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How to translate a PDF into any language

Are you looking forward to translating your PDF documents into OCR documents? Then, look no further as I have got your back.

In this piece, I’ll share how you can use PDFBear’s PDF converter tool to translate PDF to OCR documents. Also, I’ll cover why to translate PDF, how to do it via Google Translator, and everything in between.

So, let’s get started.

Why Translate PDF to OCR Documents

Translating a PDF to an OCR document makes it easy and straightforward to edit the doc.

Basically, OCR software scans the images of PDF pages for text. Then, it converts the digital text into machine-readable characters, then words, and then sentences.

Converting PDF to OCR docs eliminates the need to copy the text manually. You just need to drag and drop the file in the software and wait for it to translate the file into an editable document.

Imagine you have a bunch of PDF files. Now, you have to edit some parts of the text in all of them. Using a PDF editor would consume an ample amount of time. Instead, you can translate them to OCR documents and then easily do the deed.

Translate A PDF Into Any Language Using Google Translator

Do you know? Google Translator lets you translate a PDF into any language?

Head towards and then click on the Documents tab. Now, select your PDF by clicking on the blue Browse your computer button. After that, select and upload your PDF file.

Choose the language you want to translate the PDF on the right-hand side. Then, click on the blue translate button. Wait for a few seconds to let Google Translator do its magic trick. Once it’s done, click on the blue Download translation button.

Google Translator not working correctly? Don’t worry! You can use our in-house tools to translate your PDF file into OCR documents.

Using PDFBear to Translate a PDF into OCR Documents

Here’s how you can use the free tool to translate your PDF into OCR docs.

Note:The PDF to Word tool itself is free to use, but its OCR feature is paid.

  1. Go to the official website of PDFBear, located at, and select PDF to Word.Image

  2. Next, click on the blue Select Files… button. Image

  3. Now, select and upload the PDF file you want to translate to an OCR doc. Image

  4. After that, you’ll receive two options - Convert to Word and Convert to Word with OCR.
    The first option is Convert to Word - which lets you convert PDF pages into Word images. The second option translate PDF pages into editable documents.
    Choose the Convert to Word with OCR option. Although it’s paid, you can try it by signing up for the 14-day free PRO version trial. Image

  5. Next, click on the blue CHOOSE OPTION to confirm your choice. Image

  6. Wait for PDFBear to prepare your PDF file for translation. Image

  7. Then, wait for PDFBear to convert/translate your PDF to an OCR document. Image

  8. At the end, click on the blue Download button to save your file. Image

Final Words

Our OCR tool supports 17 languages, including English, German, Chinese, etc. You can use the tool to easily translate any of your supported language PDFs into editable OCR documents.

At PDFBear, we make the PDFing experience simple and easy for everyone. If you like this tool, you’ll love all the others as well - Check them out for free.

Till then, happy PDFing.