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How to Use a Free PDF Compressor Online

Are your PDF files too big in size? Don’t worry; our free PDF compressor tool has got your back!

Size is still a thing in today’s modern age of technology and advancements. Especially if you are looking forward to sending/receiving documents. Whether you are uploading a PDF somewhere or sending it to a person via email, you need to adhere to a specific limit on size.

So today, we’ll show how you can use our free PDF file compressor file to make your files smaller. Similarly, we’ll touch on some important topics like why use a PDF compressor, what’s it in the first place, and everything in between.

What’s a PDF Compressor

A PDF compressor is often found in the catalog of PDF programs. With a PDF compress tool, you can quickly reduce your PDF file size without losing its content, orientation, order, and anything else.

Just like there’s a compressor to reduce the size of images, we have a PDF compressor. Bear in mind it’s not often available in free PDF editors; you’ll mostly find it in paid PDF programs.

Another thing to mention about a PDF file reducer tool is its efficiency. Regular tools only provide a standard compression. Whereas advanced tools like the one we have at PDFBear also offer a strong compression option.

Regular compression technique is only able to reduce the file size at a specific rate. However, the advanced reduction technique allows to dramatically compress the file at the rate of 80 to 90% - without losing quality.

Why Use a PDF Compressor

Can’t think of ways a PDF compress tool can be a life-saver to you? Allow us to enlighten your brain with some scenarios.

Imagine, you have to submit your work on your company’s portal as a PDF file. Now, you notice that there’s a 2 MB limit on the upload size of files. But your PDF file is touching the 5 MB mark. That’s where a PDF compressor tool would come into play. You’ll be able to shrink the file size without removing or changing anything.

For instance, you prepared a presentation with audio, video, and all the jazz to impress your boss and colleagues. And as expected, the size of the PDF has gone way over the roof. Now, you can share the same file and see people struggling to download and open the files as it’s pretty heavy in terms of the PDF format. On second thought, you can compress it using a strong compression method to reduce its size drastically.

So yes, there are many scenarios where you’ll feel the need to have a reliable PDF reducer tool as your partner. Whether you are working in an office or you are a student at a university, the PDF compressor tool can come in handy in tons of ways.

Free PDF Compressor Online by PDFBear

So, the essentials are out of the way now, let’s dive in and see how you can use our state-of-the-art PDF compression tool. But first, allow us to quickly roll our intro and the reason behind using an online PDF compressor tool.

A Brief Intro to PDFBear

At PDFBear, we are making PDFing comfortable, easy, and accessible to everyone. Whether you want to convert a PDF, edit, resize or compress it, we have the tool for everything!

Here’s a list of the family of tools you’ll find at PDFBear:

-Convert to PDF
-Convert from PDF
-Secure PDF

We have 25+ easy-to-use PDF tools at your disposal on our PDF hub. You are free to use all the tools. Also, there’s a PRO version we offer that truly removes all limits to your PDFing experience.

Why Use an Online PDF File Reducer Tool

You know why to use a PDF compression tool. But why prefer an online one when you can have an offline one? Here are some reasons:

Available 24/7 Anywhere & Anytime

Our PDF compressor is available at your disposal anywhere and anytime. All you need is just a smart device with a reliable internet connection and a web browser.

On the split side, an offline PDF compressor program would be available on your specific devices. Not to mention, it’s not guaranteed that you’ll have access to your devices anytime and anywhere.

Supported on All Operating Systems & Devices

Unlike offline programs that are only available on specific operating systems and devices, our PDF compress tool is available everywhere!

Whether you are using a Mac, Windows, Android, or Linux, you can access our hub via any modern web browser on an internet-enabled device.

Local Vs. Cloud Processing

An offline PDF file compressor would consume your device’s performance to execute the operation. In contrast, our online tool would make use of the cloud to process all the compression trickery.

Depending on your device, the process may be time-consuming and inefficient. On the split side, our servers would do the deed in a matter of seconds with utmost perfection.

Using PDFBear’s PDF Compressor Online

1. Go to and wait for the page to load. Then, scroll down.Image

2. Click on the Compress PDF option.Image

3. On the next page, click on the blue Select Files… button.Image

4. Now, select the PDF file you want to compress and upload it.Image

5. The file will load and then show you two compression options - Basic Compression and Strong Compression.

Basic compression would be enough for most users as it does the job. However, if you want to reduce your PDF’s size up to 90%, we’ll recommend the Strong Compression option. Note that the second method is paid, and it comes with the PRO version of PDFBear.Image

6. Select Basic Compression.Image

7. Then, click on the blue CHOOSE OPTION button.Image

8. Wait for a few nano-seconds to let PDFBear swirl its magic wand. After that, click on the blue Download button to save your newly compressed PDF file.Image

Final Words

Make PDF smaller with our free-to-use PDF compressor online at With just a few clicks, you can easily reduce the size of your PDF.

You can upload hundreds of PDF files and reduce their file size to the lowest by trying our PRO version. The trial consists of 14 days; you can use all our premium features during the period. Then, you can continue the subscription or cancel it (before the trial period ends) - as easy as you like.

We’ll be back again with another helpful tutorial; till then, happy PDFing.