Markup Language is the basis of a web page in file format. Rather than opening the file with a web browser, you can easily convert HTML to PDF to be able to open it with just a click or tap on your computer or mobile device. You will also be able to send or share the converted file to your classmates, colleagues, or other contacts if you wish.

For converting files from PDF to another file format, here are the tools that you can use:

PDF to Word

Nowadays, most files are in PDF format. This is because PDF files are the easiest to send and read on any type of device. But when you need to edit a PDF file for your work or school requirement, you have to convert PDF to Word file. Instead of retyping everything on a new Word document file, simply use a SaaS tool like PDFBear to help you simplify the process. Luckily, PDFBear can easily convert your PDF to Word without altering the overall arrangement of the Word file. Converting PDF to Word should only take a few seconds of your time.

PDF to Excel

Receiving Excel files in Excel may be much easier for the sender, but if you need to edit it to add data or modify something for whatever purpose, then simply use the PDF to Excel conversion feature and you can go on with adding more information on the converted Excel sheet. In other online file conversion tools, you may notice changes in the converted file. PDFBear can assure you that your converted files will look exactly the same and will make it easily editable for you and those you share your files with.


When you need a Powerpoint presentation of your research, the PDF to PPT conversion feature is very useful. Some people may not believe that turning a PDF to PPT will only take a few seconds with PDFBear. You can easily turn your PDF files and make them into a Powerpoint presentation without breaking a sweat!


Uploading images to social media will require you to use the JPG format. Use the PDF to JPG conversion feature on PDFBear to convert your PDF files. You can then easily upload your images to the web without compromising their quality. If your PDF files have multiple images, PDFBear can effectively scan all of them and generate them into multiple, individual JPG files.


Converting PDF to PNG is great to keep your images for archival purposes. Since PNG images have great quality, you can be sure that your image won’t be compromised. They’ll be great for large-scale printing and other means of reproduction. Compared to a JPG format, PNG formats are commonly used for illustrations and preserves compression of an image.


PDF/A files are the best choice of mass reproduction without worrying about its quality. Convert PDF to PDF/A can assure you that your files will look the same. PDF/A files are safe, easily accessible, and secured in the long run. They’re especially great for documents that have signatures on them because they’ll appear clear and crisp every time they’re sent or printed.

If you need to organize your PDF files, these tools can efficiently help you:

Split PDF

Some people need to split PDF files to extract those pages that they need. This is commonly used by people who are dealing with large files, like ebooks and readings. Splitting PDF files can also reduce the file size which makes it easier to share with other people or send via email. Simply upload the file and choose the pages you want to split it. Refine the pages that you picked and wait for PDFBear to generate your new PDF file. You may download the file or send the link of your new PDF file to other people.

Delete Pages from PDF

There are times that you might want to remove some specific pages from your PDF. This is mostly for people who only need to have particular pages that they deem necessary for their presentation, production, or readings. Instead of retyping everything you need, you may delete pages from PDF with PDFBear. Upload the files that you want to edit. Once the file is done uploading, you will see that all pages included in the PDF will be laid out for you on the screen. Pick the ones that you want to delete. You may also use the magnifying glass so you can clearly see the pages before deleting them. Once you’re done, choose ‘Apply Changes’ to create the new PDF file.

Merge PDF

There are a lot of reasons why people merge PDF files. For example, merging files makes it easier to print multiple files, it can save some storage space, or combine files created by the team. Merge PDF file conveniently using PDFBear. Simply select the PDF files that you want to merge into one single file. Aside from merging PDF files, you may also merge other file formats in the PDFBear server. Once you are done uploading the files that you want to merge, you may modify them and rearrange the files. When you are a PDFBear Pro user, you can also rearrange the pages of your PDF files. Once you’re done modifying the PDF files, you can choose ‘Merge PDF’ to finalize everything. You can download the file once you’re done. You may also copy the link and share it via email and social media platforms.

You may also optimize your PDF files using the following tools:

Compress PDF

If you’re working on multiple files, you might want to consider compressing your files to save you some storage in your device. Reducing file sizes should benefit you in the long run. It makes it easier to send files via email and the loading time of the files will also be reduced. Compress PDF files using PDFBear conveniently and efficiently. PDFBear can reduce the file size of your PDF by up to 70%! If you are subscribed to PDFBear PRO, the system can reduce the file size by up to 90%. Imagine the storage space that you are going to free after compressing all your PDF files. However, this does not mean that the quality of your PDF file will be compromised. Simply upload the PDF file to the server and PDFBear will analyze the file. It will only take a few seconds for PDFBear to compress the file.

Repair PDF

If you have an important file that got corrupted, PDFBear can conveniently repair the file. Other PDF-based browsers will make you pay a few hundred bucks to repair a single corrupted PDF file. Repair PDF files online free of charge using PDFBear. Upload the corrupted file to the PDFBear server so the server can analyze it. There may be times that some files may not be recovered but PDFBear will not do anything worse to your files. Choose ‘Repair’ and wait for PDFBear to do its job.

