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How to type on a PDF

Want to add some text to your PDF file urgently? Stay hooked as I’ll show you how to type on a PDF file.

That’s not it. This article also covers why to use the type tool. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Why Use Type PDF Tool

Before learning how to type on a PDF document, let’s see why to use the tool in the first place.

Also known as the portable document format, PDF is the standard extension of documents worldwide. From class notes to secret files and presentations, it’s used for almost all documentation purposes.

As a document, PDF requires the need to get updated - mostly adding new text information. Well, it can be the addition of new notes or refreshing the contents of a super-secret file. That’s where a type PDF tool comes into play.

With a type PDF tool, you can easily add text to your PDF document.

For instance, you are given the task to update the PDF file containing the information of your company employees. With a type PDF tool, you can easily do it in no time.

How to Type on a PDF Document for Free

Finally, I’ll now show you how to type on a PDF file using our free in-house tool. So, let’s get started.

  1. Go to PDFBear, wait for the website to load, and then scroll down.Image

  2. Next, select the Edit PDF tool - this tool will help aid your cause of how to type on a PDF document.Image

  3. On the next screen, click on the blue Select a File… button.Image

  4. In the venture of learning how to type on a PDF file, it’s time to upload your PDF file.
    Select and upload the file you want to type on.Image

  5. Next, wait for PDFBear to process and load your PDF file.Image

  6. You’ll receive a tip; click on the round X button to close it.Image

  7. Next, click on the T button located on the left side of the options menu tray.Image

  8. Once again, you’ll receive a tip; click on the round X button to close it.Image

  9. Now, press/select anywhere on the PDF preview to add text.Image

  10. When you select an area, the Type something… box will automatically appear there as a placeholder.Image

  11. Next, start typing anything you like.
    Wondering how to type anywhere else on the page? Just follow the same steps above.Image

  12. Once you are done typing, click on the blue SAVE button located on the top right side of your screen.Image

  13. Wait for a few seconds to let PDFBear make the changes to your file. Once it’s done, the download will start automatically.Image

Top Features Highlighted

Here are some of the top features of the type function you find in the tool:

Easily Add Text

Upload your PDF file, access the function, choose the area, and you are all set to add text! There’s no learning curve in how to type on a PDF file - Simple, subtle, and straightforward.

Type Anywhere In Document

Type function in the tool gives you the freedom to type anywhere in the document. All the points on the file are accessible with just a single click! There’s no limitation to the typeable space whatsoever.

Super-Fast Server-Based Service

Thanks to our super-fast servers, you’ll experience a lightning-fast fluid experience when typing on your PDF file. This is because all the processing, including real-time typing, editing, and previewing, is done on the servers - your system resources aren’t used.

Final Words

And that’s how to type on a PDF file.

At PDFBear, we are trying to make your PDFing experience easy and straightforward. So feel free to check out other tools and sign-up for the 14-day trial of the PRO version today!

Till then, happy PDFing.