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Using your iPhone to Scan Documents

Scanners played a vital role back in the days as they helped users input documents and convert them into digital files. However, these scanners have now become less popular given that new technological advancements introduce new options for users around the globe. People now use various devices to scan documents, including their mobile devices.

Android and Apple are the two mainstream mobile device options that you will encounter, but most people who use scanning tools own an apple device. Therefore, we will discuss using your iPhone to scan documents using our tool. But first, let us all take a look at the benefits of using a scanner for professional and personal use.

Benefits of Using Online Scanners

Following are some of the main benefits you get when you scan your documents online instead of storing them in hard copy.

Lower Paper Storage

Maintaining documents via paper is not only expensive but also hard to store. Using a scanner to input your records digitally allows users to store more documents in a smaller storage area. Therefore, users can utilize the extra space for more work.

Higher Security

There isn’t much you can do if your hard copy documents get damaged over. However, the PDF scanners allow users to store documents secured by a password, in most cases. This adds layers to its longevity and contributes to its security.

Portability and Access

Online scanners are a great way to add documents digitally and store them. You can access these online scanners from anywhere you want, making them a portable and effective solution.

Lower Costs

Scanning documents lets users save on their costs by avoiding constant printing costs. Therefore, document owners can share and make as many copies of the scanned document without spending extra money. Most owners use these online scanners to produce shrink pdf files.


Scanned documents are relatively more convenient to own and maintain as the document stays secured and allows the users to back it up on cloud storage or pen drives as per their requirements. This makes storing and sharing documents much more convenient.

Why is Document Scanning Difficult on iPhone?

While iPhones offer the most efficient operating systems available in the market, some people find it fairly difficult. People need an alternative that allows them to scan documents easily. Fortunately, PDFBear is one of the leading cloud-based websites for PDF solutions. You can get several benefits when you scan with PDFbear, and the following are some of the most common methods

How to Use PDFBear on iPhones

You need to follow the steps when you wish to use the PDF scanner on an iPhone device.

1.Pull Up Notes in The iPhone

Start by finding notes on your iPhone device and selecting it. You can find it in the installed apps or your desired location.

2.Select Scan Document

Select the document you wish to scan on your iPhone device and upload it to the software. Make sure to scan the document properly and keep your device completely still while doing it.

3.Snap Picture of Your Document Laid In Front Of You

Take a picture of the document you wish to scan by placing it in front of yourself.


Once you have the scanned photo you want, crop it and make any changes you wish to scan. You can find the save document option on the right of the document. Users can also tap the Shutter Button to scan a document automatically.

What Else Can You Do?

Now that you understand the basic procedure of scanning documents with an iPhone device let's move on to some additional things that all users should know.

Export Document

Users can select the scanned documents with other individuals too. You can do this by exporting the file through a relevant application or e-mailing it to the desired person using your address.

You can find the export option with the document as soon as you tap on it. This is where users need to select PDFBear to edit their file and scan it.

Edit and Scan

PDFBear allows users to edit or scan documents via their Edit PDF function on the tool.


You can use the online OCR function on the tool to convert it back into text form before sharing it with other users. You can find the OCR button when you access a sharable PDF document.

Compress Documents

The tool allows users to compress images and make necessary changes to fit various filesharing apps. You can share your files without e-mailing them once you compress them through the button.

Is PDFBear Scanner Free?

Users think that PDFBear’s services must cost something, but that is not true. The tool allows users to make changes to the document for free, making it the ideal option for daily use.

Bottom Line

Although the iPhone “Scanner” (camera) does its job well enough in most cases, users can pair the camera with PDFBear's multiple services to make the process smoother. You need to allow the program to make necessary changes to the scanned document before saving it.

Thus, having a scanner readily at your hand and an editor that gives you the flexibility to add, delete, or modify a PDF is a quick option to adjust the PDF jt the way you want it. All you need to do is add the PDF to the site, and you can start working on it immediately. Lastly, the tool makes edits on your Mac devices a piece of cake and allows users to make as many PDF changes as they want.