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Advantages of PDF Conversion and Using PDFBear to convert Data

Today’s business culture is very much connected online. Considering we live in a digital age, it should come as no surprise that data conversion is now crucial. With online platforms making such conversions more accessible, it’s clear just how vital data conversion is. This applies not just to businesses, but also to more casual and everyday purposes. After all, everything is now online, so converting data simplifies the process of file sharing on the Internet.

Often, PDF files are the most popular and most common format when it comes to data conversions. Thus, PDF converters are your best bet when it comes to converting data into more accessible formats.

You might be wondering, though: what are PDF converters and how do they work? Here’s what you need to know.

What is a PDF Converter?

A PDF converter, simply put, is a data conversion tool that allows you to convert different file types into a PDF. Similarly, it is also capable of converting PDF files into other file formats. PDF converters can take the form of efficient but easy to use software programs. Additionally, some PDF converters -- like PDFBear -- can be easily accessed online.

When people think of PDF converters, what comes to mind is mostly converting Word or Excel documents to PDF and vice versa. But intelligent PDF converters like PDFBear can do so much more. For instance, PDFBear can convert PDF files to other formats. Image-wise, besides being able to convert images to JPG, you can also convert PDF to PNG!

PDFBear can also easily convert different sorts of files to the PDF format. These include files like Word, Powerpoint, Excel. Besides documents, PDFBear can also change an image to PDF format! Additionally, PDFBear even offers an HTML to PDF conversion for your convenience.

Without PDF converters, indeed, file sharing becomes a bigger challenge than it should be. Having a good PDF converter on hand can help in the education sector, as it makes it more convenient to convert lectures into easily shareable files. Teachers can use PDF converters like PDFBear to convert their PowerPoint lectures into a much simpler PDF format. Not only does this provide a more streamlined view of the lecture, changing from PPT to PDF format also makes it easier for teachers to share files with students as well.

This applies to businesses as well. By using a PDF converter, professionals can convert their business proposals into a PDF file for a more compact and tidy file format. Moreover, PDF files are a more universal file format, so they can make data sharing a breeze between businesses. For instance, you might have a business partner who just needs to know the information on the Excel sheet you’re working on, and might not have access to Excel programs or not know how to use it. Being able to convert Excel to PDF will definitely smoothen the process of data sharing.

Regardless of what sort of business you run or industry you work in, PDF converters are, without a doubt, an essential. Conveniences aside, their functionality makes them a vital tool when it comes to data sharing.

Advantages of Data Conversion with PDF Converters

Why use PDF converters? There are a number of advantages that come with using PDF converters, whether it be for work or for more casual purposes. Here are some reasons to use a PDF converter and why it’s so beneficial today:

They Offer Efficient Document Editing

When converting documents into a PDF file, some -- if not most -- PDF converters can convert your documents into an editable file, such as when you convert PDF to Word. Not all PDF files can be editable, so using a PDF converter can be crucial when you need to make changes to particular documents. Such an advantage is useful when you’re working to transition from physical copies towards a digital database. Furthermore, editing digital documents can make annual document updates much more efficient.

Files Can Be Password Protected

Privacy and security are the topmost concerns in our digitalized world today. One wonderful function of converting your files to PDF is the ability to be password protected. In the event you’re sharing sensitive information with a business partner or colleague, you can opt to convert your document into a PDF file in order to protect it with a password. Intelligent converters like PDFBear in particular, allows you to choose your password with Password Protect PDF, from which you can encrypt all sorts of confidential information.

Easy PDF Conversion While Retaining Accurate Information

To reiterate, PDF converters are easy to use. They simplify the conversion process without sacrificing the quality of your file. Ensuring your data remains accurate while retaining its quality is vital for your database. After all, converting your data into one uniform format will be of no benefit to you if said data is incomprehensible.

PDF Converters Help Save Time

Time is essential for every business out there. That said, using PDF converters can help you save on time that could be used on more important tasks. Instead of sifting through piles and piles of documents, use a PDF converter to streamline everything into one format. That way, you can spare yourself of any confusion whenever you’re searching for particular files in your database.

