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How to Convert PDF to Image And Vice Versa Online

How to Convert PDF to Image And Vice Versa

File extensions can sometimes be quite weird. For example, some may work with default software on your device, while others require additional apps. The same goes for PDF and PNG files. However, there’s a simple solution to avoid such mishaps - convert PNG to PDF and PDF to PNG whenever required. Therefore, I will help you do just that with our free-to-use online tool, PDFBear.

In this article, I’ll show how you can convert your files from PNG to PDF and PDF to PNG online. Furthermore, I’ll also present a nominal overview of the two file extensions and why you would want to convert. So, let’s dive in.

All About PNG & PDF

Overview of PNG

What’s PNG?

PNG stands for Portable Network Graphics or Portable Graphics Format. It’s the most common bitmap image format on the internet that supports lossless data compression. This format is open and has no copyright limitations.

The PNG format was created to replace another popular mainstream image format known as GIF (Graphics Interchange Format). This type of file is mostly used in storing web graphics, digital photographs, and images with transparent backgrounds as it offers rich and raw details.

PNG files are mostly high in storage volume as they offer high-quality images. Do a little experiment. Take a screenshot on your PC using the default Print Screen button on your keyboard. Then paste the image to the paint app and save it as PNG (the default format). Now see the volume of the screenshot file; it would surely be in MBs.

The PNG format is ideal for digital art like images, logos, icons, web design mockups, etc. Why? It’s because it uses a 24-bit color as a foundation.

How to Open a PNG file?

PNG is a widely supported file format; you can easily open it using a modern web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox. Not only that, you can use default apps on your device like the following to explore a PNG file:

● Apple Preview
● Apple Photos
● Apple Safari
● Microsoft Photos
● Microsoft Windows Photo Viewer
● Microsoft Paint

To get more control of your PNG file, you can use advanced PNG viewers or editors like:

● Adobe Photoshop
● Adobe Photoshop Elements
● File Viewer Plus
● Microsoft Paint 3D
● Adobe Illustrator 2021
● CorelDraw
● Google Photos
● Microsoft OneDrive

There are also some online tools like the PDFBear’s PNG to PDF converter that lets you view PNG files for free.

How to Convert a PNG File?

The majority of software that supports the PNG file format also lets you convert it. However, you are only restricted to certain conversions like PNG to JPG, PNG to GIF, PNG to TIFF, etc. Even some of the advanced paid programs don’t let you convert a PNG file to a PDF.

Overview of PDF

What’s PDF?

PDF stands for Portable Document Format. This format is one of the most common file types in the modern computing world. Basically, this type was created to save information in a way that one can’t easily edit but view, share and print.

Portable Document Format or PDF is independent of software, hardware, or operating system. This file can contain links, buttons, audio, video, graphics, spreadsheets, and everything in between. Not only that, but this format also features the capacity of e-Sign.

Unlike other formats like .docx, you can only view them using specific software. Not only that, they look different on different devices. On the split side, PDF preserves document formatting, and as it’s independent of any OS, the format can be viewed on pretty much any smart device.

How to Open a PDF File?

As a PDF is a view-first type file extension, it’s supported by the majority of software across all operating systems. You can open a PDF file on an internet browser, default image viewer, special programs like Adobe Reader, or using online PDF explorers like PDFBear.

How to Convert a PDF File?

Unlike other formats, converting a PDF file isn’t easy. Why? It’s because this file extension is made to be view-first. Although there are free and paid tools online that let you convert and edit a PDF file, it’s primarily meant to present and exchange documents.

Why Convert from PDF to PNG or PNG to PDF?

There are many reasons behind converting PNG to PDF or the other way around. But the main one is locking or unlocking a document. Bear with me to understand what I’m trying to convey.

We learned that PDFs are used as a medium for presenting and exchanging files. In contrast, people use PNGs primarily for storing digital art like images, icons, mockups, drawings, etc. So, the purpose of converting PDF to PNG and vice versa comes down to caging or uncaging a document’s formatting and contents.

For instance, you created an infographic about how papers are destroying our environment. Now, you are looking forward to sharing it with your company or your boss. Unfortunately, you can’t just upload the raw. PNG file as it would allow people to make amendments easily. That’s where you’ll be converting it to PDF format so that it’s only viewable and effortlessly shareable.

Now let’s think about why you would want the PDF-PNG converter tool. One use-case would be unlocking a PDF file to a more versatile format, PNG, so you can make the required changes to the file without sacrificing the high-quality details.

Still, wondering how the PNG to PDF and PDF to PNG tools would ease up your digital life? Take a look at how I’m converting the files using the PDFBear free tools, and in the meantime, you might come up with the perfect use-case for your scenario.

How to Convert PDF to PNG

1. Visit the official website of PDFBear and click on PDF to PNG tile. Home page

2. On the next page, click on the blue Select a File… button. Select file

3. Your web browser will open the file explorer, select the PDF file you are looking forward to converting and open it. select from device

4. Now, PDFBear will present you two options - Convert entire pages and Extract single images. options for converting pdf

5. Select the first option if you don’t have the PRO version of PDFBear and click the blue CHOOSE OPTION button. confirm option

6. Wait for the website to convert your PDF file to PNG files. converting pdf to image

7. Once the process is done, click on the blue Download button to save the files on your computer. download image files

How to Convert PNG to PDF

1. Visit PDFBear’s website and click on the JPG to PDF tile. Mainmenu

2. Next, click on the blue Select Files… button. select files

3. Select the PNG files you are looking forward to converting to PDF format and open them. Note that selecting bulk PNG files is a PRO feature; you’ll need to have a paid subscription to PDFBear. select image files

4. You’ll land on the dashboard where. You’ll see a compact black box on the top left side of your screen. It contains all the essential tools for adjusting the files you are converting. option menu

5. To delete a page, select it and click on the Trash button. remove pages

6. You can also adjust the order of files. Simply long-press an image and drag it to change its order. adjust page order

7. Once you are done making the required changes, click on the CREATE PDF NOW button to start the PNG to PDF conversion. create pdf

8. Wait for a few seconds to let PDFBear swirl the magic wand. converting

9. Click on the blue Download button, and your new PDF file is ready to be shared and viewed. download pdf file

PDFBear - An AIO Online PDF Suite

PDFBear is a free online PDF suite that makes PDFing easy and simple for everyone. Our team has made this online hub to let you convert, edit, merge, view, sign, and do absolutely every possible task with PDFs.

We offer a PRO version that includes all the free-to-use tools with added benefits like:

● Unlimited batch processing
● Ad-free experience
● Advanced image editing tools
● Batch uploading up to 50 files at a time
● Upload file size up to 50 GB
● Unlimited cloud storage

Final Words

PNG to PDF and PDF to PNG conversion has been made easy, all thanks to PDFBear. With a few clicks, you can easily convert your PNG files to PDFs and the other way around for absolutely free.

You won’t find a more user-friendly and feature-full online PDF hub than PDFBear. Explore its full potential by starting a free trial of the mighty PRO version today!