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Insert an Image into a PDF

Images are beautiful, aren’t they? In this piece, I’ll show how you can add image to PDF using PDFBear.

To insert an image into a PDF, you don’t have to learn the complex instructions of PDF editing software. With PDFBear, you can easily add pictures to PDF in a snap. This article covers the step-by-step guide on how you can add images to your PDF file for free.

But before I dive into the tutorial, let’s see why you’d want to insert images into PDF in the first place.

Why Insert Image into PDF

So, you might be thinking, why add a picture to PDF, right? Well, here’s a scenario:

For instance, you are given the task of creating a presentation of the upcoming product in your company. You have all the text laid out in your PDF file, but there are no images of the product in it. Now, you can unprofessionally leave the file as is to bore the viewers. Or add relevant pictures to the PDF file to actively engage the viewers.

From showing relevant image-based info to beautifying the file view, there are countless reasons behind inserting images into PDF.

Add Picture to a PDF:

I’ll be using our in-house Edit PDF tool to insert images into PDF. So without further ado, let’s jump in:

  1. Visit the official website of PDFBear located at Wait for the website to load and then scroll down.Image

  2. Next, select the Edit PDF tool - this tool will let you add image to PDF.Image

  3. On the next screen, click on the blue Select a File… button.Image

  4. Select the PDF file you want to use for adding the image and upload it.Image

  5. Next, wait for a few seconds to let PDFBear load the preview of your PDF file.Image

  6. Once it’s done loading, you’ll land on the PDF editor and receive a notification, click on the X button to close it.Image

  7. Next, click on the add image to PDF icon located left to the pen icon.Image

  8. Now, click on the Desktop icon located on the bottom tray that has just shown up.Image

  9. Next, select and upload the image you want to insert in your PDF file.Image

  10. You’ll see that the image with its original dimension will appear on your PDF preview.
    You can resize it by clicking and dragging the corners of it.Image

  11. See, I have just resized to a smaller size by selecting and dragging the circles inwards.
    Next, you’ll see various image options on the bottom tray - starting with Filters. There are multiple filters you can apply to the image - feel free to try any.Image

  12. Next, scroll down the bottom tray to reveal more options like alignment - feel free to play with the available options.Image

  13. Next, there’ll be more advanced alignment options so you can fit the image just the way you want in your PDF.Image

  14. At the end, there’s a Clear Changes option that you can use to revert all the applied changes.
    Also, there are three sets of options on the tray’s top right-hand side.Image

  15. Once you are done making the changes, click on the blue SAVE button.Image

  16. PDFBear will start preparing your file.Image

  17. Then, select a name for the file, its location on your system, and save it.Image

  18. Lastly, you’ll see that the file has been successfully stored on your system.Image

Final Words

Wasn’t that too simple, subtle, and easy to add picture to PDF using the Edit PDF tool?

At PDFBear, we take pride in helping users use our free tools to simplify their PDFing experience.

Don’t forget to check out other cool tools on our website. And as always, happy PDFing.