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Top 6 Reasons Why You Need Cloud Storage

Cloud storage has truly revolutionized the way people work nowadays. By enabling anyone to easily work anytime and anywhere, cloud storage has slowly shaped different industries and gave a new meaning to efficiency. The way cloud storage works is rather direct and straightforward. It is designed to be served as a service model wherein data can be easily transmitted to a remote server for data storing. Generally, the cloud storage consists of numerous servers located at off-site locations hosted and protected by service organizations such as Google and Microsoft. While the data is primarily transmitted to the cloud via the internet.

In hindsight, cloud storages allow users to manage and organize their data for its affordability, safekeeping, space-saving, and many other purposes.

How Can Cloud Storage Help You?

Cloud storage has geared up plenty of reasons and benefits one can enjoy. Regardless if it's for professionals or beginners, it can easily be used and to render a positive impact.

When in the use of cloud storage, it minimizes the possible maintenance cost and it saves you from the unnecessary hassles. Generally, the use of cloud storage is proven to be a lot cheaper per GB than modern-day Hard Disk Drives (HDD) or Solid State Drives (SSD). Cloud storage also allows personalized customization and it can be accessed through any devices as long as you're connected to the internet. While many opted to cloud storage mainly for its unlimited storage, these services are beyond secure and it gives you the peace of mind from any security threats.

Cloud Storage is Here to Stay

Still not convinced? Here's why cloud storage will only gain popularity exponentially in the upcoming years. So, what makes cloud storage so durable and useful is probably versatility.

When in the use of unlimited cloud storage, a user can easily enjoy the privilege and allowance by replicating redundant data to reduce any likelihood of data loss. The trick is, first, to source reliable cloud storage services that are capable of handling a large variety of documents. And to name some, that includes — _DOCX, JPG, PNG, PPT, PNG, XLS, XLSX, and so on_. For instance, PDFBear PRO has been chosen to adopt Zumodrive's private content from and to its unlimited cloud service.

Beyond file transferring, a good cloud storage service should at least provide a reliable conversion and sharing feature for cross-platform sharing. While add-on features like a PDF converter, PDF compression tool, or a PDF splitting tool would come in handy to get things done most efficiently.

The 6 Best Reasons Why You Need Cloud Storage

The use of cloud storage is indeed subjective to a person's needs. But its compelling benefits are undeniable and in fact, quite persuasive. Despite being developed only in the mid-2000s, the idea of cloud storage has flourished in today’s world. When its advantages are dissected and to be assimilated into, the accessibility, efficiency, and safety are a perfect match in the fast-paced and treacherous digital world today. With that said, here are six reasons why you need cloud storage right now:

1. Malware/Virus/Hacker Protection

malware protection

Malware, viruses, and cyber crimes like hacking have all acclimated to the changing times. As technology and security protecting computers both improve, so do threats. These things have multiplied and evolved to other more risks to your files’ safety. Particularly, there are threats like the Ransomware where your whole hard drive can fall prey to. As the name suggests, Ransomware can hold your files hostage and lock you out of your drive for extortion purposes. There are also threats called Malware, which is incidentally one of the most popular forms of the virus in the world today. A Malware can spread from one PC to another by attaching itself to downloadable files.

All of these threats can be easily weaponized by hackers to retrieve confidential and sensitive files such as accounts or passwords. Of course, you would not risk this information to go into the wrong hands. The issue of hacking has gotten so bad to the point that even large companies and supercomputers have been victims of it already. This is why whenever you have the opportunity to pull your files out of harm’s way, you should grab it. Fortunately, Cloud storages have the perfect answer because what better way to protect your files from threats than to ultimately remove them from the platform itself. Cloud storage provides you security by isolating your files in a secured server. To add to that, servers like the one Zumodrive or PDFBear is using are professionally monitored and secured. You can expect that the safety of your files will be prioritized daily.

2. Hard Disk Malfunction and Natural Causes

drive protection

Hackers are external threats, but those outside threats are not the only things you should be worrying about because internal issues may also cause you huge problems. One of the most common internal issues for PC users is hardware malfunction – particularly a glitch in their hard disks. The issue of a drive malfunction should never be taken lightly. Hard disks malfunction can undo years of hard work which is why cloud storages such as PDFBear have been god sent for many. With internal issues, files can go missing and productivity can be heavily compromised. As big as this problem is, there is nothing that a simple backup system provided by cloud storage can’t alleviate.

