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How-to Guide On Converting JPG To Word

There are several occasions where converting JPG files to word can help us. For example, you could come across a poster with lots of useful material on it. However, the imagery on the poster may not have much to offer, and this is where converting JPG files to word could come in handy.

Most people think they can just type whatever the image says and then use it accordingly. However, that is not the case with every picture. Imagine having thousands of photos to extract information from.

You wouldn’t want to spend your time extracting this information from it, right? Fortunately, you can make such tasks easier by converting your JPG file into a Word file and extracting the text right there. But, how else does converting files from JPG to Word help? Let’s have a look.

Benefits of Converting JPG to Word

Following are some of the top benefits of using a JPG to pdf converter for your files.

File Editing

Converting your files from JPG to Word allows a lot more freedom as you can edit your files and make necessary amendments to them instantly. Furthermore, it enables users to utilize the Autocorrect option and correct mistakes that they may miss otherwise.


Turning your JPG files into Word is a more efficient editing method to get relevant information. Following the same process manually takes hours to complete, and users can save some time by using this software. Similarly, the online converters allow users to add multiple files in one go and convert them along the way.


Online converters recognize that users often have important information in their files, which they would not want to reveal to others. Therefore, the online converters allow users to safeguard their files by protecting them with a password or a similar security protocol.

Resolution Options

Converting your files from JPG to Word allows users a lot of freedom while saving their files. For instance, they can choose the file resolution they want during this process. All you need to ensure is that your file is high quality. The converters turn your file into high-resolution images with high DPI.

Multi-Lingual Recognition

Not all files have a language that you understand. Fortunately, Word supports over 40+ languages, allowing users to convert the respective files into any language they wish and edit them accordingly. This makes the overall job much easier.

Now that you understand how converting your files from JPG to Word can help you, let us see if PDFBear makes any difference.

How to Convert JPG to Word Using PDFBear?

Users need to follow the following steps to convert their JPG file into Word using PDFBear’s easy tool.

Step 1: Go to JPG to PDF converter

You need to start by accessing the JPG to PDF convertor online on their site. You can find it on the menu of tools that you can choose from.

Step 2: Upload the JPG and convert

Next, upload your desired JPG file by browsing it via the tool’s free browsing option. Navigate to the required file and then upload it.

Upload image file to viewer

Step 3: Thereafter, select the “PDF to Word”

Now, users need to specify the format of their files and select PDF to Word option in the drop-down menu. Continue by making the file type selection and proceed.

upsell result file to word

Step 4: Select OCR and let the engine analyze and extract the text

Next, you need to select the Online OCR and continue by allowing the engine to analyze the text. The engine detects relevant JPG text and then extracts it. Wait until these steps are complete.

Convert pdf with ocr

Step 5: Download

Lastly, click on the download option available after the conversion completes.

What Else Can You Do?

Following are some other things users can do by using PDFBear’s tool.

Two-way Conversion

The tools allow users to convert the files from JPG to Word and Word to JPG as per their preference. Users can do this by selecting the designated option on the tool.

OCR Function

Users can opt for the OCR function on the tool after buying the PRO membership on PDFBear. Like any other service, OCR is a very complex technology, and a lot of R&D has gone into getting it right. This is, of course, passed on to the end-user.

Everyday Use

This function is useful for everyday users. It can be for corporate use or at university when the lecturer is handing you an A4 with text written all over it. You can use the tool to convert all the information into a word file and save yourself the trouble of typing so much.


There are no functions to convert JPG to Word directly. This is mainly because these tools are mutually exclusive functions. However, PDFBear allows for flexible usage of the different tools.

Is PDFBear Free?

The most interesting thing about the tool is that it is completely free to use. Users can access it through their website anytime they want and use it.

Bottom Line

It is safe to say that PDFBear is a great option for anyone who needs to deal with a lot of hardcopy documents regularly. Users can utilize the tool and convert JPG files (images) into text with a click. However, users must upgrade their subscription to the PRO version to enjoy the full benefits of the tool.