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Get your documents signed with a Signature Generator

Get your documents signed with a Signature Generator

by PDFBear

Are you looking forward to signing your documents with a signature generator? Then, look no further as I’ll show how you can use the free tool by PDFBear to sign your docs in no time.

What’s Signature Generator

A signature generator lets you sign documents by generating your signature via entering credentials or drawing.

If you don’t have the digital file of your original signature, you can use the sign generator tool to create a sign for yourself. And then use it to sign your documents.

Whether you are a CEO of a company or an applicant to a university, a signature generator lets you create multiple signatures. Also, you can use it to draw your signature using your cursor or touch explicitly. And once you are done, you can add the digital signature to your PDF.

Why Sign Documents With a Sign Generator

You can’t always have access to the digital file of your signature and initials. That’s where a sign generator comes in. It lets you easily create a signature either by entering your name & initials or drawing.

You don’t have to digitize your hand-written signature; you can quickly draw or create one from scratch using the sign generator. Also, the tool lets you attach it to your soft document in a snap.

For instance, you are on a trip. Suddenly, your manager sends you an important file that you have to sign. With a reliable sign generator at your disposal, you can draw your sign or create one with custom font & color. And then add it to the document with ease.

Signing Documents With Signature Generator

Finally, let’s dive in and see how to sign documents using a signature generator.

  1. Visit PDFBear at, wait for the page to load, and then scroll down.

  2. Next, select the eSign PDF tool - also known as the sign generator / digital signature tool.

  3. Then, click on the blue Select a File… button.
    You’ll have to upload the document you want to get signed with the signature generator.

  4. Select your PDF file and upload it.

  5. Wait for eSign / digital signature tool to load your PDF file.

  6. You’ll see a black tip box on the bottom side of your screen - click Got it to close it.

  7. Next, to get your document signed, click on the Only I Need to Sign button located on the bottom menu panel.

  8. Now, the digital signature generator window will appear. You’ll have three options, Type, Upload, and Draw.
    I’ll show you how to generate your signature using all three options. Let’s first with Type.
    Enter your Full Name and Initials. Next, pick the color of the signature text - you can select black, red, blue, or pick any other color by clicking on the add icon.

  9. Next, select the Font of your digital signature - there are a lot of options available in the list.

  10. Next, click on the blue Adopt & Sign button.

  11. Select a point on your PDF file where you want to place the signature.

  12. And viola! You have successfully generated your signature using the Signature Generator tool.

  13. Feel free to move it around using the blue dot on the borders. Also, you can remove, duplicate or edit it.

  14. Now, let’s see how you can use the Signature Generator’s upload option.
    To continue the signature process, click on the slate icon located on the options menu tray.

  15. Once again, click on the Only I Need to Sign button.

  16. Click on the pen/pencil icon located on the middle-extreme right side of your screen.

  17. On the Sign Generator window, go to the Upload tab. Now, you can upload your signature and initials by clicking on the monitor icon.
    Finally, you can also use the draw function of the digital signature tool. To access it, select the Draw tab.

  18. Next, click on the Got it button. Then, select the area where you want to draw your signature and start drawing it.

  19. Once you are done, you’ll see some options like use one time, use again, save for next time, and create.

  20. Lastly, click on the blue FINISH button to save your newly signed PDF file.

Final Words

And that’s about it. With a signature generator, you can easily create signatures and sign your documents.

Like the tool? You’ll love our catalog of free PDF tools - check them out! Also, there’s our PRO version that lets you truly experience tons of benefits. So sign-up and start your free 14-day trial of the PRO version today.

And as always, happy PDFing.

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