Keeping a backup online can save your files, not just from equipment malfunction, but also for natural causes. Case in point, accidents such as fires can take out a whole office or a residence and hard drives could go up in smoke. If they’re not burned during the fire, sprinklers and other extinguishing methods can easily damage such devices. Having a cloud storage backup of your important files will surely help you sleep soundly at night, knowing that you are immune to any of the internal threats mentioned earlier.

3. Decide What Backups to Make

cloud backup

Speaking of backups, cloud storages’ ability to create copies of files is not just useful in cases of emergency. A lot of people nowadays rely on cloud services to boost their productivity. Cloud storages allow users to decide which files to upload, which then brings a whole new dimension to organizing important files. You can choose to backup anything from important documents to simple pictures – it is up to you. This is especially useful for people who like to continue their work at home. A bad day at the office could have hampered your efficiency so you might be in the mood to make up for it at home. Well, you can easily do that by uploading your work to cloud storage then download it at home. Once you are done with the work, upload it back and access it again once you are in the office.

Services such as PDFBear PRO have made it a point to make this process as seamless as possible. To add to that, PDFBears’s cloud storage is also directly connected to its emailing system and its PDF converter service. With those services, sending files to or from your drive and converting your PDF to jpg or compressing your PDF file is easier than ever.

4. Share On the Go

file sharing

Sharing files on the go is a cloud function that you might have guessed already. Cloud storages give a new definition to efficiency and availability simply because this storage method can be accessed anywhere. Any device that can connect to the internet should have no problems connecting to cloud storage. This just opens a lot of doors for work performance. Being omnipresent, cloud storage can be accessed flexibly means that you could also work anytime and anywhere. It won’t matter if you are working on the train or working on the beach because as long as you have an internet connection, you should be able to easily access your files.

To add to that, the cloud to PDF converter function that PDFBear PRO offers is something that can come handy. Just imagine finishing your work, uploading it to your cloud storage, then converting to PDF, and sending it to your workmates 200 miles away from you – all in one breath. PDFBear PRO works on tablets, smartphones, desktops, and laptops. All your internet-ready devices virtually contain all your files. Think of it as having all your life’s work inside your pocket. That is the power of cloud storage.

5. Cost-efficient

how to save money

If you have not noticed it yet, all reasons mentioned above all point out to one important fact: savings. Cloud storages are the perfect investment and having premium services like PDFBear PRO or Zumodrive are so much worth it nowadays. You may not realize it yet but investing in good cloud storage could save you tons in the future. For example, the protection that cloud storage can give you against malicious programs can lessen the chances of you needing to pay any ransom due to Ransomware. These threats could also cause you real financial damage if your information is used publicly. Cloud storage can protect you from those possible constraints. Another thing is that you would not have to worry about the damages a broken drive or any natural cause can deal with you. These things can easily stop you from working which means you would not earn as much for quite some time. Well, let your cloud storage protect you from that.

A cloud storage capacity can also eliminate the need for expensive and bulky hard drives. With this, you will both be saving money and space in your bag. To add to that, PDFBear PRO’s cloud storage service also comes with a converter so you would not have to worry about buying another service for that purpose anymore. All in all, cloud storage serves as trustworthy insurance and a great deal for saving.

6. Allows Data Replication

We're dismissive to make extra copies when it comes to manual backup on a hard disc. Mainly just to save some extra space for a few more documents. But, when it comes to cloud storage, unlimited storage drives allow repetitions to take place. As a user, you'll be given the security and the liberty to keep multiple copies of your data even in the spread of servers. As additional protection, cloud storage users are also entitled to utilize the geo-replication option to make several copies of data from one region to another. That means, even the data stored in the primary location is corrupted, the asynchronous replicated data in a backup location is well-protected.

The Uses of a Cloud Storage

In general, cloud storages are used to provide backup and additional storage for physical drives or memory cards. As mentioned earlier, this simple concept actually turned out to be one of the most genius ideas of this generation. Cloud storage undoubtedly opened up new doors and here are some of the uses of the said system:

Upload Photos and Videos for Safekeeping

cloud backup

Cloud storages can store pretty much anything. JPEGs, PNGs, MP4s, and other media formats can all be uploaded to your cloud, which makes it the perfect place to use for safekeeping. Since cloud servers are hosted and secured by servicing companies, you do not have to worry about anyone snooping in to get your data from you.

There are a million reasons why someone would want to safekeep their media files. Images and videos that have sentimental value can easily be immortalized and saved in a cloud storage. The same thing goes for important images such as images of valid IDs. Since cloud storages are protected with passwords, you will be the only one with access to it.

