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How to shift a PDF at 90 degrees

Rotating PDFs at 90: The simplest technique

You spent hours scanning the documents and compiled them all into a PDF file but ended up getting all the orientation wrong. So you try to work on the files individually, but it doesn’t work. So how do you rotate PDF now? Well, we have got you covered! With PDFBear, you can rotate the pages of your file any way you want, individually or collectively. You don’t even need to download any application for this. All you need is an internet connection and a browser, and you can rotate the files with ease. Before we dive into how to reorient your files, let’s see why PDF has become popular among people.

Why is PDF file format popular?

There are several reasons why PDF file format is the right choice for any person who intends to work across devices or can be sent through any online service. But, first, let’s explore the unique features that set it apart from other file formats.

● Security – Do you have business secrets or confidential files that you want to send but don’t know how to keep intact? PDF file format provides you with options to encrypt your important files with a password that you can share with only the members who should have permission to access it. Along with that, you can limit the way a user views the file. For example, a user can view the file but can’t make any edits to it.

● Format – With PDF files, it is easier to keep the formatting together without going all over the place compared to Word files. You can open the PDF on any device, and it will appear exactly how it was originally set.

● Multi-Dimensional – PDF formats can embed various kinds of formats, such as images, videos, graphics, and 3D models, without compromising on the quality. The layout stays in place. You can even turn your presentations into a PDF format. This way you don’t have to worry about whether a computer has PowerPoint or not. And since most modern browsers can open a PDF file, you don’t need any special software either.

● Convenient – PDF is accessible, and it doesn’t need any high-end operating system to work. There are many devices that come with built-in software that enables you to read and edit the file.

● Compact – Through PDF file formats, you can compose high-quality documents in one file size, which is easy and quick to share through emails.

How To Rotate A Pdf In 90 Degrees

So now that you know why you need to convert your files to PDF, you’ll have to make sure that the pages are in the right orientation. To rotate PDF pages, all you need is PDFBear. The tool is free and easy to use for everyone. By following these steps, you too can rotate pdf and save.

1.Go to the PDFBear website and click on Rotate PDF.


2.Click on Select Files, or you can drop a file directly from the file manager to the select box.


3.Select your file from the folder.


4.If you want to rotate PDF pages individually, you can hover over the page and rotate clockwise or anti-clockwise, as per your requirement.


5.If you want to rotate all the pages simultaneously, then select the rotate options from the toolbar and rotate PDF pages clockwise or anti-clockwise.


6.If you are happy with how you have rotated a PDF, then you can apply the changes.


7.Now that your file is converted and ready, you can download your new PDF and save it on your computer or mobile phone.


Final Words

See how easy it is to rotate a PDF with one of PDFBear’s free online tools. You can use it on your phone, tablets, laptop, or desktop computer in less than a minute. It doesn’t need any additional software either. Just stay connected to a stable internet and have your file in the rotation you prefer.

If you enjoyed using this feature of PDFBear, don’t forget to check out our other PDF features that make your work a lot easier. We are here to enhance your everyday experience with PDFs with easy-to-use tools.