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Work directly on your PDF from Website

PDFBEAR offers a new option for users to integrate our PDF Tools with their website so they can get rid of the inconvenience from switching between website and app for the PDF tools.

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Place this code wherever you want the link to appear.

How does it work?

You can send your website's visitors directly to our online PDF Tools with embedding a widget or anchor link for converting, compressing or other PDF functions.

How to get it done:

  1. Pick an anchor link or widget.
  2. Enter the PDF file's URL in textbox.
  3. Preview and test it.
  4. Copy your embed code.

Available features:

  • Convert, compress and view pages.
  • Convert PDF to different file formats.
  • Split and extract PDF files.
  • Create/request an e-Sign.
  • Protect content permanently.

All-rounded support function

We offer 9 other tools to compress, convert, and esign PDFs further. After the user has finished the changes of PDF, they can choose to download the file, export it to Dropbox, share it via email/link, or print out the document.

Secure cloud system

We consider your privacy to be paramount on our website. We will permanently remove your file from our servers after an hour. Whenever you transfer files across our site we will guarantee you a 256-BIT SSL connection to ensure the utmost protected environment for your PDF.

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