Privacy is one of the most valuable things nowadays and it is great to see that cloud storages are continuing to provide a safe haven for those who need to isolate some things from the world. With that said, apart from the corporate applications of cloud storage, it has a lot of personal benefits as well and safekeeping is one of those.


Collaboration and communication are more important than ever in today’s fast-paced corporate world.

Fortunately, cloud storages opened a new door for collaboration by allowing people to have access to selected files inside a cloud storage. With this, people can easily share a file for editing, and those who will be editing would be able to upload it back easily as well.

For example, a boss who needs to submit his/her accomplishment report needs input from the members of the team. Instead of manually contacting the members for their revenues or quotas, the boss could easily upload a file on to the cloud server and ask the members to subsequently edit and upload it. Aside from that, the boss may choose to have the team members upload their reports to a single folder so that the boss would not have to ask and collate the files individually. File sharing makes things so much easier for everyone. With the help of cloud storages, small teams can work on a single project faster.

Organize Files

how to organize files

Everybody knows that a desktop can get a lot messy. As time goes by, both personal and work files may accumulate in a single storage and inadvertently mix up. Although a simple search function can skim through those files, nothing beats a good old organized desktop.

What if your desktop looks like it cannot be saved anymore? Well, this is where cloud storages should have been very handy. By uploading and organizing your work files onto a cloud storage, you will be creating a cleaner and faster version of your PC. You can easily make folders to separate different types of files inside a cloud storage. You can also rename the said files so you could easily search for them in the future.

Upload Work Files for Future Edits

Collaboration between members of a single team was already mentioned earlier, so why not mention collaboration between your work self and your home self as well? Cloud storages allow you to easily upload your file to a server to future access anywhere in the world.

With that said, if you have something you didn’t finish at work, it might be a good idea to just place it inside your cloud storage and access it at home. With this, you could work at the comfort of your home and finish your assignments at the same time.

Save Passwords

password protect pdf

Passwords are perhaps the most sensitive pieces of information a person could have. Whether it is a social media account password or an online banking password, users should always make sure that these are kept out of others’ hands.

Forgetting a password is not uncommon today. People have loads of accounts in tons of websites so having a momentary lapse is to be expected. Keeping a record of your passwords is a good way to go about the problem and keeping them in a protected cloud storage is not a bad idea as well. Cloud storages can be easily accessed if you need to gain access to an encrypted PDF file containing your passwords. Storing your encrypted files in the cloud doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. Frankly, it is one of the best options anyone could ask for.

Combine PDF, Separate PDF, and Sharing

Finally, this is something that not a lot of cloud storages can do. Converting files to and from PDF can be a tedious task if you still have to look for a file, upload it, and download it after the conversion. However, if your cloud storage is directly connected to a PDF converter, you will be able to save loads of time.

You could simply select a file, then combine PDF or separate PDF easily with the service. Not only that, cloud storages such as the one PDFBear PRO is offering also has a sharing function. From your cloud storage, you can directly send a file via email to the person who needs it. Again, this would help you save a lot of time.

PDFBear PRO and Cloud Storage

PDFBear PRO is the premium version of the PDFBear service. The said platform has been a super useful PDF converter, but its PRO version can do and offer so much more including a cloud storage with unlimited space. A cloud storage may sound like a good deal already, but PDFBear PRO has more to offer on top of that.

Aside from including a cloud storage for their PRO users, PDFBear also comes with a functional PDF converter website. This means that you won’t only enjoy unlimited storage, you would also be able to merge PDFs, split them, and many more. These features are really great to have alone but having them under one platform and adding them to a cloud storage makes things a lot greater. The possible savings you could get from a cloud storage investment were already mentioned earlier.

With that, it is safe to say that you really would be getting more than what you would pay for when getting something like PDFBear PRO.

Cloud Storage is for ALL

To sum it all up, a cloud storage is a remote server that can store files for you. It is accessed through the internet and it can store virtually anything digital for future use. Cloud storages have opened up a new dimension in the corporate world so investing in a good service is imperative.

PDFBear PRO users can enjoy unlimited storage plus all of the website’s PDF converter functions. At $9.99 a month, PDFBear PRO is truly a great deal mainly because of its efficiency and security. A 1TB Hard Drive costs around $50 today so the discrepancy between the two’s values is just massive.

To add to that, investing in cloud storage can save you loads of money in the future. Cloud storages minimize or even eliminate the risk of possible financial constraints due to file losses, hacking, device malfunction, and other factors that can affect your physical storage. Time and time again, cloud storages have proven themselves to be useful and that should be a good enough reason why you need to get one for your own now.