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In Q2 2020 we merged PDFBEAR with

Linuxbios brought with them a large range of expertise and knowledge in the technological field including SaaS for PDF conversions.

Since the merger happened, some of the related content from can now be found on and is indexed below.


LinuxBios has been around for nearly two decades.

It has provided end-users in the sphere of Information Technology with manuals, services and tools to make it easier for the common user.

Some of these helpful tools were related to PDF services:

PDF Merge - A useful tool to merge or combine PDF documents.

PDF to Word - A tool that turns a PDF document into a readable and editable Word document.

Word to PDF - A tool that turns your Word document into an editable PDF file.

PDF to JPG - A tool that turns your PDF files into images, or extracts images directly from a PDF file.

JPG to PDF - A tool that turn your images into a PDF. Choose between JPG, BMP, TIFF or GIF.

Compress PDF - An important tool that reduces the size of your PDF file without compromising the quality and integrity of your document.

Rotate PDF - Rotate your PDF document with this tool.

Cooperation with LinuxBios

At we are proud to team up with LinuxBios. Their two decades of experience with services and tools for Linux and PDF will benefit us in progressing with the technology needed to serve the end-user. Their specialists will bring new life to our team and website.