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How to Use a PDF Compiler

How to Use a PDF Compiler

by PDFBear

We are back again with a valuable tutorial for you guys. In this article, we’ll show how you can use a PDF compiler. Similarly, we’ll also cover what’s a PDF compiler, why use it, some of its features, and everything in between. So, without further ado, let’s jump in.

What’s a PDF Compiler

Suppose, you have tons of PDF files that you want to amend together in your desired order. What will you do? A PDF compiler will help you execute the deed. A PDF compiler allows one to merge the PDF files altogether or in any desired order.

A PDF compiler quickly combines two or more PDF files together. Similarly, it offers two options, merging the files separately or page-by-page. However, the second option is paid in the majority of software.

To use a PDF compiler, you just need to drag and drop files. And then, it’ll compile them in a matter of seconds.

Why Use a PDF Compiler

There are countless reasons to use a PDF compiler. So, allow us to present some of the scenarios so you can get a rough idea.

For instance, you have tens of PDFs related to a specific subject of your interest. As they are currently stored as separate files, you face trouble and inconvenience accessing them all together at once. You can use a PDF merger to combine them in one easy-to-access PDF file as per your desired order.

Imagine, you have a set of PDF files that you have to showcase in the upcoming presentation. On the presenting day, it would be pretty awkward to close, open and re-open multiple PDFs when all eyes are on you. So, simply by compiling all the PDF files, you can save yourself from the unprofessional act.

We can go on and on with the scenarios, but hey, you got the gist of it, right? A PDF compiler makes your life easy when you have to merge multiple PDF files into one - regardless of the reason.

Free PDF Compiler by PDFBear

We are past the basics! In this section, we’ll learn how you can use the free PDF compiler. But before that, allow us to roll out some information about our hub and the features of the tool.

Using PDFBear’s PDF Compiler

  1. Visit the official website of PDFBear located at Wait for the web to load and scroll down.

  2. Click on Merge PDF.

  3. On the next screen, click on the blue Select Files… button.

  4. Select the files you are looking forward to compiling and then upload them.
    Note:Using a free version of our website? You won’t be allowed to upload multiple PDF files at once. But don’t worry. We’ll show how you can upload the files one by one manually. Read the next two steps and skip directly to Step 14.

  5. Wait for PDFBear to load your PDF files/file.

  6. Now, you’ll come across two options, Merge files and Merge pages.
    As we are signed in as a PRO user, we’ll pick the second option. If you are using the free version, select Merge files.
    Merge pages let you select, arrange and combine the pages of the PDF files you have uploaded individually. In contrast, the Merge files option allows you to arrange and combine entire PDFs.

  7. Select an option and click on the blue CHOOSE OPTION button.

  8. Wait for PDFBear to load the previews of your PDF files’ pages.

  9. Now, to rearrange a page, long-press on it. For this demonstration, we are moving the second page.

  10. Long-press on your desired page and move it to the position you wish to.

  11. Then, drop the page.

  12. You’ll see that the page has now been moved to your desired position.

  13. Now, let’s switch to File mode.

  14. Here, you can only arrange and combine entire PDFs. As we have uploaded three PDFs, we see three sets of files.
    You can manually upload more PDF files - users who are using the free version will have to use this method to upload more than one PDF.

  15. To upload a PDF file, click on the three-dot round button located on the menu tray.

  16. A menu will appear; click File.

  17. Then, click Open…

  18. Select My Device.

  19. Click on the Open From Device option.

  20. Then, select a PDF file and upload it.
    We aren’t uploading more files as we have already uploaded the ones that we require.

  21. Now, select the PDF set you want to re-arrange.

  22. Then, drag it to its new position and drop it.

  23. Once you are done making the changes, click on the blue MERGE PDF button.

  24. Wait for PDFBear to make changes to your new file.

  25. Lastly, click on the blue Download button to save your newly merged PDF file.

Final Words

Thanks to our PDF compiler tool, merging PDF files has never been too easy to pull off. Use our tool today to merge your PDF pages or files - you are just a few clicks away!

Like the merge tool? You’ll love the other free tools we have at our hub. Feel free to check them out. While you are at it, take the 14-day free trial of the PRO version and see how it can elevate your PDFing experience.

We’ll be back with another super helpful tutorial for you guys. Until next time, happy PDFing

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