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WhereCreativityGoesToSchool and PDFBear on mission to reduce PDF file

A Right-brained person’s must-haves

Searching for a good school that caters to all the needs of a student is now more convenient thanks to the internet. For right-brained individuals or those who exhibit artistry and creativity, can help you look for the perfect art school in seconds! is a website-index for students to help them explore different opportunities to apply in foreign colleges, universities, or art institutions. If you’re a right-brained student, then you can explore this website to see different schools where you can obtain your diploma, degree, or certificate.

Aside from WhereCreativityGoesToSchool, another website that could be helpful for you when it comes to scouting for art schools is PDFBear. Everything related to PDF files, PDFBear can handle for you. One specific tool that can be of great help is the Compress PDF feature. With PDFBear, you can reduce the file size by 75%. At times, PDFBear can reduce it up to 90%! Reducing file size can help you save a lot of memory space, reduces loading time whenever you try to open the PDF file, and you can send the files without any problem via email. While PDFBear reduces the file size of your PDF files, it is guaranteed that the quality of the files is not compromised.

Left-brained person’s thinking

Being a left-brained person means that you love to think in words. You are mostly interested in Mathematics, Logic, Sequencing, factual information, and linear thinking. Your job will require you to mostly deal with data and analysis. Most of your files will be for projects on problem solving and data, which can take up a lot of memory space on your devices. Dealing with numbers, tables, charts, and anything similar will require a lot of words, codes, and images. In the long-run, you’ll be compiling a lot of files for your research and other similar things. Research is key to make the best output for a left-brained person since everything needs to be factual and reliable. One miss and output will be compromised! But the problem is, having to download so much material for research, which can also make it harder for you to choose which to keep and which you should toss out to help you save memory space. So, to help you out with saving more memory space, it’s recommended that you use file compressor tools which won’t take a toll on the quality of your work. Compromising the quality of your output shouldn’t be the option, even if you would like to save precious memory space or storage.

What Does WhereCreativityGoesToSchool Offer?

As mentioned earlier, you may explore different art schools and the courses offered such as the Vancouver College of Art and Design, The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, and more using the WhereCreativityGoesToSchool website! If your right brain is more dominant, you should consider embracing your skills and pick a track that will further flourish your creativity and intuitive thinking. When you navigate the site, you will also see the upcoming events of the different art schools, the scholarships they offer, and even view their students’ art and design portfolio! Everything that a right-brained student would want to know is in one site. There are over 130 programs found in the WhereCreativityGoesToSchool server. Left-brain careers are more on analytics, maths, and sciences. Right-brain professionals often took a degree in fashion designing, media arts, culinary arts, theatre, and traditional art. If you’re not sure about which part of your brain is more dominant, the website also has a simple left brain vs right brain creativity test. WhereCreativityGoesToSchool should be able to help right-brain students to get on the right track given their user-friendly website.

How to use the WhereCreativityGoesToSchool website?

If you’ve decided to get a career in the arts then getting the correct information is convenient using the website. There are several tools that you can use on the website. For starters, you may use the “Request Information Now” if you’ve done your research with what degree program you want to pursue and which school would you like to apply to. All you need is to input all the basic information on the text fields, such as your name, address, phone number, year of high school graduation, and email. You should also select the school, campus location, and degree program so the website can redirect you properly. Once you’re done inputting everything, the server will give you the information about the school and the degree program right away.

Aside from getting a reply, students are going to receive a PDF presentation with multiple options about different universities, colleges, and art institutions. With the number of institutions on their website, you’re going to expect a big PDF file. For example, the student asked for available institutions for a culinary art degree. If there are four institutions offering this program, then there are multiple pages per institution that will be compiled into a single PDF file. If one institution has around 15 to 20 pages of information and pictures related to the culinary arts program, then the student who requested the information will receive roughly an 80-page PDF file. Imagine how big that file size is! To access the PDF file, WhereCreativityGoesToSchool will sometimes send a link to the PDF file instead. Or worst-case scenario, the information that the student requested will not be sent properly via email. Huge PDF files get rejected so people who requested it won’t be able to receive it. Huge PDF files would also take time to download and the loading time whenever you open the file is too slow. A lot of time and effort will be wasted which often leads to frustration.

How can PDFBear help?

PDFBear is a powerful web-based online converter tool that also has a lot of useful PDF-related functions. It is SSL-encrypted which means the security and privacy of the users and the files they uploaded are guaranteed. No need to worry about cyber-criminals that may steal your information and files whenever you use PDFBear.