Access to Digital Data

The time to go digital is now. This is a digital era we live in, after all, so opting for a digital database is to be expected. Using a PDF converter can help ease the transition between analog and digital. In fact, it is the ideal tool when it comes to digitizing files and other documents. Your initiative to go paperless will thus be much more feasible when you actually digitize your documents with a PDF converter.

They Help Save Space

Digitizing your database can keep your workspace clean and tidy. With the help of a PDF converter, you can easily keep all your important files saved on one device. This is an excellent alternative to storing your data in different folders and file cabinets.

PDF Converters Can Help You Reduce Costs

In line with the benefit of saving time, proper data conversion tools like PDF converters can help you significantly reduce costs. Using a PDF converter can help you avoid making mistakes when it comes to transferring data from analog to digital. Furthermore, as it saves on time, you can focus on your tasks at hand much better and work more efficiently.

They’re Great For Making Backups

In case you still need to keep physical copies of files on hand, using a PDF converter can be a great tool for creating digital backups. By having backup copies of documents in the form of digital data, you can avoid any crises that may arise in the event a file is damaged or goes missing.

They Provide Versatile Formatting Options

PDF converters are great for keeping your data streamlined under a uniform format. In addition to this, they’re also helpful when you’re in need of a specific file format. With the use of a good PDF converter, you can easily convert your files to different formats when necessary. Such a feature can be especially useful in the event an employee or client is in need of specific files outside of the PDF format.

They Help With Data Organization

Converting files into one format keeps everything cohesive and in order. Having an intelligent PDF converter to do all that (and more) for you can help keep your database organized with quality. Plus, uniform formatting can make your stored data easy to identify and store across the board.

How PDFBear Can Help With Your PDF Conversions

Considering all the benefits that come with using a PDF converter, it’s clear that it is an essential tool for businesses and data management. PDFBear is a great starting point for many in the world of PDF converters. It offers several conversion options while remaining simple and easy to use. All converted files can be accessed by the provided download link. Also, they can be shared via email as well.

Here’s how it can help you with your PDF conversions.

Convert to PDF

PDF Converter

At its most basic, PDFBear PDF Converter is a straightforward option to help you get started with file conversions. You might choose to go for the PDF Converter if you want something fuss-free and straight to point. After all, PDFBear only requires you to upload your file (or drag and drop it for further convenience) and it will do all the work for you.

By default, the PDF Converter option converts files to the PDF format. Once your file has been converted to the PDF format, you have the option to download it immediately.

On the other hand, uploading an actual PDF file with the PDF Converter option offers you different format conversions. This includes conversions to Word files, Excel files, and PowerPoint files.

Word to PDF

There may be times when your Microsoft Word file needs to be converted to a PDF file. This might be the case when a potential employer specifically requests for a PDF copy of your resume. Alternatively, it may be a necessary conversion when corresponding with clients. The PDF format is an industry standard, after all. As such, converting your word documents to PDF files can help you greatly when it comes to business endeavors and the like.

With PDFBear you can easily convert Word to PDF. After your Word file of choice has been uploaded and converted, you are then given the option to use some of PDFBear’s other features for your uploaded file. For instance, you can easily merge PDF files with other pages.

Moreover, if your file size is getting a little too big with all that merging, you can even compress your PDF to a smaller file size!

Excel to PDF

Excel files are just as popular as PDF documents. However, there may be instances where you might not have the Microsoft Excel program available to you. This is where having a PDF converter can help you out. In case you have no means of opening an Excel file on your device, you can instead convert it into a PDF in order to access it right away. Additionally, converting to a PDF can also help you save on time if you only need to extract data from an Excel file.

Converting an excel sheet into a PDF file can be done through a simple click of a button. In this case, said button is the Excel to PDF option. Once your excel file has been converted, you’ll be able to directly convert it to a PDF file. And if you have many tabs of Excel sheets within a file, you can even split your PDF file into separate pages so that you can better organize your work.


Going from PPT to PDF is a popular conversion option, as this helps many users access lectures and presentations better. When you have a PDF version of your PowerPoint slides, you’ll be able to ensure that the people around you are provided with a readable copy of your work. If you’re a teacher, your students won’t be able to give the excuse that they had no time to copy the notes in class!

