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How To Highlight Text In A PDF

Highlighting text while reading it has several benefits, including making it easier to spot important information when you refer to it again. We have all done this at some point, where we would use various colored highlighters to mark info for our understanding.

Even today, when we are using digital means of studying and learning, highlighting information in a document is essential. However, marking this information in a PDF can be fairly difficult considering that most PDFs do not allow users to make changes to them easily. People are now using a pdf text editor and other online resources to study online during digital classes.

The demand for PDF-oriented tools and software grew significantly in these recent times, and students specifically keep looking for ways to make learning easier for themselves. Many students have a hard time adapting to digital education because most of them are not used to it.

But is highlighting text in a PDF as important as it seems right now? Let us look at what benefits you could reap by highlighting text in a PDF.

Benefits of Highlight in A PDF

Following are some of the perks of marking required text in a PDF while your study online.

Helps Determine Important Information in Large Chunks of Material

The biggest problem with learning online is that most teachers and students do more work than they can handle. This includes large files, presentations, and several other kinds of study material that are a little difficult to comprehend. Teachers do not give students sufficient time to study, so they have to overview the material and mark our important information.

Easier Review During and After Studies

Highlighting PDF makes it easier for students to review relevant and essential information after students complete a class. They do not need to go through the whole document to see important information in the PDF.

Helps Save Time during Learning and Reading

The ability to review information directly makes learning and reading faster, which improves the overall efficiency of students. Students can use the saved time for further studies, their personal life and find the work-play balance they need.

Makes You Familiar with the Essential Parts of Any Topic

Students can share relevant information with their peers and make it easier for them to study online. The marked information in highlights helps other students know the parts they need to focus on the most.

Why PDFBear?

You are probably wondering why you should go for PDFBear, considering there are several other pdf highlighters you can go for. PDFbear is the perfect all in one solution to PDF-related problems. PDFBear the right pick because it allows users to highlight PDFs while they read them and choose several lines together. This makes reading and highlighting much more efficient. But, how exactly can you use this?

How to Use PDFBear Text Brief Highlighter

Step 1: Go to the PDF text editor

Choose the PDF text editor from the cloud site and access the tool panel.

Step 2: Upload the PDF document

Upload the PDF of your choice to start reading the PDF file online using the upload button on the site.

Step 3: Thereafter, select the tool “Highlight text”

Select Highlight Text tool

Select the highlighting tool from the panel at the top and mark the line(s) you wish to highlight in the PDF. Remember that you need to drag and move over the lines.

Step 4: Select the text you want to be highlighted

Move the cursor on the PDF and choose the text that you wish to highlight in your selected PDF.

Step 5: Download and view your results

You can download the highlighted file once you have completed the process from the online tool. The app lets you browse and save the file in your desired location instantly.

What Else Can You Do?

While all these features from PDFBear sound great, there are some other benefits that users can enjoy on the tool

Undo Function

The undo function lets you remove the last thing you wrote on the file. For example, if you select too much text, you can always use the undo function. You need to press “Ctrl + Z” on a windows device. You can use “Command + Z” if you use a Mac device to do the same step.


The tool also allows users to select the text that's already been highlighted and de-select it by clicking the highlight text button on the selected text.

Easy to Use

The PDF highlighter is easy to use and intuitive. Many other similar products out there do not match PDFBear's product. Everything on the tool is mostly self-explanatory, so you do not need to worry about going through difficult options, settings, and buttons. Simply make the changes to the PDF document and save them.

Is PFDBear Free?

The best part about the tool is that it is completely free to use. All you need to do is access the site and select the PDF Highlight text brief option to make changes to the document. The free tool allows users to utilize all the options on the site without any extra charges.


This article explains what an amazing tool PDFBear is, considering it allows users to instantly make highlights in their documents. Furthermore, you can save your PDF document instantly and save changes to it as well. This is perhaps the best tool you can use when you wish to highlight pdf or make changes to it. You can access PDFBear for free through their online site and start working on your PDF files today.