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How PDFBear Helps to Convert PDF to Editable Text

As an industry standard and universal file format, PDF files are one of the most popular files today. Not only are they easy to share, but they’re also accessible across different platforms. Plus, with the option to add watermark to PDF files, users can even ensure their documents remain properly identified and protected.

Though they are convenient, some PDF files do not have the option to be edited. This can be a significant downside, especially when it involves business transactions between professionals and clients. Many PDFs require editing, after all. In fact, software company Mesa Dynamics even utilized the Trapeze program as a means of turning PDFs into editable text.

However, considering the advancements made in today’s technology, simply converting PDFs into editable text is no longer enough. As it stands, young professionals require more from PDF converters. Fortunately, with the merger between Mesa Dynamics and PDFBear, Trapeze has evolved into a more advanced program. It is now a powerful tool that can do so much more than just transforming PDF files into documents with editable text.

Why Should You Convert Your PDF File Into Editable Text?

Some people might not see the need to convert their PDFs into editable files. However, being able to do so can be vital, especially when it comes to work. There may be an instance, for example, when a business contract will require some revisions. What happens, then, if the only available copy of said contract is a digitized PDF document -- one that isn’t editable, at that?

This is where making a PDF file editable steps in. By converting your file into a more editable format, you will be able to easily make any necessary adjustments to your document. Such a situation can apply to other sorts of documents as well.

Simply put, it will help in the long run to keep digital copies of important documents, especially when these digital copies can be edited later on. This is especially convenient when it comes to maintaining a database that is not only organized, but updated as well. After all, you don’t want your files to contain outdated and irrelevant information as times goes by, right?

Why Use PDFBear for File Conversions?

PDFBear offers a number of file conversions for users to choose from. Besides giving users the option to convert different files into one streamlined PDF format, it also has the option to work the other way around. As a powerful conversion tool, PDFBear has the additional ability to transform your PDF into other files as well.

The variety of data conversions that PDFBear offers makes it the ideal conversion tool to have on hand. It can be utilized not just in work settings, but in personal matters too.

More Ways to Convert PDF to Editable Text in PDFBear

When you want to edit your PDF document into an editable file, look no further than PDFBear’s helpful functions. As mentioned, it has a variety of conversion formats to choose from that can help turn your PDF into editable text. Here’s how it works.

Converting PDF to Word

This is the most basic file conversion when it comes to making your PDF editable. It can be especially useful for both students and teachers when revisions are needed for school papers and other projects. Alternatively, it can also be helpful for companies and employees who correspond with one another when negotiating contracts and other employment benefits.

By default, converted files will appear as DOCX files. Although scanned pages may appear as images, any actual text from the original PDF document will still be editable.

Converting with a Pro account entails the option to convert your PDF into an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) document if you prefer this format. Your file will then be neatly formatted and ready for any modifications.

Converting From PDF to Excel

Transforming your PDF document into an Excel file can be extremely helpful, especially when you’re working with numbers and other quantifiable content. Accountants who handle employee payrolls may find such a conversion especially convenient.

Converting from PDF to Excel can help pull specific data to be used in spreadsheets. Ultimately, this conversion is not only handy, it can also help you save some time.

Notably, converting from PDF to Excel with PDFBear garners you the same output when converting from PDF to Word. Similarly, Pro users have the advantage of converting to Excel with OCR. This allows them even more control over how they can edit their converted files.

Converting From PDF to PPT

PDF files can be great resources for making PowerPoint presentations. This is especially when you directly convert them into PPT files. Doing so can be particularly beneficial for students who need to turn their research into presentations for class. Similarly, employees can make use of this conversion for the same purpose as well. It can help save time whenever a big sales pitch is right around the corner.

Other Conversion Options

Besides being able to convert your PDF into other file formats, PDFBear can also transform your PDF into other files as well. For starters, it allows users to convert their PDF into a JPG file for easy viewing. It has a PNG conversion option as well. While these file formats are not necessarily editable like the other aforementioned conversions, it’s still nice to know that PDFBear offers these options anyway.

In addition to PNG and JPG file formats, PDFBear also allows you to convert your PDF into PDF/A. Essentially, this conversion allows users to make a copy of their original PDF document. As such, it’s a good tool to have on hand when you need to make several duplicates of your PDF for other people (or yourself) to have as backups.

