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Rotate and Save Scanned PDF Files

Have you ever needed to rotate your scanned PDF files and found it annoyingly difficult? You’re not alone! This is one of those tasks that just seem easy. In this piece, I’ll show how you can rotate and save scanned PDF files using PDFBear’s rotate PDF and save tool.

What’s The Solution?

PDFBear is an all-in-one 100% free and online PDF suite to make PDFing better for everyone. With the online service, you can pull off the following things on a PDF file easily:

● Convert
● Split
● Merge
● Compress
● Edit
● View
● Secure
● Sign
● Optimize

On PDFBear, you can execute complicated actions on your PDFs with just a few clicks. Furthermore, to use the service, you don’t need to download any additional tool - everything is 100% cloud-based.

It doesn’t store anything on the cloud. All the files you upload are removed within 60 minutes of conversion. Furthermore, the service uses 256-Bit SSL encryption to safeguard your documents.

You can use the service on pretty much any smart device. Smartphones, tablets, computers, and you name it. All you need is a working Internet connection and you can be a PDF magician.

Think of PDFBear as a one-stop solution for all your PDF needs. Signing, merging, converting, editing, etc., everything is available on the service for free.

Why Rotate Scanned PDF Files?

Imagine scanning a bunch of important documents so that you can mail them to your boss right away. But when the time comes, you find out that all scans are disrupted in order. Some are horizontal, while others are vertical.

Think, think, think… Would it be better to re-scan the docs from scratch or use the power of modern-day computation to fix the problems on hand? If you are a smart head, you’ll surely be looking for a way to edit the files rather than redoing the scans - enter PDFBear.

Our tool provides a rotate pdf and save tool that lets you tweak the orientation of your documents. So whether you have mistakenly scanned your docs the wrong way or you have been made responsible to clean someone else’s mess - the tool has got your back.

You no longer have to worry about the disrupted up-side-down pages. By using the rotate PDF tool, you can fix the orientation of your files in a few clicks.

How to Rotate a PDF File Using PDFBear

Finally, in this section, I’ll show how to rotate a PDF file using PDFBear. Follow the step-by-step instructions and see how simple and straightforward it’s to use the tool.

1. Visit the official PDFBear website and click on the Rotate PDF tool.


2. On the next page, click on the blue Select Files… button.


3. Now, choose the PDF file you are looking forward to rotating. In my case, I have selected dummy.pdf.


4. Wait for the service to upload and pre-process your file.


5. After a few seconds, you’ll see the preview of your file inside the rotation tool.


6. Select the page of your file to unveil multiple options. You can click on the anti-clockwise or the clockwise logo to shift the orientation of the page.


7. I selected the clockwise logo, and that shifted the page towards the right side.


8. If you want to collectively rotate the pages clockwise or anti-clockwise, select the respective logo on the top left side of your screen.


9. I once again selected the clockwise option to rotate the page on the right-hand side.


10. Once you are done making the changes, click on the blue APPLY CHANGES button.


11. Wait for PDFDrive to process the changes and create a new file for you.


12. Lastly, click on the blue Download button to save the file with the appropriate changes.


Going One Step Ahead - PDFBear PRO Version (Paid)

You might be thinking, why should I purchase the PRO version of PDFBear when a free one is available. Well, here’s what you get when you pay for the service:

● Unlimited document processing
● No advertisements
● Max upload file size limit of 20GB
● Unlimited cloud storage
● Batch upload up to 50 files
● Pro features like advanced editing, scanned image converting, etc.

There are too many perks that come with the PDFBear PRO version. To expand the horizons of your online PDFing experience, consider the paid version today.

Final Words

With the rotate PDF tool, you can easily shift the orientation of your file pages both collectively and separately. Thanks to PDFBear, you can easily access the service on any smart device connected to a stable internet connection.

The fun doesn’t end with the rotate and save tool. Explore one of the most versatile PDF tool platforms and see how it can make your PDFing simple.