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How to use a PDF page remover for free

Want to delete PDF pages but can’t find the right tool? Don’t worry; we have got you covered.

Today, we’ll show how to use our in-house free and online PDF page remover tool. Likewise, we’ll touch on some essential points like what’s the tool, why to use it, and everything in between.

So, let’s start the piece with…

What’s a PDF Page Remover Tool

A PDF page remove tool lets you delete the desired pages from your PDF file. You can select any page from any PDF file and remove it in an instant.

There are many PDF page removers available. Some are offline, while others are online. Similarly, some are free, and as you guessed it, others are paid. However, not all tools are worth your time.

The majority of the free ones are too complicated and come with multiple shenanigans. For example, you have to take a survey, watch a video, or do other activities to access the tool’s functionality.

On the other hand, the paid ones don’t provide value-for-money, especially for people who just want to use the tool for limited instances.

Why Use Page Remover

So, why would you want to remove page from PDF in the first place? Well, we can think of many scenarios.

For instance, you are preparing the new terms & services PDF document for the upcoming year. Now, you won’t banish the whole doc as the majority of pages would still be relevant. However, there would be some pages you want to delete. That’s where the page remover tool would help you to delete the irrelevant pages.

Imagine you have a PDF file that’s mixed up with notes of multiple subjects like maths, science, computer, etc. Now, you, as a teacher, want to create separate PDF files for every subject. With a PDF page delete tool, you can remove the irrelevant pages and easily create distinctive sets of PDFs for every subject.

Long-story-short, a PDF page remover tool would help you save time and effort when you want to filter a PDF file with unwanted material.

Delete PDF Tool - PDFBear

Finally, we are in the endgame. However, before the tutorial of the free delete PDF page tool, let’s quickly roll some info about our online all-in-one PDF hub.

What’s PDFBear

PDFBear is an online all-in-one hub of everything related to PDF. At PDFBear, we are making your PDFing experience easier and better.

Here’s the tool family available at PDFBear:


From conversion to merging, compressing, and signing, we provide all types of PDF tools for free at PDFBear. For the power users, we have a paid PRO version - it unlocks the full potential of our PDF hub.

Unlike other online PDF services, we are here to make things better. All tools at our hub are free to use. Also, we show no to minimum ads so you guys can experience a sublime PDFing experience.

How to Use Delete PDF Tool by PDFBear

  1. Visit PDFBear at Once the page is done loading, scroll down. Image

  2. Select Delete PDF Pages. Image

  3. Next, click on the blue Select a File… button. Image

  4. Now, select the PDF file you want to use for removing pages and upload it. Image

  5. Wait for PDFBear to read your PDF file. Image

  6. Once the page is done loading all the previews, click on the Got it button. Image

  7. Now, hover on the page you want to remove. I’m selecting the first page. Image

  8. Click on the trash icon to delete the page. Image

  9. Once you are done, click on the blue APPLY CHANGES button. Image

  10. Wait for PDFBear to use its magic wand and apply the changes. Image

  11. Click on the blue Download button to save your new PDF file. Image

Final Words

Simple, subtle, and super - that’s exactly what we are striving to deliver at PDFBear. Use our online PDF page remove tool to eliminate all the unnecessary pages from your PDF files - for absolutely free.

Don’t forget to check out tons of other useful PDF tools we have made available for you guys at PDFBear. All of them are free to use! However, to unlock their full potential, you can consider our PRO version.

Until next time PDFBears!