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How to Convert Files to PDF for Free

PDF is a versatile file format; it gives people an easy way to present and share their documents. Regardless of operating system or hardware, a PDF can be opened on any smart device. That’s why it’s one of the most popular file formats to present any type of information.

Whether you have a photo, an excel sheet, a presentation file, or a word document, you can convert it to PDF. And then, present and share it with masses with any software or hardware barrier.

In this piece, we’ll share how you can convert your files to PDF using our free-to-use PDF file converter. Similarly, we’ll also cover some essentials like why use a PDF converter, what’s it, files supported, and everything in between. So, let’s get started.

What’s a PDF File Converter

A PDF file converter tool helps to transform any popular file format into a portable document format. The following are some of the supported extensions by the popular online and offline PDF converters.:


To convert a file using a PDF converter, you just need to drag and drop the file, and it gets automatically converted to PDF. Some tools let you edit the files before you convert them to PDF format.

Mainly, there are two types of PDF file converters available, online and offline. Some are free, while others are paid. The majority of offline tools give you the complete freedom of converting multiple types of files to PDF. Whereas the online ones are kind of limited, they only support a small set of formats.

Why Use a PDF File Converter

There are many reasons you would want to use a PDF file converter. Can’t think of any specific use? Allow us to lay out some scenarios.

For instance, you have to make a presentable document for all the members in your next meeting. Your files are spread in various formats like docx, xlxs, jpeg, gif, and more. Now, it would be a disaster to collect all the files one by one and combine them as they all are in different formats. A viable option would be using a PDF file converter to transform all relevant files to PDF and then merge them all at once.

Imagine you have an official word document of a highly-classified subject. And you have to take the digital signs of a variety of people on it. Now, you can follow the good-old routine and send the files to the relevant people one by one - and see them disorient the format of the file while signing. Or you can convert the doc to PDF and use the e-Sign tool of the format to smooth up the process.

So, whether you are a school student, an employee, or managing hundreds of people at a workplace, a PDF converter can come in handy. Especially, if you regularly deal with soft copies.

File Types Supported by PDF File Converter

Unlike other free tools, our online PDF converter gives you the ability to convert multiple types of files.

Here are all the family of file formats supported by our PDF converter tool:


There are a ton of image formats available today. But you don’t have to worry as our tool supports most of them like BMP, PNG, JPG, JPEG, GIF, PBM, and TIFF.


Want to convert a word file to a PDF? We have got your back. The tool supports DOCX and DOC formats.


We offer the support to convert your XLS and XLSX files to PDF. So just drag and drop your datasheets and leave the rest to us.


Lastly, you can also transform your presentation files to PDF using our free-to-use PDF file converter tool.

Using PDF Converter

  1. Head towards the official website of PDFBear located at Then, wait for the page to load. After that, select PDF Converter. Image

  2. On the next page, click on the blue Select Files… button.Image

  3. Now, select a file you want to convert and upload it.
    We’ll show you one-by-one all the file types you can convert using our free PDF conversion tool.Image

  4. As I have uploaded a Word document, the website has automatically redirected me to the Word to PDF tool. Also, it’s automatically preparing the file I have uploaded.Image

  5. Wait for PDFBear to convert the file. Once it’s done, you’ll see the blue Download button - click on it to save your converted PDF file.Image

  6. Next, we are uploading a JPG file format on the PDF Converter tool dashboard.Image

  7. Just like above, it automatically redirects us to the JPG to PDF conversion tool and starts the process. However, sometimes, it might ask you to re-upload your file. So, click on the blue Select Files… button.Image

  8. Pick the file and upload it.Image

  9. Wait for the website to read the file.Image

  10. Before conversion, you’ll be allowed to edit your file using the in-house editing tools.Image

  11. Once you are done, click on the blue CREATE PDF NOW button.Image

  12. Wait for PDFBear to do its magic.Image

  13. Then, click on the blue Download button to save your file.Image

  14. You can also convert a presentation PPT file - select one and upload it.Image

  15. You’ll be re-directed to the PPT to PDF tool page. Wait for the website to load the file.Image

  16. Then, give it a few seconds to convert your PPT to PDF. After that, click on the blue Download button to save your file.Image

  17. Finally, you can also convert your spreadsheet to PDF. To do that, select it and upload it.Image

  18. The website will take you to the Excel to PDF tool and take a few seconds to load the file.Image

  19. Then, it’ll start converting the file to PDF.Image

  20. Lastly, you can save the file by clicking on the blue Download button.Image

Final Words

Convert your image, word, excel, and presentation files easily with our free PDF converter. All you need is just a reliable internet connection with a modern web browser to access the tool.

Want to unlock badge-processing for converting multiple files to PDF at once? Start the 14-day trial of the PRO version. You can cancel it anytime before the period ends without paying a single penny.

Also, feel free to try many other PDF tools at our hub that’ll make your life easier. And until next time, keep converting, merging, and editing your PDF files!