View and edit your PDF files with PDFBear using the following tools:

Share Documents and PDF files

Using the PDFBear server, you can send a file to other people. All you need to do is to upload what you want to send, type the recipient’s mail address, add an optional message, then send. See how easy it is? You may even copy the link generated if you want to send it via message or social media channels. You can do file sharing PDF here today. The recipient of the file link shouldn’t have any problem accessing the file. You may view it using any browser, device, or operating system.

Number PDF pages

You can easily add page numbers to PDF files. Upload the file that you want to add page numbers to, select the position where you want to see the page number, then PDFBear will process the new file. Adding page numbers is highly recommended for files with a lot of pages. It also makes it easier to locate certain parts of the PDF file.

Add Watermark to PDF files

Whenever you share documents over the internet, it might be smart to add a watermark to your PDF files. Watermarks or images, logos, or texts that are added to files that serve as a security feature. It prevents counterfeiting and reminds people what the document and who it belongs to. This works for confidential files, images, and illustrations. This will make it harder for other people to steal your intellectual property. To add watermark to PDF file using PDFBear, simply upload the file and add the text or photo that you want to serve as your watermark. If you’re adding a text, you can even customize it according to transparency, font, and color. Next is to select the position in which part of the PDF file do you want the watermark to appear. Once you’re done, simply apply the changes then download the file. The watermark will apply to all pages of the file.

Rotate PDF

There may be times that the pages of your PDF file are not properly aligned. For example, scanned PDF files can have this problem. This will not only make your file less professionally-looking, but you can have problems with printing, too. You want your files to always look presentable and ready for sharing. Luckily, PDFBear can easily rotate PDF for you. Upload the file that you want to rotate. Once it’s done uploading, a rotating arrow will appear on the screen. You can toggle with an arrow until you get the angle you want. Click ‘Apply’ and wait for PDFBear to process the file. You may now download the newly aligned PDF file or share it with other people using a link.

PDFBear offers PDF security with the following tools:

Protect PDF

PDFBear has two PDF security features. One of them is Protect PDF. PDFBear uses a 256-Bit encryption protocol to help users set up passwords on their PDF files. Upload the file that you want to encrypt with a password. Type the password that you want and make sure to make the password lengthy, signs, numbers, and capital letters. Choose ‘Encrypt PDF’ so the server can add a password to your PDF file. You can encrypt contracts, confidential files, and more! If you’re going to share the encrypted file to other people, make sure to send the password as well. Password protect PDF efficiently with PDFBear in seconds.

Unlock PDF

Similarly, you may also decrypt a PDF file by removing its password. Simply upload the encrypted file, input the password, then choose Unlock PDF In a few seconds, PDFBear will decrypt your file. You can share the file without having to send a password.

Differences of Linux to other operating systems

The biggest difference of Linux among other operating systems is that it’s an open-source software. What this means is, you can modify parts of the operating system to your liking. This is why Linux has many different versions of the software. If you choose to use Linux, you can easily get the right version that works best for you.

Cost of Linux

The cost of the device will greatly depend on the operating system (or OS) that you’re using. The cheapest Windows 8 Pro OS you can get will cost you at around $40, while the Mac OS X will run you about $20. Both those operating systems cost much less than they used to be, but you’ll be happy to know that ever since the start of Linux, it has always been free, and even up to now! You’ll also be able to get software improvements and debuggers all for free. With this alone, it’s not surprising that a lot of people have opted to use Linux as their operating system. You get to have a good operating system without even spending anything!

Software downloads

Both Apple and Windows have software download stores that allow you to purchase web applications, photo and video editors, office suits, and so much more. But with Linux, you don’t need to make any purchases, because you can download them all free of charge. As for converter tools that are deemed very useful, you can choose to do PDF file conversions or repair PDF just by using a web browser on Linux.


You can easily customize your desktop environment in your Linux device exactly to your liking. Whether it’s Gnome or K.D.E., you can add or remove widgets and features as much as you like, and that’s really what makes Linux a cut above the rest from other OS. It gives you all the freedom to customize and make it truly yours. Unlike other OS, Linux has much lesser restrictions and has the most versatility.

What are Linux Devices and where do we use them?

You can run Linux on your desktop even if you’re already using Windows or macOS. There’s no need to worry about your other operating system malfunctioning even if you’re running Linux over it. But it doesn’t only run on desktops because it’s capable of running on a variety of other electronic devices. The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, TiVo, and Chromecast all run on Linux OS. There’s even a custom version of Roku that also runs on Linux. Most common smartwatches also run on Linux, as well as in-vehicle infotainment systems in some Toyota, Mazda, Volkswagen, and Mercedes-Benz cars! Some supercomputers use Linux as their operating system like NASA. Linux isn’t new and you might be surprised that you may have already been using Linux all along!

Why do people use Linux?