How PDF Bear Can Help You Edit Your PDF Directly Without Needing to Convert to Other Formats

What if all you need to do is directly edit a PDF file without any additional file conversions? PDFBear has got you covered for such concerns as well. More than just an intelligent file converter, PDFBear also allows you to directly edit PDF documents. This is a more hassle-free option, specifically when your file still needs to remain as a PDF.

Moreover, making direct edits to a PDF document instead of converting it will be less time-consuming. It goes without saying, then, that PDFBear’s editing features are not only functional, they’re easy to use as well.

View and Edit PDF

Need to make specific edits that can help make viewing your PDF much more manageable? PDFBear’s View and Edit PDF tools are here to do all that and more.

Add Page Numbers to PDF

Some users may be looking to add page numbers to PDF files. This can be useful when you need to number your thesis paper or need to make your business proposal easier to navigate for clients.

When you upload your PDF to PDFBear, you are given the option to choose the placement of your page numbers. They can be placed in the upper or lower section of a document, either towards the left, middle, or right side.

Add Watermark to PDF

Adding a watermark to your PDF document can help ensure proof of your authority over said file. On PDFBear, choosing the function to add watermark to PDF files also allows you to choose the placement of your watermark. All you have to do is input your word or name of choice in the text box provided and choose where to place your watermark on your document. It’s a nifty tool that’s quick and efficient.

Rotate PDF

Beyond adding page numbers and watermarks, PDFBear also has more basic and straightforward editing options. One of these helpful options is the feature to rotate PDF files.

A colleague may send you a PDF document that looks fine at first glance. However, what happens when one page from your PDF is in the wrong orientation? Not only is this an inconvenience, it can come off as unprofessional as well if you need to send the PDF to a client.

Fortunately, PDFBear can easily remedy such a predicament. Once your PDF has been uploaded, you have the option to rotate specific pages of your file. Alternatively, you can opt to rotate the entire document in one go. It’s an easy fix that requires no fuss whatsoever.

Organize PDF

Although they are a universal format, not all PDFs come out as organized as they need to be. In order to ensure your PDF pages are in their proper format, you can make use of PDFBear’s Organize PDF tools, as they can help you keep things tidy and well-arranged. PDF documents won’t be of much help if they’re in disarray and all over the place, after all.

Merge PDF

Another useful feature that PDFBear has is its ability to merge PDF files. You might find yourself needing this specific function when different business proposals need to be combined into one file. In the same vein, teachers can also benefit from this feature, as it will allow them to merge different study materials into one convenient PDF for their students.

Once your PDF has been uploaded to PDFBear, you can easily arrange and combine entire PDFs any way you like. Notably, Pro users have the added bonus of being able to rearrange and combine individual PDF pages as well. This can be extremely useful when collating research materials that need to be combined and presented in a certain sequence, like a report on chronological events and the like.

Split PDF

PDFBear’s split PDF function is a handy tool that many users can benefit from. Teachers and students who need to pull out specific pages from different books can use this for their lectures and research. In the same way, young professionals can also use this tool to their advantage as a means of filing certain pages from important documents, such as company policies and procedures.

The most basic form of PDFBear’s split tool allows users to extract a single page from a document. However, Pro users have more flexibility with this function, as their premium account allows them to split one PDF into several.

Delete Pages

Yet another useful tool is PDFBear’s ability to delete pages from PDF files. There may be times when a page in your staff handbook PDF or employee engagement proposal could have duplicate pages. Or, it might have a page or two that needs to be removed upon revision. Being able to delete specific pages from your PDF document can solve this issue in no time.

After you upload your PDF file, PDFBear presents all the pages of your document in an easy to view format. All you’ll have to do from here is choose which pages need to be deleted. PDFBear will then provide you with your now reduced PDF in just a few seconds.

In Conclusion

It goes without saying that converting a PDF document into an editable file reaps a number of benefits and advantages. In making your PDF editable, you make things easier for you when organizing your files and other documents.

Furthermore, making your PDF editable can ultimately save you on precious time. Time is money, after all, so you would be doing yourself a favor by converting your PDF into an editable file.

Having every sort of edit option -- be it file conversion or direct PDF editing -- available from one resource makes things even more convenient. This is what gives PDFBear an edge over other file conversion tools. It’s functional, efficient, and everything you need is all in one place. Why go for other file conversion tools when PDFBear already has everything covered?