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PDF2JPG – A way to extract your images

Can’t figure out how to extract images from PDF? Don’t worry; I have got your six.

This article shows how you can extract images from PDF using the PDF2JPG tool on PDFBear.

Starting with…

Why Use PDF2JPG Tool

With the PDF2JPG tool, you can easily extract the raw images from any PDF file. You won’t have to edit out the images; the tool will do all the heavy lifting for you automatically. You’ll just need to upload the PDF file, and viola - images in the PDF will be extracted.

For instance, you have a PDF file that contains a ton of important images of your company’s data. Separating them one by one using an Edit PDF tool would be time-consuming and too hectic. That’s where a PDF2JPG tool would come into play. By simply dragging and dropping your PDF file, you’ll be able to extract images from PDF.

How to Extract Images from PDF

I’ll be using our free-to-use PDF2JPG tool to extract images from PDF. But note that the extract single images feature is paid.

  1. Go to the official website of PDFBear, located at Then, click on the PDF to JPG tool.Image

  2. On the next screen, click on the blue Select a File… button.Image

  3. To extract images from PDF, select and upload the appropriate PDF file.Image

  4. Next, you’ll receive two options - Convert entire pages and Extract single images.
    Convert entire pages would convert the pages of your PDF2JPG. In contrast, the second option would extract images from PDF.
    Note: Extract single images is a PRO feature.Image

  5. Select Extract single images and click on the blue CHOOSE OPTION button.Image

  6. Wait for PDFBear to prepare your files.Image

  7. Next, wait for PDFBear to convert and extract images from PDF.Image

  8. At the end, click on the blue Download button to save the extracted images from your PDF file.Image

Top Features of PDF2JPG Tool

Here are some of the top features of our PDF2JPG tool:

Cloud-Based Conversion

PDF2JPG tool by PDFBear won’t suck the processing power of your device. Instead, it’ll use cloud-based operations to do all the conversion and extraction of the images from your PDF file.

Available on All Devices

Do you own an Android phone? Or a Mac? Or a Windows PC? Well, you don’t have to worry. All the operating systems and hardware are supported by PDFBear. You’ll just need access to a reliable internet connection and a modern web browser like Google Chrome.

100% Secure

PDF2JPG tool by PDFBear is 100% safe and secure! It uses the latest 256-bit AES encryption to protect your files from prying eyes. So, feel free to upload your super-secret documents to extract images from PDF.

Extract Single Images

PDF2JPG lets you convert entire PDF pages to JPGs or extract single images from your PDF files. This way, you won’t have to manually edit a PDF file to extract the pictures inside it.

Final Words

Thanks to our in-house PDF2JPG tool, extracting single images from PDF is just a few clicks away.

At PDFBear, we strive to make PDF tools user-friendly for everyone. We have over 30 tools in our catalog you can use for free. Also, there’s a PRO version that lets you unlock the true powers of our tools. Sign-up and get the free 14-day trial of the PRO version.

Till then, happy PDFing.