In this case, PDFBear can help securely compress huge PDF files of WhereCreativityGoesToSchool! Before sending out the PDF files that the students requested in the WhereCreativityGoesToSchool, the PDF files can be compressed first using the Compress PDF tool found on the PDFBear website. The file size of PDFs, for example, those with more than 80 pages, can be reduced by up to 90%! No more slowdowns, lags, failed emails, and huge files with PDFBear.

There is actually some other software that can help you with this problem. For example, Adobe Acrobat. However, before you can start using Adobe Acrobat, you must first pay their subscription fee, download, and install the software, before you can start converting. With PDFBear, you can access it anywhere, any time using any device as long as you have an internet connection. PDFBear supports Mac, Windows, Linux, and Android devices. The best part? PDFBear is entirely free!

Why is compressing files important?

When you convert files to PDF , there may be times that a file can be too large for you to share or send to other people. Digital memory space is important if you want to conserve space on your computer or other mobile gadgets. Many electronic devices have the tendency to crash when there is too much space occupied on your gadget. To avoid this, a great option would be to compress your PDF file and make the file size smaller. Doing this will not only help you save space but it will also make it easier for the people you send or share your files with so that they can also save memory. Compressed files are also handy when it comes to sharing a number of files because the time it takes to send the files will take much less.

Compressing a PDF with PDFBear’s Tool

Your next step is how to compress a PDF file with PDFBear’s technology. To get started, go to PDFBear’s website and choose the Compress PDF tool.

First Step: Select the files that you want to compress. You may use the drag and drop function of the server. PDFBear can compress PDF files that are 1 GB in size without reducing its quality! This function is perfect for presentations with photos, portfolios, or school guides. select pdf to compress

Second Step: Choose between the options available. When the file is down uploading, PDFBear will give you two options. Aside from the free feature of PDFBear, you may also upgrade to a PDFBear Pro account for a minimal monthly subscription fee. You will see among the two options the summary of the compression type. For the free version, it comes with a basic compression and maintains the high quality of the file. From 2.1 MB, it is estimated that the new file size will be reduced by 40% so the newly compressed PDF file will be 1.2 MB. On the other hand, the PDFBear Pro comes with strong compression. The 2.1 MB file will be reduced by 75% so it is estimated that the new compressed file will be around 518.6 KB! compress pdf options

Third Step:The newly compressed file is now available for downloading and sharing. You will see on the top part how much PDFBear actually compressed the document. With PDFBear Pro, the newly compressed file is now down to 136.2 KB from 2.1 MB! PDFBear Pro was able to compress the file by 93.44%! It’s that quick and easy! You’ll see at the bottom part of the page that you can also convert PDF to JPG, merge PDF, or split the pages of PDF file download compressed-pdf

PDFBear saves the files, too!

If you want to conveniently access the compress and uncompressed files, you may do so when under My Account. file manager

Under Uploaded Files, you may delete or download the uncompressed file. You will see the timestamp of when you uploaded the file and the type of tool you used. Under the Process File, you should be able to share, download, or delete the file that you compressed. This means that WhereCreativityGoesToSchool will always have a copy of each available. This can also save time and effort since WhereCreativityGoesToSchool can share available files right away instead of compressing the same file every time a student requests for it.

You don’t necessarily have to log-in or create an account to use the features on PDFBear. But creating an account on it will definitely be useful! This is because PDFBear can save the original versions of the files you’ve uploaded which you can access for future use. Saving the files will direct you to Dropbox which is like an online Cloud service for you to access your uploaded files easily.
pdfbear dropbox-login

Whether it’s having a downloadable version of your original file for emergencies or converting it to a different file type, it’s good to save your original files. Apart from this, PDFBear will also save the processed files which are also useful for the same reasons. This would mean that WhereCreativityGoesToSchool will always have a copy of each of the available files.

Whenever or wherever you will need the original and processed file, you can easily access them without hassle. It’s very convenient for users because you won’t need to worry about your files suddenly getting corrupted or lost.

Save space without compromising

With PDFBear, you can easily save space on your mobile devices without having to compromise your work’s quality. It’s an easy-to-use online PDF compressor tool which is helpful for WhereCreativityGoesToSchool users, and pretty much anyone who just needs to save precious memory space on their computers or smartphones. Whether you’re a right-brained person who likes to save a lot of Instructables on art and creative outputs, or a left-brained person who needs to save a lot of research information for work or school, PDFBear is your best bet in compressing your files and making more room for other important files. You can rely on PDFBear for all your conversion and compression needs and it will always be sure to deliver! So go ahead, save all the art instructables and research data that you need, compress them, and you won’t have to worry about running out of memory space or having a difficult time sending or sharing with others. Try it out for yourself today!