Given the examples earlier, it is safe to say that a lot of people are dependent and find Linux reliable. For starters, its advanced security and transparency make the system more favorable compared to others. If you want a system that effectively shields you from malware, ransomware, and viruses, Linux is the way to go. For developers, Linux is an open-source code where programmers can get creative and they can modify the source code however they want. The fact that it is also free makes it more accessible. A lot of businesses and government offices run on Linux. The Linux system also runs in other hardware and is easy to maintain. Linux software is also one of the most stable systems out there. Its hardware support composed of different professionals makes it easier for people to configure Linux. In the aspect of Linux devices, roughly 2% of people around the globe use this software for their desktops. The largest share of users goes to Windows. Naturally, developers, programmers, computer science majors, and even those who like to tinker with their desktops are the most common people who use Linux on their desktops. Although Linux is versatile and compatible with most systems, there is limited software that is specially made for Linux devices. This means that those who use Linux devices must assemble such tools themselves.

Other Online Converter Tools

In some cases, they even have to program each tool themselves. For example, Linux users would have to program to convert their PDF file to Word, then create another program for Word to PDF. It would take some time for Linux users due to having no tool that can perform a full operation with a lot of functions and features when it comes to everything file-related. Most PDF conversion software available for Linux devices can only do some basic functions. For example, LibreOffice Draw, Okular, Master PDF Editor, PDFSam, and Scribus are some PDF editors that Linux users can use when it comes to their files. At most, the mentioned software can only merge files, delete pages, split, and rotate pages. For example, a Linux device user wants to merge and rotate files, he might have to use two different PDF editors to make the changes.

Choose a compatible converter tool

If Linux users want a browser-based PDF converter, most of the ones available online are not safe to use. Web-based PDF converters that are not secured may compromise the security and privacy of the users. The quality of PDF files may be compromised. If you’re dealing with bulky PDF files, some online converters will limit you to upload certain file sizes. Furthermore, the user-interface mixed with several ads can compromise the experience of converting files online. Most Linux device users commonly use Firefox, Opera, and SeaMonkey as their main browsers. The browser used may also affect the performance of an online PDF converter tool. In some cases, most online converter tools do not support the Linux system. To help you with larger PDF files, you can opt to Compress PDF and reduce the file size while not having to worry if it would be compatible with Linux.

Linux Devices can perform PDF Conversions

A desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone that runs on Linux can be used to convert files into PDF. You can easily upload your files over the internet to have them converted into the format or file type of your choice. All you need to have is the original copy or file that you would like to convert and then use your preferred browser to convert your file. One of the most recommended online tools for Linux and other OSes is PDFBear. It is accessible on Linux desktop and all other mobile devices. Files are very important and being able to read or share them are just two things. In times when you need to edit files, an easy to use online tool for file conversion is a need. If you are using a laptop or desktop that runs on Linux, you can easily convert PDF files with PDFBear. PDFBear is a powerful web-based PDF converter tool which means that Linux users don’t need to download any software, plug-ins, or any apps to use it. Since PDFBear is a SaaS tool, it supports all Linux browsers. All you need is a reliable internet connection to access the PDFBear website. PDFBear is created to help improve the user experience of other people, like Linux users. Lesser popular tasks like delete pages from PDF are possible too! PDFBear is malware-free which means users can convert their files safely. You won’t have to worry about any attached virus that could potentially harm your device and corrupt your files.

PDFBear works perfectly on Linux devices

Unlike other software, applications, and online converters, PDFBear works perfectly on all operating systems, including Linux. PDFBear simplifies the process of converting, arranging, organizing, optimizing, and protecting your PDF files. To access PDFBear and PDF for Linux devices, all you need is your Linux device and a reliable internet connection. You can access the website any time, anywhere and PDFBear has also an excellent customer service support should you have any questions and clarifications regarding the website. With over 20 functions, PDFBear is the best SaaS converter tool out there. The website is also SSL-encrypted which means all the files you’ve uploaded and processed are protected. No need to worry about your files getting stolen online or your privacy compromised. PDFBear is a handy web-based tool that can help you with anything PDF-related. It doesn’t only convert PDF files to another format and vice versa, it also has other features like optimizing PDF, organize, view and edit, and add security. SincePDFBear is a SaaS tool, Linux device users can easily access the website using any browser. You can use PDFBear on the go and do all your tasks. If you’re subscribed to PDFBear PRO, you can easily access all uploaded and processed files. When using Linux devices, PDFBear is safe, reliable, and convenient to use. Instead of having to program a system, PDFBear has all the tools that a Linux user needs and more!

Pair it with Linux!

Overall, we recommend giving the Linux OS a try if you haven’t been able to use it yet. It’s free and completely customizable! Linux gives its users the freedom to modify it to their liking and that’s what Windows and macOS lack—customizability. It doesn’t interfere with your current OS and won’t give you any problems, so if you ever want a main or back-up OS, then Linux is a great choice! Use it along with PDFBear and you’ll notice a huge change in how easy you can get your tasks done. You’ll also be spending less time in file conversion because of PDFBears quick conversion capabilities. Aside from that, you’ll also be able to save more hard disk space, whether it’s on your computer, smartphone, tablet, or any other mobile gadget, converting your files will ensure you that you’ll take up less memory space. Lastly, in terms of file quality, you won’t need to worry about having low-quality images or documents, because PDFBear doesn’t make your files lose its original quality.