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How to Rearrange PDF Pages Online

Once again, we are here with a useful tutorial for you guys.

In this article, we’ll show how to rearrange pages in PDF online. Likewise, the article will also touch on some essential topics like, why rearrange PDF pages and some essential features of the tool.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

Why Rearrange PDF Pages

A tool to rearrange PDF pages can come in quite handy for tons of different reasons.

For instance, you want to present a PDF in a meeting to all the attendees. However, the pages in a file are all messed up. Some are vertical that were meant to be horizontal and vice versa. With a reliable rearrange tool at your disposal, you can easily edit the PDF and make the orientation of pages return to their proper form.

A rearrange tool lets you rotate the pages of a PDF file in all possible directions - vertical, horizontal, anti-vertical, and anti-horizontal. So, you are free to portray the pages as per their natural orientation or try a mix-and-match.

With a rotate tool, you no longer have to live with the default orientation of a PDF file’s pages. You can rotate them and set them according to your liking.

Rearrange PDF Pages Online Using PDFBear

There are many free and paid tools in the market that let you rearrange PDF pages. However, not all are worth your time and effort.

So, allow us to introduce our in-house free PDF rotate tool. This online tool on our hub will let you easily change the orientation of your PDF file pages.

With just a few clicks, you can change the orientation of the pages and set them according to your will.

Salient Features of PDFBear Rotate PDF Tool

Before we show how you can use the tool, let’s discover some of its distinctive features.

100% Online

All tools on PDFBear are 100% online. You don’t need to download any sort of plugin or additional file to use the advanced features of PDFBear.

You just need a smart device with a reliable internet connection and a modern web browser. Then, all you need to do is just access the tool and you are all set.


Don’t worry, the PDF files you upload on PDFBear’s cloud are 100% secure. Firstly, they are encrypted using the latest 256-bit AES standard.

Next, once you are done rotating, the server automatically deletes your files.

So, feel free to edit your documents on PDFBear as it’s one of the most reliable online PDF hubs on the web.

Available on All Platforms

As everything is done 100% online using a web browser, you can rotate your PDFs on any smart device. Whether you are using an Android phone, Linux PC, Mac or a windows-based tablet, you can rotate pages on any device.

However, here are some things you must keep in your mind.

● Your device must support a modern web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc.

● A fast and stable internet connection is recommended by PDFBear.

● You must allow the website to access your files and folders to upload/save documents.

Quick & Simple Rearranging

Forget about buying a paid subscription to Adobe products to rotate the pages in your PDF document. Instead, use our quick and simple tool to execute the deed in no time.

We have made the tool understandable and usable for an average Joe. As you’ll see in the tutorial, you just need a few clicks on the right buttons to rearrange the pages in your PDF file.

Cloud-Based Function

All the actions you perform to rotate the pages in your PDF doc are actually done in the cloud. Meaning, PDFBear won’t sacrifice your device’s performance to execute the action - everything is done in our lightning-fast servers.

How to Rearrange Pages:

  1. Head towards the official website of PDFBear at After that, scroll down.Image

  2. Click on Rotate PDF.Image

  3. On the next screen, click on the blue Select Files… button.Image

  4. Then, select the PDF file and open it.Image

  5. Wait for PDFBear to load the PDF file.Image

  6. You’ll land on the following screen once PDFBear has finished loading your PDF file.Image

  7. Now, to rotate all pages on the left side, click on the anti-clockwise button on the menu tray.Image

  8. To rotate all pages on the right side, click on the clockwise button on the menu tray.Image

  9. To rotate an individual page on the left side, click on the anti-clockwise button located over the page.Image

  10. To rotate an individual page on the right side, click on the clockwise button located over the page.Image

  11. Once you are done rotating the pages, click on the blue APPLY CHANGES button.Image

  12. Wait for PDFBear to convert your PDF file and save the required changes.Image

  13. Click on the blue Download button to save your new PDF file.Image

Final Words

Wasn’t that too simple? Try the rotate tool on PDFBear today to easily rearrange your PDF pages in a snap.

You’ll love all the other useful tools we have at PDFBear for free - feel free to check them out.

Till then, happy PDFING.