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How to Turn a PowerPoint into a PDF?

Digital transformation is rapidly changing the world we are living in. The quick transition from paper to online documents is making the use of PDF files quite common. However, converting word and PPT files into PDF files can become a hassle if you don't choose the right tools.

With a plethora of options available to convert PPT into PDF, you might be wondering which one to choose. The ideal tool should be an all-in-one-editor. Whether you are looking to convert your files or edit the PDF files after the conversion, the tool must have all the options available for you.

In this article, we will be covering everything you need to know about converting your PPT into a PDF file. We will discuss easy steps that you can follow to convert your documents in a matter of minutes. So, without further ado, let's get right into it.

Why Choose an All-in-one Tool?

One of the most important things you need to look out for when choosing a PPT converter tool is the additional features. You will find various tools online that will let you convert your file for free. However, they might charge you for services that you need to make changes to your file.

Also, there is a possibility that the tool is only useable for converting the file. Other than that, you have to find another tool if you want to edit, draw, or rewrite on your PDF file. It can take up a lot of time and energy of yours.

That is why choosing the right tool in the first stage is crucial. And you don't have to worry about searching and going through from the long list on the Google search engine because you can find the best tool for converting and editing your PDF file right here.

PDFBear is a tool that offers you a complete set of features to make changes to your PDF files and that too without any charges.

Steps to convert your PowerPoint Presentation File into PDF

With PDFBear, converting your Microsoft PowerPoint presentation into a PDF file is a simple task. Our streamlined process gives you the file in a short period. All you have to do is follow these simple steps to convert your file:

First, select the PowerPoint Presentation file that you want to convert
Upload the file of your PPT or use our click to drop functionality
Watch the process bar convert your file into a PDF
After the conversion, you can also edit, draw, or rewrite your PDF file using the vast range of features available
Click on the 'Download' to instantly get the PDF file on your computer. You also have the option to share your file to Google Drive or add it to Dropbox

This process usually takes just a couple of minutes of your time. The best part is that our PPT Convertor is free for you to use.

Benefits of Converting PowerPoint Presentation into a PDF File

Converting your PPT into a PDF file offers numerous benefits. These benefits include the safety and security of your data. Here are the benefits that you can get by converting your files using PDFBear:

● Protection of your Data

In the world of cyber threats, data has become a precious possession. It has become a serious issue for companies that spend thousands of Dollars on their data security systems. Since anyone can access and edit PowerPoint presentations, many institutions face problems.

Keeping your data private and confidential is imperative in these times. By converting PPT into a PDF file, you can make sure no one can change it. You can also add a password so only selected people can access the file.

● Reduction in Size of File

When sharing the PDF file, one problem that people face is memory constraints. PPT files require more storage space than PDF files due to the various features. But, if you convert it to a PDF file, it automatically reduces the size of the file.

Therefore, you can easily share the files using your Gmail or Hotmail accounts which have a set limit on the file memory that you can share.

● Data Integrity

If you are presenting using a PPT file in front of an important client or a large number of people, any mishap with the PPT can cause embarrassment.

Since PPT is easily editable, there is a chance of you altering or deleting one of your slides. However, PDFs are non-editable, which is why you can't make these sorts of changes. As a result, it keeps you safe from the risk of data integrity.

● Cloud Conversion for PPT

With PDFBear, you can use our reliable tool to upload the PPT files into the cloud and then convert them. Microsoft PowerPoint files have global recognition, and that is why our tool enables you to convert PPT to PDF with just a few clicks.

In addition, our tools support all the operating systems, including Mac, Windows, Linux, etc. PDFBear is a universal operating system that works flawlessly with any OS you have.

Final Word

PPT files are a critical part of our professional and academic lives. Throughout our academic life or our career, there will be numerous instances where we have to share PPT files. While sharing might be unavoidable, protection of data is possible.

By using the PDFBear converter, you can get your Microsoft PowerPoint File converted into a PDF document in no time. Our tool makes converting and sharing your documents through Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. swift and seamless.

The best part is that if you want to add, draw, rewrite, or edit the file, you can do all of that by using PDFBear. So, use the best all-in-one tool that converts your PowerPoint presentation into a PDF file and steer clear from common file conversion hassles.