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How to Draw on a PDF For Free?

PDF files have now become common due to the growing environmental concerns. As the world focuses on becoming more environmentally friendly, the usage of PDF files is increasing day by day. And that is why there is a growing demand for tools that can help you edit, write and draw on PDF files.

Although there are some available, not all of them have the features you need. Online editors can read, but not all of them allow for drawing on them. It is one of the main features that many tools lack, and many users have to go through the hassle of finding multiple tools.

The draw feature is really useful for users as it allows them to point and highlight important points. Also, people use the draw feature to make arrows, point towards a document’s crucial part quickly instead of using a highlight function.

Since the usage of PDF files is increasing day by day due to environmental friendliness, you need to have a good tool to edit and draw on PDF files. By finding one, you can get all the relevant services that you need from one place.

Why Should You Choose an All-in-One PDF Editor?

PDF files are not a common part of your workplace or academic life. From bosses to professors, all of them are now extensively relying on PDF files to share important documents. The vast use in our daily lives makes it a vital thing that we need to address.

And that is why the need for a handy and top-notch editor is important. Whether you are looking to write, edit, or draw on your PDF files, the editor should be able to satisfy all your needs.

This will save you the time and hassle you will put into finding different tools for each task. And there are many brilliant tools like PDFBear that offer all the features in one place. As a result, you can quickly make changes or edits and move on to other things.

Choosing Drawing over Highlighting

Many people tend to use the draw feature rather than highlighting the important part. This is because the draw feature helps grab attention more effectively.

Therefore, it is more beneficial than highlighting any particular section. Instead of using the highlight function, people utilize the draw tool to swiftly draw arrows and point to essential parts of a document.

What Can You Draw on PDF Files?

People often want to edit PDF files to add a comment or text. They also want to highlight important points in case it is an academic file. But, in some cases, there is a need for certain shapes, images, or drawing for many reasons.

It can be to highlight an important thing, or to connect two lines, etc. Therefore, users need a tool that can draw on PDF files. Although there are many PDF editor tools, only a few give you editing options.

By using these tools, you can create any shape you want as per your needs. Whether it is a rectangle, square, circle, triangle, you can use the drawing feature to add any drawing.

Steps to Follow when Drawing on PDF Files

Let's move on to the next bit where you can have step-by-step knowledge regarding drawing on a PDF file. Having a good PDF drawing tool is important to have multiple features to get the results you need.

Not only does it help in drawing the right items, but it can help you edit your drawing if you want to make any changes. Nevertheless, here is a basic guide to help you.

Step 1: Go to the “Edit” option
Step 2: Upload the PDF document
Step 3: Thereafter, select the tool “Draw”, “Object”, “Shapes”, or “Linear”.
Step 4: Draw anywhere on the PDF.
Step 5: Download!

After completing the steps, you will be having a PDF file with your drawing on it. Many online editing tools just give you the option to either draw or edit your PDF file.

But PDFBear offers much more than that. Our website gives you multiple features to make changes after finalizing your drawing. Here are what additional changes that you can make:

● Once drawn a line, freehand mark-up, or object, the user can select this and readjust it.

● Move, resize or delete the drawing.

● Utilize the Undo function to take a step back in the history of or Redo function.

There are over 30 shapes that you can choose from on our website. It is a lot more than other standard editors can draw on a PDF.


With that, we conclude our article hoping that you have a fair bit of idea regarding drawing on PDF files. As the world is slowly becoming paperless, we can only expect to see the usage of PDF increase. Therefore, it is imperative to have the right tools by your side.

When it comes to drawing on PDF files, not many reliable tools offer you this feature. You can edit or rewrite any particular thing in your PDF files but not draw on them and that is what makes PDFBear, distinctive from others.

By using PDFBear, not only can you edit your PDF files, but you can also draw anything that you want. It is one of the best editors online. Plus, with an extensive array of selections and functions to draw on a PDF, this feature makes it the most robust tool for PDF files.

What’s more, PDFBear offers a plethora of services which makes it easy for you to find all the relevant services you need from one place. And the best part is that it is free to use.