Upon conversion to PDF, you have the option to split, merge, or compress your file. These features can be extra handy when it comes to organization. Splitting your PDF or merging pages can help make converted PPT slides much easier to navigate. Merging in particular can even help save on paper space in case you want to print out a PPT presentation as a PDF file. On the other hand, choosing to compress your file can help you save on space, particularly if you’re a student who already has a lot of other PowerPoint lectures on your computer.


Converting from JPG to PDF is another popular conversion choice, as it allows you to convert your JPG file without sacrificing quality. Particularly, this conversion format is also fairly popular with print shops who offer printing services of posters, business cards, and the like. In this instance, maintaining a file’s original quality will be an essential. Therefore, converting your document to a PDF file can be especially helpful in this sort of situation.

Going from JPG to PDF entails more than just a simple conversion on PDFBear. Notably, PDFBear allows you to upload another photo once your initial image has been uploaded. Furthermore, you have the option to choose the size of your PDF file, its orientation, and its margin size. What’s more, the JPG to PDF tool is not limited to JPG files either! Other image formats -- such as PNG, BMP, PBM, and TIFF -- can be converted to PDF as well.

Convert from PDF

PDF to Word

Although PDF is a universal format, you might find yourself in need of converting your PDF document into a Word file. Most PDF files are often editable on their own, but if you prefer to work with a Word format, then converting from PDF to Word is definitely the conversion for you.

When changing from PDF to Word, PDFBear converts scanned pages into images by default. However, with a Pro account, the scanned pages of your PDF file will be converted to editable documents. Take note that formatting changes may occur, but in general, this is a very handy feature to take advantage of. This is especially so when files are being converted and transferred for the purpose of collaborating with others.

PDF to Excel

In the same way PDF to Word file conversions can be convenient for some, others may just as well prefer to work with Excel files over PDF ones. This sort of conversion can be particularly helpful when you’re working with numbers and quantifiable data.

PDF to Excel conversions are made easy (and, more importantly, accessible) thanks to PDFBear. Similar to PDF-Word conversions, converting from PDF to Excel translates to scanned PDF pages that will appear as images. And converting with a Pro account allows you to have your scanned PDF pages as editable documents, which can be a game-changer.


Transforming PDF to PPT is an interesting conversion method, as it helps you build your presentation straight from a PDF file. Such a conversion can help you save on time, especially when you’re already running on a tight schedule. Instead of building a PPT presentation from scratch, you can choose to convert a PDF file as the base for your presentation.

Not all PDF converters offer this as a viable option, so this is a great feature to take advantage of. It just goes to show how useful it can be to have PDFBear in your arsenal of data conversion tools.


In contrast to converting from JPG to PDF, switching from PDF to JPG can help you save images from resources that are only available as PDF. Having this feature is handy when it comes to data research, or when certain images are scarce from your current library of resources.

The PDF to JPG conversion is particularly useful when you need to convert a PDF file into an image format. It’s worth noting that with this conversion, Moreover, if you have a Pro account on PDFBear, you’ll be able to extract single images from a PDF file. This can be especially handy when you’re looking to extract particular graphics and other visuals from a PDF document.


With how convenient it is to convert from PDF to JPG, converting from PDF to PNG is just as useful -- if not more. Many would argue that PNG is the superior format over JPG. This is because PNG files handle high-quality images much better. You also don’t risk the loss of quality whenever a file is opened and saved each time when it is in PNG format.

And of course, PDFBear’s PDF to PNG conversion works just as well as its PDF to JPG conversion. Similarly, single images can be extracted from a converted PDF file as long as you convert with a Pro account.

In Closing

Without a doubt, data conversion tools are crucial in today’s digital age. Nearly everything can be found online these days, so it’s best to get ahead with useful data conversion solutions and use intelligent converters such as PDFBear.

Whether you’re in the market for file conversion tools for your business or simply need to convert a file for your own convenience, you really can’t go wrong with data conversion solutions. They’re popular for a reason and are undoubtedly useful for many users out there.