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Top 5 Most Popular PDF Tools for Lawyers

As a lawyer, you have a lot on your plate. Amongst the never-ending duties, one of the most important is attending to different sorts of PDF files. From reading to signing, converting, and encrypting, there are a bunch of things involved.

So today, I’ll be sharing the top five must-have PDF tools for lawyers. The list includes an online PDF editor, “password protect” & “encrypt PDF”, PDF to Word OCR, read PDF, and eSign.

But before I dive deep into each tool, let’s get a bit of a backstory on the online host that provides them all these tools - PDFBear.

What’s PDFBear?

PDFBear is a free online form that lets you compress, convert, merge, edit, view, and eSign PDF files. Think of the service as a one-stop solution for everything related to PDF.

Convert to PDF, convert from PDF, organize, optimize, view, edit, secure and you name it; PDFBear lets you do everything. And for free with just a few easy-to-follow steps and no other software or hardware prerequisites.

Unlike other services, you don’t have to download anything or fill crazy forms to use PDFBear tools. Browse the tool list, select the one you are interested in and follow the on-screen instructions.

Top 5 Most Popular PDF Tools for Lawyers

And now, I’ll list down the top 5 most popular PDF tools that will make your life (as a lawyer) easier.

1. Online PDF Editor

First, on the list, we have the Edit PDF tool on PDFBear. This tool lets you draw, highlight, add text, image, and shape to your PDF files. So whether you are filing a legal form for your client or you want to make some changes to the existing one, PDFBear’s all-in-one Edit PDF tool has got your back.

You can access the online PDF editor tool by PDFBear on pretty much any device with a stable internet connection. Furthermore, you don’t need to install, configure or do anything else to make the tool work. You simply need to upload the file and access the user-friendly editing dashboard to make the required changes.

Online PDF editor gives you full control of your PDF files. You don’t need to hire a separate editor for making changes to your important and high-priority documents. Just visit the PDF editor, and you’ll easily figure out everything on your own.

2. Password Protect & Encrypt PDF

Next up, we have one of the most important security-based PDF tools for lawyers. It’s the password protect and encrypt PDF tool. This tool aims to lock your confidential PDF files with a password.

As a lawyer, you and your personal work-related data are always in the spotlight. That’s why you must save your PDF files with a password. So even if they get stolen, your crucial data would remain safe.

PDFBear’s password-protect tool lets you safeguard your PDF files by adding a minimum of 9 characters, including alphanumeric characters, mixed-use of capital letters, and signs. In the backend, the system uses the 256-Bit encryption protocol to layer your files with the password.

By using the encrypt PDF file tool on PDFBear, your PDF files are guaranteed 100% encrypted and safe from unwanted access. The process is pretty simple. Just access the online tool page, upload your PDF file, type in the password, click Encrypt PDF, and you are all set to download a new and protected version of your unsafe PDF file.

3. PDF To Word OCR

At times, we want one of our important PDF files to somehow magically turn into an editable Microsoft Word document. Well, that’s now possible with the advanced PDF to Word OCR online converter.

In some cases, it’s not feasible to directly edit the PDF file with picture-perfect, desired results. And that’s where you want to convert your PDF to a fully-fledged Microsoft Word file with the as-is format, images, text, pattern, and everything in between.

PDFBear’s PDF to Word converter uses a smart Optical Character Recognition (OCR) program to transform your PDF files into Word documents. The original format of your PDF file will be preserved in the new converted Word doc, thanks to OCR.

Imagine how time-consuming it would be to convert a PDF file to a Word document manually. A small document may take hours and with so many other important tasks on your list, you can’t really do that.

However, thanks to “PDF to Word OCR” you can easily extract your PDF files to Word docs for free in a matter of seconds.

4. Read PDF Files Online

Everything has gone digital, including the important paperwork that was once presented to you as an heirloom. As a busy lawyer, you don’t want to waste time installing various sorts of applications to read your PDF-based documents. Instead, you can simply use the free online PDF reader by PDFBear to view your files.

To do that, visit the read PDF files page on PDFBear. Then, click on Select a File… After that, select a PDF file. You’ll be presented with your file in a viewable format. You can also edit, share, print, and then download the new file.

We know that as an attorney, the security of your files matters the most; the tool uses SSL encryption - meaning only you have access to the docs you are viewing.

Online PDF reader doesn’t require any additional tools, extensions, or software. It does the job in the background and lets you easily view your PDF files anywhere, anytime, and on any smart device.

5. eSign AKA Electronic Signatures

Lastly, we have the eSign AKA Electronic Signature tool by PDFBear.

In today’s modern world, signs are also being stamped digitally. As a lawyer, you’ll always have a bunch of PDF files to sign - Enter the eSign tool.

Whether you want to take multiple signs from your customers or quickly want to send a signed PDF file to a higher authority, eSign has got your back. No matter which device you are using, until and unless you have access to an internet connection and the PDF file you want to sign or get signed, you can do the deed in a matter of seconds.

The electronic signatures tool by PDFBear lets you sign or request signatures on a PDF file. You just need to upload the file, select if you (or any other person) need to sign and then follow the on-screen instructions.

You can create custom signatures and add initials when signing a PDF file. Add a signer along with their first name, Last Name & email address, set a personal message, and a sign space when requesting signs from other people.

Final Words

And that’s a wrap! The tools I have covered in the piece will surely make your day-to-day PDF-related tasks quite easy. They are free to use on PDFBear. However, the free version comes with a set of restrictions. If you like the service, you can always purchase the paid PRO subscription and go limitless.