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How to convert Excel to JPG

Converting Excel to JPG: Simple and Quick Steps

Want to present that vital spreadsheet table in your presentation? We agree, it’s not an easy job. But hey! Fret not, we’ve got your six! Once you are through this guide, you’ll be able to turn your Excel workbook into a JPG - by simply following a few easy steps.

Say good-bye to XLS converter as the free and easy-to-use tools at will help you convert your hundreds of spreadsheets into JPGs within a few minutes. In this piece, we’ll cover how you can convert Excel to JPG, some essential knowledge about image formats and beyond. So, let’s get started.

Types of image file formats

There are multiple formats to save an image. However, depending on the task at hand, you have to pick the suitable format.

Here we have a list of common image file formats and their characteristics that can help you figure out which is suitable for your project.

1. JPEG or JPG – These image file formats are smaller in size but often lose quality as they are known to be raster images.

2. PNG – It is a popular file format among projects displayed online. This file format allows you to keep the transparency and have a sharper image on the web.

3. GIF – These are a form of bitmap images through which you can create low-resolution images to be used across social media websites.

4. TIFF – If you have a large amount of data that needs to retain the quality even after multiple saves, then this file format is the one for you. They are best to be used in print media.

5. RAW – When you capture a picture with a professional camera, it’s typically saved in a RAW file. This format shows that the image hasn’t gone through any default editorial process via the camera’s software.

Why are images important?

Although you can keep an Excel workbook as it is, it requires specific apps and software to view and edit them. However, an image doesn’t need any fancy software and is compatible with every device.

How to turn an Excel workbook to JPG?

The process to convert Excel to JPG is fairly simple. All you need is a browser and internet connection, and with a few clicks, you will have your Excel sheet converted into JPG. But, before we start the process, we first need to access an excel to PDF converter.

1.Head over to PDFBear and click on Excel to PDF. Image

2.Then click on the Select Files… option. Image

3.Choose and upload the Excel spreadsheet you would like to convert. Image

4.Wait patiently till the tool converts your file to PDF. Image

5.When your file is converted, it will be ready to download. Click on the blue Download button and select the destination to save the PDF. Image

Now in order to convert excel to JPG, we are going to move on to the next tool - PDF to JPG.

Follow these quick steps to easily turn your PDF file into JPG.

1.Go to PDFBear and select the PDF to JPG tool. Image

2.Next, click the blue Select Files… button. Image

3.Select the file you have downloaded in the previous step and upload it. Image

4.After choosing the PDF file to convert, two options will appear - Convert entire pages and Extract single pages.

If you choose to Extract single images (paid feature), then you’ll be sent to pick the images you want to extract as JPG.

If you decide to select the Convert entire pages option, it will directly lead you to the download screen.

We are going with the Convert entire pages option as it’s available for free. Image

5.Click on the CHOOSE OPTION to confirm your choice. Image

6.Wait for the conversion and click on the blue Download button to save the images of your PDF, and voila! Your PDF file has been successfully converted into a JPG. Image


Now that you have to convert Excel to JPG, you don’t have to worry about downloading specific software to access Excel files or have an .XLS converter to change the file formats.

Having JPGs makes it easier for one to access it on any device and allows you to alter it as per your requirement. You can use your JPGs to create a wonderful presentation or make them part of any video.

Are you enjoying the tools at Make your work experience easier and quick with these handy tools and edit your files anywhere.