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How to resize a PNG Online

Do you need to resize a PNG file? Well, I’m here to help. I will show you how to resize PNG and brief you about the image format in general. We will also cover the reasons behind resizing, why convert to PDF, and everything in between.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

All About PNG

What’s PNG?

Portable Network Graphics or PNG is one of the most commonly used uncompressed raster image formats. Unlike JPGs, PNGs aren’t compressed, meaning they come with all the original and pinpoint image details.

PNG was developed as an improved version of another popular image format on the internet, GIF. PNG format is free from copyright limitations and boasts the ability to contain 24bit RGB color palettes and grayscale images.

It features lossless compression. Meaning, you can compress the image without losing sharpness, richness, details, colors, and more. You can think of PNG as a raw image format.

How to View & Edit PNG Files?

You can open PNG files using any default image viewer software on a device. Also, there are other free and commercial programs like image editors, video editors, and web browsers that let you browse PNG files.

Here are some of the common apps and programs used to view PNG files:

-Apple Preview
-Apple Photos
-File Viewer Plus
-Microsoft Photos
-Microsoft Windows Photo Viewer
-Paint App on Microsoft
-Google Photos
-Google Drive
-File Viewer on Android

The majority of programs that let you view PNG files also have the functionality to edit them. Here are some other famous PNG editors:

-Adobe Photoshop
-Adobe Photoshop Elements
-Adobe Illustrator
-Microsoft Paint 3D
-CorelDraw Graphics Suite
-CorelDraw PaintShop Pro
-Pixelmator 2
-Adobe Photoshop Express

Where PNG Files Are Used?

PNG files are used in multiple scenarios. For instance, you’ll encounter them when downloading a raw image from the internet. You’ll see the format attached to a logo or icon created by a designer. Also, screenshots on most platforms are by default taken in the PNG format.

Why Resize PNG?

Now, why would you want to resize a PNG file? Well, there can be many reasons. Allow me to dive into a scenario.

For instance, you are a web designer and you created a logo for one of your clients. Now, the client wants you to resize the image so that it fits nicely on the website’s header. That’s where you’ll require a PNG resizer.

So, you took a screenshot of your desktop but the place you want to upload has some size limitations. Sure, you can crop the image but that can lead to missing out on some content from the image. A handy PNG resizing tool will save your day.

For those of you who didn’t get it. We resize PNG to make its size equal to what’s required on the receiving end - for whatever reasons.

Convert PNG to PDF

  1. Go to the official website of PDFBear and click on JPG to PDF. Don’t worry, this option supports PNG image format. Image

  2. Click on the blue Select Files… button. Image

  3. Next, select and open the resized PNG file you have saved in the previous section. Image

  4. Wait for PDFBear to upload and read the file. Image

  5. Now, on the top-left side of your screen you’ll see a black box. Here, you’ll find some tools to edit your PNG file before conversion. Image

  6. Scroll down to explore more available options like orientation, paper type, margin and more. Image

  7. Once you are done making the edits, click on the blue CREATE PDF NOW button. Image

  8. Wait for PDFBear to save the changes and convert your PNG file. Image

  9. Click on the Download button. Image

  10. Select the directory and set a file name to save your new file on your device. Image

Why Convert PNG to PDF?

You can resize PNG and call it a day. But do you want to know why I converted it to PDF? If so, keep following.

Well, I converted my PNG file to PDF as the portable document format makes it more secure, easily viewable, and shareable. Didn’t understand a thing? Allow me to present a scenario.

So, you are a web designer and you created a mockup and saved it in PNG. You did all the final touches like resizing, compressing, and more. Now you want to forward the file to your client. One way is to send the PNG file as is. But that’s quite insecure and unprofessional. Your client can easily make changes and disrupt all your hard work. That’s where PDF would help you out.

Converting your PNG to PDF locks your content, keeps it intact across all platforms, and makes it easily shareable. Also, you can add side-notes, comments, text, and more without sacrificing your final PNG file.

Final Words

That’s how you resize PNG online and convert it to PDF to make it presentable, shareable, and secure.

Don’t forget to check out PDFBear as you’ll find many free PDF tools there that will change your PDFing experience.