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What Is Optical Character Recognition (OCR) And How To Use It

Optical Character Recognition or OCR detects and extracts text from images and turns them into editable files, snipping the amount of time it takes to copy text from one document to the next. Capture, comprehend, and copy data quickly and easily with OCR.

For one reason or another, there may come a time when we need to extract vital information from certain documents. We can always copy and paste the information, but what if the certificate or important document is in a PNG, JPEG or PDF file? Then you need a device with OCR or Optical Character Recognition software to help make the job easier for you! If you work in an office with a computer scanner, you’re probably familiar with the term.

What is Optical Character Recognition (OCR)?

Simply put, optical character recognition software is a computer program that uses optical character recognition. Optical character recognition, usually abbreviated as OCR, is a process of recognizing text inside images. Once it recognizes the text, OCR converts it into machine-readable text data. In other words, it detects and extracts texts from images. OCR software makes it easier for you to manage paperwork- just imagine, the information you need is given to you, from image to text! The images can be in handwritten text or printed text form, like scanned documents, photos, receipts, or name cards.

Convert scanned PDF/images with Optical Character Recognition technology

Isn’t it incredibly useful? If you’ve ever experienced going through a lot of documents with poorly formatted scans, and having to type the text from that document to another document, you know exactly what we are saying. With optical recognition software, say goodbye, and good riddance, to typing things manually, because a computer can now do it for you, seamlessly and efficiently!

Applications of OCR

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PDF To Word

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PDF To Excel

Transform your PDF tables to Excel spreadsheets quickly and easily with PDFBear’s PDF to Excel converter. It only takes a few minutes and four easy steps to do it, and each page within your PDF document is turned into a separate, editable, Excel spreadsheet! Working hand-in-hand with its OCR software, PDFBear extracts data from PDF swiftly and accurately, plus you don’t need to download any form of software to use it.


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