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Merge JPG Files into a Single PDF

JPG is one of the most used image formats in the modern-digital age. Important documents, study notes, presentation files, and almost all other types of images are by default found in the JPG format.

But what if you wanted to convert your JPGs into a single PDF or merge multiple PDFs to create a single file? That would be some task, right? Wrong! In this piece, I will cover how you can easily convert your JPG files into a single PDF; then merge multiple PDFs into one.

I’ll be using a JPG to PDF converter and a merge JPG to PDF tool by PDFBear to pull off the job. Before all the converting and merging, I would like to introduce you to the service we’ll be using. Let’s take a look.

PDF Bear - An All-In-One Online PDF Suite

PDFBear is a 100% free online platform that lets you do all the complicated stuff related to the PDF format. Compressing, merging, editing, viewing, signing, optimizing, and you keep counting, all the PDF operations are available on the platform and that too without spending a single dollar.

PDFBear aims to make the amendment process of PDFs easier, affordable, and accessible for everyone. You can use the platform no matter which device you use, like a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. All the tools on the hub can be used on any device that supports internet browsing and has a stable internet connection.

Not only does PDFBear have tons of cool PDF features, but the platform also takes special care of securing the files you upload. All the files you post on the platform are deleted after an hour. Furthermore, the hub uses 256-SSL encryption to process your content so that only you get to access them.

PDFBear is one of the best tools you can use for free on the internet, making PDFing easier for everyone.

Now that we have learned about the platform, let’s move on to some of the 101s related to merging JPG files into a single PDF.

What are JPG Files?

JPG, also known as JPEG, is one of the most popular and commonly used digital formats for all kinds of photos. Be it a camera snapshot, computer document, or icon; the format is used everywhere.

JPEGs commonality is due to its extreme compression characteristic. To be more clear, you can find the same image in the JPG format up to 10x smaller in size as compared to any other extension.

Due to its smaller size, JPG files are prioritized over other digital formats as it’s more mobile for the internet than others. Although JPG is a lossy form of compression, it’s ideal for the worldwide web, where billions of images are created, edited, and shared in a single day.

Take a photo on your phone or scan an old document to make a digital copy; most outcomes would be attached with a .jpg extension.

Why Merge JPG Files into a Single PDF File?

Now there could be various reasons why you’d want to convert JPGs to PDFs and then merge those files into a single PDF. Let’s take a look at some of the top ones.

For instance, you have multiple JPG images of important class notes and PDF handouts on your phone. Now, you want to compile all of them into a single file so you can easily store it and refer to it whenever you want.

You can easily align your notes in a single, easy-to-use JPG to PDF converter and the merge JPG to PDF tool. Next up, your boss calls you and asks you to make an urgent presentation.

Now, what happens if all the related data is stored separately? Some files may be stored as JPGs, while others are formal PDF docs. Now, you can either connect to Miracast via your smart device and get it done. The downside is that you could accidentally reveal your personal photos too.

Else, you can merge all the data into a single PDF file, make the required changes and showcase it with utter proficiency.

Long story short, the thumb rule behind the act is to make the scattered files,

● Documentable
● Manageable
● Presentable, and
● Comprehensible.

How to Merge JPG Files into a Single PDF for Free - Online

Now, I’ll show how you can convert multiple JPGs to PDFs and then turn them into a single PDF doc-all by using the two free tools of PDFBear. I have divided this section into two parts.

First, I’ll use the JPG to PDF converter and then use the other tool to merge the PDFs altogether. So without further ado, let’s get started:

Note: I’m using the PRO version of PDFBear, you can use the free one, but it comes with some limitations. I’ve covered that in the latter part of this article.

Part 1: Converting Multiple JPGs to PDF

1. Go to the official website of PDFBear: ‘’ and click on the JPG to PDF option.


2. On the next screen, click the blue ‘Select Files…’ button.

select file button

3. Next, pick and open all the JPG images you want to convert into a single PDF file.

upload jpg files

4. After a few seconds, all the selected images will be available for preview on the web.

preview images

5. You can also rearrange the order of images. Once you are done making the changes, click on the blue Create PDF Now button.

reorder images and start convert

6. Now, wait for a few seconds while the website converts your JPGs to PDF.


7. Once everything is set and done, you’ll see the blue Download button. Click on it to download your new PDF file.

download file

Feel free to convert your other JPGs to PDF using the tool. Once you are done converting, let’s look at how you can merge multiple PDFs into a single file.

Part 2: Merging All PDFs into a Single PDF

1. Return to the home screen of PDFBear or once again visit Click on the Merge PDF option.


2. On the next page, click the blue ‘Select Files…’ button.

select file from device

3. Select the PDFs you are looking to merge into a single one.

select pdf file

4. Once PDFBear is done uploading the files, it will ask you if you want to Merge files or Merge pages. Select one option and click on the blue Choose option button to continue.
options for merging pdfs
Note: Merge files (free) would only let you arrange and combine Entire PDFs in any way you like. Whereas the Merge pages (PRO) would let you select, arrange, and combine Individual pages.

5. On the next page, you’ll see the pages of your PDF files either combined or separate according to the option you have chosen.

page previews

6. Make the necessary changes and click on the blue Merge PDF button.

start convert

7. Wait for PDFDrive to implement and save your changes.

converting the files

8. Once everything is done, you’ll see the blue Download button. Click on it to download your newly merged PDF file.

download result file

PDFBear Free Vs. Pro

The free version of PDFBear is great to try out the advanced features on the website without any cost. However, you are only limited to 10 tasks per day with no storage space for files, capped OCR operations, advertisements, etc. But with the PRO version, you get everything with the unlimited tag.

Final Words

With JPG to PDF converter and the PDF merge tool on PDFBear, you can easily transform spread-out media into a single PDF file. Found the operations useful? Upgrade to the PDFBear PRO version today with a free 14-days trial.